Sunday, 11 February 2018

AR os : Made for you

She woke up with a twinkle in her eye. She was tired, definately but a good night's sleep did wonders to her! Since it was a Sunday she need'nt get up this early but she was an early riser  Wink. So she got up n checked her cell for the time but she found a SMS. She clicked on the 'Open' button to display it.

"I love u! Meet my at 8 at The Empire"

'Wow' she thought, who could be sending this to her. She thought of ingoring it because maybe it had to go to someone else n it came to her. But she did a feel a bit happy on the inside what if it was for her. Embarrassed

She thought that maybe she will go as anway its a Sunday n did'nt have much to do.

She waited desperately for the evening. but she herself did'nt know why she was getting this separate! She picked up the most beautiful dress she could find in her wardrobe. She knew that whatever she wears it cant impress Ouch but still since she had got that SMS she had decided she will try to her look her best.

She got ready wearing a purple one-strap knee length dress. She did look elegant but she failed to believe that she can ever look beautiful. Embarrassed
She walked into The Empire , n could see everyone busy in their own world. Then she asked her the waiter if any table was reserved for her. " Ridhimma Gupta?"
The watier smiled n led her to a table which had being beautifully decorated. It was facing the beach n there were was a rose kept on the table. She looked at impressed Wink
She sat down looking for the guy who had called her here. She waited for 10 mins, still no sight of him.
"Sorry to keep you waiting, just wanted to know how eager u are to meet me! Wink" , a voice was heard above all the gossip going on.
She turned around to have a look at the guy who said this. She was shocked to see an amazingly-handsome n extremely hot guy standing there. Now she felt it was obvious that the SMS had reached her by mistake. But the guy seemed to be looking at her. Confused

She got up, very embarassed n was heading towards the door. A hand held her. She was feeling weird .
She turned around n apologized " I'm sorry! I know that this was'nt for me but i just came along.."
She was interrupted by him " Ridhimma! I am the one who called u here. n it was YOU!"

He continued " I remember the 1st day i saw u - in college?! "
She was ultimately shocked Shocked i had never seen him in college n he would have definately been popular, he looks so smashing hawt Embarrassed.
" You were wearing this jetang red suit LOL ..yeah u did look funny yet beautiful Wink.."
She blushed a bit n was a bit embarassed too. Embarrassed
"U were smiling  at this guy who you found very cute" he said with hurt visible in his voice. She looked him in the eye, he did seem hurt. Ouch
"But truly speaking that guy wasnt worth you Tongue..he used drugs..! Angry" Ridhimma's mouth literally fell open - Vicky used drugs?! Shocked She loved that guy..n she did'nt know this till date..!
" n d 2nd time i saw u  was when you had gown to the shopping mall with ur frnds. You seemed to shy to try on anything but i remember Muskaan forcing you to try on a really pretty yellow gown n i then i was so mesmerized that i decided this is it ..ure my bride..Wink"
Ridhimma was happy..she knew she was...she did'nt believe in love at 1st sight but when it happens - it really exists! Embarrassed
This guy knew so much about her, so he definately deserved a chance! But still she atleast wanted to know his name n stuff. Tongue
"You noe a lot abt liking Vicky was not even known to Nikki - my best friend..well i guess u noe tat it really seems wow! " she said still surprised how he knew about Vicky.
" Bas bas..hana sab pata hai jus cum wid me..!" . he said n without waiting for her answer pulled her hand n embraced her in a HUG!
"Armaan Mallik swears to stand by Ridhimma Gupta throughout his life n if possible after that too Embarrassed" Armaan screamed out!
Ridhimma was touched she broke the hug n looked into his eyes, she could see only one thing - LOVE! n as they say ones eyes can never show so much passion if that person is lying or faking. Armaan so would'nt be doing that to her. She knew!

She looked into his eyes. blushing a little " And Ridhimma will keep forgiving all ur mistakes throughout her life" The crowd present burst into laughter
n Armaan and Ridhimma - were in love, deeply and truly.



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