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Rest of the Story (Summarized Version): I want you to hate me

Armaan's maturity & patience finally paid off.. Finally he got his Riddhima.. Though, still, she was having difficulties to adjust with these long faded emotions once again, she never find herself struggling alone.. Armaan was there always holding her hands, erasing her fears, clearing her confusions.. In short he left no straw so that she finally became able to welcome life.

All was well.. Everything was happy & peaceful for the love birds except a part of Riddhima's present which was still unknown to armaan & which Riddhima, herself, has forgotten under the spell of Armaan's love.. but it didn't take long when Riddhima's unavoidable present came to hospital one day for a surprise visit as soon as he came back from abroad.

Riddhima was startled. She was shaken to her core the very moment KABIR hugged her. She was in contact with him through phone before the day which she spent at armaan's house and he made her accept them together as a whole. After that she completely forgot calling Kabir everyday or returning his missed calls after work got over. She was too engrossed with Armaan that everything else actually faded away. Firstly, Kabir whined for not missing him a bit nd intentionally ignoring him.. But wat he didn't know that everything he was saying humorously teasing his GF was actually true. She indeed ignored his companionship intentionally. Riddhima's blood froze. Her life started fleeing away as she finally realized how stupidly she completely overlooked her present. She locked her emotions and returned kabir's smile trying her best to act like before. Only she knew dat nothing could be like before ever again!

Riddhima's hurried space, lame excuses, forced smile started to cause uneasiness in Armaan's heart. He, though,did not probe her but felt that his life was slipping away and he feared that thought indescribably. He won her after too much of uncertainty nd now wen finally he started feeling confident regarding them, something had happened which changed his riddhima and the thought made him panic like hell.. He decided to confront her soon only to find her cozy with an unknown man one night in a restaurant. His heart shrank. All maturity n rationalism vanished from his brain and he did the biggest mistake of bursting upon her then n there. Riddhima panicked seeing him losing control. She has been thinking and rethinking about confronting armaan everyday only to postpone it for tomorrow as soon as she saw how jovial his mood was. But never in her thoughts, she doubted such an encounter that could cause a severe damage. She never imagined of an Armaan who is devoid of self-control. To her he was always the matured one, thoughtful one but the one she encountered that day was definitely not the armaan she knew about. He actually shouted in front of so many people n blamed her for betraying him n also threw all their dinner away in agitation. It was kabir's bodyguards who threw him outside after beating black n blue nd warned him of his life before returning their places. Soon kabir entangled his arm around her waist possessively nd drove them away to their place but the gloomy expression on his face explained Riddhima that Kabir was not at all happy with this unwanted lover fiasco. And that was exactly what riddhima dreaded. She knew how possessive Kabir was for her nd how no time will be taken before he decided to wipe this unwanted disturbance from his life permanently. Riddhima shivered. No way she could afford this. She had to save Armaan from Kabir's wrath because what no one knew about Kabir was that he has too much control in underworld nd his only weakness or passion was She. He could go any extent for her. Yes, he never applied any regulations on Riddhima's whereabouts or her wishes and never will he ever as he not only love her maddeningly but respects her spirit as well.. the night wen she was forced to marry her step mother's nephew somehow she escaped her wedding but her injured young feet were unable to take her anywhere safe. She was about to get captured by her family's hired goons when fortunately she came crashing against Kabir's car during her struggle. His bodyguards made those goons run away while he came to see the matter himself nd the innocence of that victim stole his breath away gifting him a ray of hope in the darkest phase of his life. He took riddhima his home nd called a veteran doctor. He left no straw to make her fit n fine and throughout the whole process he was patient and kind. Soon he realized that Riddhima had the ability to bring good out of his bad. That very self of his which he thought he'll never get back. But soon he realized that riddhima was not mentally balanced completely nd with the help of renowned doctors he came to know about her past and needless to say he realized how alike their condition was.. both of them were struggling to survive against odds. Though he followed his father's steps, he had his mother's genes too and somewhere deep he had that kabir buried who was good, who wanted to come out breaking all the  barriers but he also knew that he could never will.. being good in their world was equivalent to death nd he was not ready to die. So he buried all his kindness nd became the ruthless ruler until riddhima came with her unstable feet turning his life upside down. She was everything to him. His only hope to stay connected with his other self. Unbelievingly she had the capability to control him even in the darkest moment nd for that he's thankful to her. He soon became a very good friend to her nd promised to make her life perfect so that her step mother will no more be a threat to her. And he did. He did everything she could never imagine of and soon he became her another true friend with whom she could talk about anything nd with whom she felt secure but still it was only friendship for her. She felt respect for him but no love and when she confessed this to him, he accepted patiently and promised to never force her in anyway until she agreed herself. But after a few years she realized that it was selfish of her to use Kabir for her wishes nd not respecting his only wish, her and finally she agreed to get engaged to him but though she agreed, kabir knew that she still didn't love him nd so still being engaged he never tried to misuse their sealed relationship.. They were couple but friends first. But somewhere he was confident that sooner or later Riddhima will accept him n only him, never in his wildest dreams he thought of someone else stealing his riddhima away from him nd so today when armaan accused Riddhima of her betrayal though he did not say a word, he was disturbed. He was disturbed like hell!

Riddhima on the other hand was waiting for Kabir's outburst baited breathed.. but it never came! He took her to his place.. tucked her in a duvet in her room.. kissed on her forehead softly wishing her good night.. nd switching off the light went to his room next door like alwaz. But it was not the way how an usual fianc would have acted.. this casual response from him, stole her breaths away. She hurriedly got up in her position and dialled abhi's number knowing very well calling armaan that moment would be futile. She confessed to abhi everything. Everything regarding Kabir n his actual job which she kept to herself till then.. abhi was aghast. Never in his nightmares, he thought of his little riddhu being stuck in another scary world. First he felt betrayed as riddhima hid this truth from him for ages which she never did before that but then like always he pushed his accusations away understanding the gravity of the situation nd rushed to meet armaan as soon as their call ended.

When Abhi reached Armaan's place, he met the person whom he never knew of. It was not the armaan who never loses hopes in the most critical situations. The person who responded his repeated knocks on the door was someone who was badly beaten, sad nd above all so disappointed as if he has finally gave in to life. Abhi felt bad for his friend nd after taking care of his wounds, he revealed the situation which he, himself, was still trying to believe. First armaan was confused but when reality made sense he was so happy that abhi thought he might had lost his senses but armaan clarified abhi's fear saying that he's happy becoz riddhima didn't betray him, that it's him who she actually loved, that no matter wat he knew they'll together soon. Abhi forced his smile praying armaan's wish gets fulfilled in reality which he actually had doubts about.

Next day also Kabir behaved perfectly normal during their breakfast. But she knew it was the silence before storm. He could never hurt her but armaan anytime, anyplace! So, gathering courage Riddhima tried to raise the topic softly but kabir brushed that away saying not to bother for any road side romeo as he had full faith on his riddhima, that he knew that she will never leave him. Riddhima choked but agreed anyway. No use to put armaan in danger that moment!

Everything was back to normal. Riddhima joined hospital again nd started working like always. She met armaan secretly in their private hiding place nd finally had a heart to heart conversation too and she was relieved to see his old optimistic self back and also thanked god thinking Kabir actually didn't pay attention to armaan's outburst that night. Weeks later, kabir offered riddhima to go with him for a charitable function which she agreed willingly but wat she didn't know that coming back she will find her whole life upside down. Her happiness from helping the orphans fled away the very moment she got the news of armaan's sudden departure. Armaan  reported to work but suddenly from lunch break no one was being able to find him or to reach his phone. The news was so unexpected after weeks of normalcy that she felt stupefied but soon she realized that it was no lame joke. Her armaan actually vanished! And she very well knew the person behind it.

Every strategy, every thought, every ways those she had selected till then to handle the situation got evaporated with Armaan's kidnapping. Without thinking the consequences, she decided to solve the matter with kabir face to face and as decided, she directly went to Kabir's place to talk to him. At first, kabir denied his involvement regarding Armaan's sudden departure but when riddhima threatened him with her own life, he broke. He actually loved her! Though it was one-sided nd often over protective but he actually loved her with his heart n soul and there was no chance that he would trade his ego with her life. He argued saying no one could love her like him, that no one could protect her from her evil step mother like him, that no one could ever care for her like him but at last he realized that though he loved her whole heartedly nd maddeningly still he was only a friend to her and may be he will never be able to become more than that to her. He also realized though they were good frnz, Riddhima actually feared his darkness, his cruelty, his carelessness towards others' lives and after long debates he finally gave in. But before biding her final good bye he once again said that he actually loved her truly and as a token of his loyalty, he released Armaan with his life.

Kabir left unable to handle the thought of seeing riddhima with someone else. On the other hand Riddhima got her life back, when Armaan's almost lifeless yet alive body crashed against her warmth. She never thought of Kabir leaving Armaan alive. But still she had to try. It was god's grace that she actually succeeded to save her armaan. And now they are together, forever, to live their happily ever after.

But it was not the end. Though Kabir proved his love n left, she had her old enemy still alive in her life, her step mom. She came into action as soon as she came to know that Kabir broke the engagement. She taunted Riddhima nd decided to kill her after forcing her to sign all of her properties to her name. But what she didn't know that she was not alone this time. Armaan was unprepared when Kabir stroke nd hence kabir caught him off guard but this time he was on high alert knowing too well the risks of Riddhima's life. He contacted his childhood best friend who was in military and with his help, he unveiled all black business of Mrs. Gupta. Soon before she could able to torture his Riddhima anymore, the evil lady nd her son with her equally evil brother were thrown into jail for their deeds.

Riddhima was free. Finally! From all her enemies, from all her barriers.. She was happy nd back to her old, loving, tender self. Armaan's parents, too, accepted her whole heartedly nd soon it was their wedding time. But though every where it was bright with lights and laughter, her smile was sometimes forced. Armaan sensing his beloved's discomfort tried to confront her many times but she successfully avoided the matter. But it was her armaan. He never needed her words to know her feelings and sensing what might be causing the gloominess on his bride's face, he went to talk to Mr. Shashank at his place. First he misbehaved with armaan ordering him to get out of his life, blaming his would be wife for his life's destruction but armaan stood straight nd bombarded him with the very unavoidable truth which he was overlooking till then intentionally. Armaan made him realized that it was never Riddhima's fault that his wife or son died. His wife actually chose her children's lives over hers like any mother would have done. And it was God's blessings that in spite of severity, riddhima survived among them. He should be thankful to god for gifting him an angel in stead of stealing all of them away. Besides if he had had loved his wife actually, he never would have dishonoured her sacrifice treating riddhima like this throughout. She didn't sacrifice to gift her daughter this fate, she had believed her husband to be more than enough so that her surviving child would have got both of his/her parents love through him but Mr. Gupta failed. He actually failed to prove his love. Armaan's confrontation finally broke the ice barrier around Shashank's heart nd he sank into grave sorrow realizing what mistake he had done nd finally on armaan's request he decided to amend his fault nd went to his daughter's wedding whole heartedly to bless her with every good that she deserved.

Riddhima was happy or happiness was an understatement to her that moment. She forgave her father too willingly assuring him that she never held any grudges against him, that now when she loved someone more than her life, she knew what the damages could be if one loses that very person. She now very well knew about the mental damage her father experienced from losing her mother and it was not in his hands to control the situation. Needless to say, Riddhima's greatness pushed Shashank in deeper trap of guilt and shame and he left the place hurriedly unable to control his tears. He was proud to have a daughter like her but at the same time he was ashamed that riddhima had a father like him. She deserved better. She deserved the best nd thankful to god, she finally got that as Armaan was undoubtedly the best for her. He blessed the duo truthfully nd decided to try his best from then to be a good father.

On the other hand, armaan was contented. His love finally welcomed her life with him whole heartedly. He held his bride's hand tightly transferring all the warmth he had to assure her that no matter what he would never leave her side.. that they were together now.. that everything was finally normal in their lives.. that from now on, they wouldn't have to think of any hurdle before living their lives.. that finally they got their perfect beginning of their story. Riddhima smiled clearly understanding the unspoken messages he was sending to her.  Just a few years ago, it was a complete myth to her that she would get love one day, that she was still capable of being loved or to love. But then Armaan came nd her whole world turned from bitter to better. And now she too believes that miracles happen! It happened in her life and she knew with her angel holding her this securely, this lovingly, she would face more n more in coming years, together!...

__________THE END__________


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