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part 9 : It all Depends on Love(AR)

After replacing the receiver Armaan lay down on his bed…. Ever since Riddhima left him, he couldn't sleep for a single night… For the first week after Riddhima's sudden exit, he thought it's because of shock that he is unable to sleep but after another week of sleepless nights he consulted the doctor for some sleeping pills…

I am afraid Mr. Mallik sleeping pills are not going to help you… you are suffering from Insomnia…." Dr. informed him "I suggest you to consult some psychiatrist."

Armaan lay on his bed staring at the ceiling thinking about the past… The best time of his life… he still remember how bubbly and cheeky she used to be… each and every memory is still fresh in his mind "Oh, Hell why is she so beautiful" It was the first thought came in his mind when he saw her for the first time in his life, kneeling on the floor to examine the wall…. The first time he kissed her… It felt as if it was his first kiss… Armaan being a play boy in college kissed many girls before but a kiss never felt like this before… It was a feeling which can not be explained in words.. The pain he felt after accusing her for stealing the bracelet… The embarrassment he felt after accusing her for stealing his proposal file and giving it to Abhimanyu modi who was his child hood friend and it was a complete coincidence that he met her at Garewal's office… The pleasure he felt when they were about to make love on the couch in Riddhima's house… but his guilt of taking advantage of a teenager stopped him… their age was a barrier for him which he didn't want to cross… The best day of his life was when he came to know the truth about Riddhima… that his 18 years old maid is actually Riddhima Gupta… One of the most successful business Women…

In sitting Room Riddhima lay wide awake on her new sofa come bed…. Thinking about the same day when her charade ended…

Riddhima's thoughts… Magenta
Armaan's thoughts… Red

One morning Riddhima was having breakfast when there was a message from Atul asking her to come back to London for two days…. She made her way to Mallik Mansion to ask for two days leave….

"Two days? I am afraid its not in my power to grant you that, you need to ask Ms. Mehra." Mrs. Malhotra informed her

"Two days! Just two days! You can go forever Riddhima… I don't really care…." Arrogant Anjali told her.

"Is Boss in?" asked Riddhima


"I want to see him."

"May I know the reason?" Anjali enquired with one eyebrow arched.

Without answering Riddhima knocked on Armaan's study door and entered fuming Anjali behind the door…

"Can I talk to you for a minute, Armaan?" asked Riddhima

"Sure, but quickly I need to leave in 15 minutes."

"I came here to inform you that I am going to London for two days."

"Ok Fine…. Bye then"

"Bye" disappointed Riddhima turned to leave.

"About last night." He said abruptly and Riddhima turned around to face him

"It shouldn't have happened."

"But it did" Riddhima answered calmly

"To my eternal shame. You are only eighteen Riddhima…. I am 28."

"So you said last night." "For God's sake Riddhima I am ten years older than you…"

"Men often fancy women years younger than themselves… the other day I read of a man of sixty marrying a woman of forty… that makes 20 years difference… Doesn't it?"

"A woman of forty knows what she is doing. Unlike you… You haven't started living yet… you are just a kid Riddhima…"

"I am not a kid and I have lived long enough to know I love you."

It was a bold statement but a calculated one… though he appeared too stricken by it that she wished she had kept her mouth shut.

"You can't love me." He said flatly "You are just attracted to me."

"I know the difference between infatuation and Love…and I know I love you… I…"

"Stop it… if you go on like this… you will have to lave this job…"

His arrogance shocked her "You'd honestly send me away."

"For your sake, Riddhima. I can't seem to get through your head that I enjoy my life as it is… and have no intention of complementing it with marriage."

"I am willing to wait until you are ready."

"No Riddhima… you don't understand… if I do marry it will be to…" he paused, eyelids lowering "to someone like Anjali."

Momentarily Riddhima was lost for words. Then her brain started functioning again. He had said someone like Anjali… So that doesn't necessarily mean Anjali… Or did it?

"You prefer arrogant bossy women…then?" she managed to say lightly, her voice giving no inkling of her inner turmoil.

"Let's say I can more easily consider Anjali than you."

Riddhima clenched her hands to hide their trembling. "Do you kiss her the way you did me?"

Armaan gave an exasperated shake of his head. "For Heaven's sake girl… Leave things be… I just got carried away last night…"

"I thought you fancied me." She murmured

"Fancying isn't love. And kissing a girl… no matter how intensely… doesn't necessarily mean more than momentary passion."

"What if I am not 18? Will your answer be same if I am 24?"

"I don't know… and I don't want to discuss this anymore…I am getting late Riddhima…"

Logic told her to leave the place and put him out of her mind, but her heart said otherwise. Besides, even if she left this instant it would take her years to forget him, so why not stay and hope that proximity would work its magic?

"Fine then… you have made your feelings clear and I'll accept that."

"You mean that?"

"Of course… there are plenty more handsome hunks in UK." She gave him a wink " I'll see you after two days… Bye."

"I am leaving for London in fifteen minutes… you can come with me."

"Thank you… but I'll manage… enjoy your ride with Anjali…"

"Anjali is……" before he could complete, Riddhima slammed the door shut and went outside…

Armaan sighed and looked at the door for few moments from which Riddhima went out…

"Anjali is not going with me Riddhima… I am going alone… I am sorry Riddhima… I do Love you… but I can't spoil your life… you are too young to get involved in any relationship with an older man like me... you deserve much better…"

His confession to himself got interrupted by a phone ring…

Armaan: Hello

Voice: You are still there?

Armaan: "No I am not… I am on my way…"

Voice: "Think before lying Armaan… It your land line number…"

Armaan bit his tongue… he was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't realize that he was talking on his land line phone…

Armaan: Sorry Sweetie.

Voice: Don't be late Armaan I swear I'll kill you if…"

Armaan: I won't be late sweet heart… I'll be there on time promise… see ya… byee…

Atul Joshi's Office

"Yes Atul tell me what is it… Is there anything wrong with the deal we signed before two weeks?" Riddhima asked

"No Ridzi…. Everything is fine with that…"

"Then what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong Riddhima... I have news for you…"

"You could have told me that news on the phone Atul… I didn't want to come here……"

"Muskaan said yes" Atul interrupted "We are getting engaged tomorrow"

"Oh my God Atul… Are you serious? I am so happy for you…"

"But there is a problem"

"What is that Atul?"

"As you know Muskaan is orphan like me but……"

"But what Atul… tell me"

"Riddhima Armaan is her brother"

Riddhima went pale with shock… "What are you saying Atul? You are not serious… Right? You are just pulling my leg... Armaan is not an orphan… How is it possible Atul?"

"Armaan adopted her when she was 12… she is 6 years younger than him… He is her only family"

Riddhima stared at Atul without saying a word

"Relax Ridzi… Are you all right… you are shaking Riddhima… Don't tell me you fell in love with him…"

Riddhima didn't answer

"Tell me Riddhima… Do you Love him? I want to know the truth… DO you Love Armaan Mallik?"

Riddhima nodded silently

Atul smiled and patted on her head "Then just go and tell him that you love him… It's not good to hide your feeling dear…"

"I told him"

"And what did he say?"

"He doesn't want to get involved with a teenager."

"Are you mad or what… Stop all this… why the hell are you ruining your life… end this silly charade of yours…"

"Does Muskaan know about all this?"

"Yes… but don't worry, she promised me that she will not disclose your identity to Armaan… But she wants you to end this silly game of yours before our engagement."

"What do I do now Atul?"

"Just go an tell him the truth Ridzi… Muskaan told me, he is very understanding… Just tell him the truth he will surely understand."

"Ok!" Riddhima took a deep breath, closed her eyes and continued "I will tell him the truth tomorrow."

"Good girl." Atul smiled "Now let's go… I need your help… help me select my outfit for tomorrow"

"Ya sure… I too need a good traditional dress for your engagement…"

Armaan stopped the car outside his apartment in London… A girl came running and engulfed him in a tight hug…

"Hey Armaan… I missed you so much… and you are late… you were supposed to reach here at 12… and its 2:30 now…you are late Armaan…"

"Late for what muski… you are getting engaged tomorrow sweetheart… I am before time…" Armaan replied grinning

Muskaan stared at him angrily

"Ok… ok I am sorry… let's go… we'll go and collect you dress from the designer… and then you need to help me select my outfit for my sister's engagement…"

"Ok bro… let's go"

Muskaan and Armaan settled in the car and headed for the designer shop to collect Muskaan's dress

"Hmm… So tell me Armaan why are you late"

"I wanted to leave early but Riddhima…" Armaan stopped mid sentence

Muskaan arched her eyebrow "Riddhima… hmm… new girl friend bro…"


"Ok sorry… who is she?"


"Tell me the truth Armaan."

"There is nothing to tell Muski"

"Do you love her?"

"No muski I can't love her…"

"Why can't… Is she ugly? Fat?"

"No Muski… She is Beautiful… very pretty…"

"Then what wrong?"

"She is just 18 muskii"

Muskaan laughed and Armaan gave her a confused look "What? Why are you laughing Muskaan?"

"That means… she didn't tell you the truth" Muskaan muttered under her breath

"Truth? What are you talking about Muski? How do you know her?"

"I… umm… er… you eighteen years old maid is Atul's best friend."

"What? It's not possible."

"Why not?"

"What's Atul's age?"

"Twenty-six… why?"

"Atul best friend is eight years younger than him?"

"So… You don't want to fell in love with a teenager… I understand that… but what's wrong with friendship?"

"Nothing is wrong Muskaan… It's just strange."


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