Friday, 2 February 2018

AR OS : Mine Forever

“Armaan Mallik, you better reach on time if you want to be alive” Rahul threatens him on call.

“Arey buddy, just reached at airport, don’t worry teri baraat nikalne k pahle aa jaunga” Armaan laughed.

“Good for you” Rahul mocked and cut the call.

Yes, today he is getting married to Muskaan, his only love and here his best friend hasn’t reach yet. He was getting hyper and Atul tried to cheer him up. Armaan was out for a business trip as he was managing his family business alongwith his father but still he should be on time. Can’t he manage for him, ek din pahle aa jata to kya hota but nhi uski aadat hai mujhe gussa dilane ki. Rahul was getting angry.

“Rahul tu ready to ho, wo pahuch jayega” Atul said.

“Ha us nalayak k wajah se mai kyu apna mood off karu” he shrugged his thought off.

“Ya, warna photos v achhi nhi aayegi shadi me fir to Muskaan tujhe maar hi daalegi” Atul said and he glared him.

Rahul was getting ready, he was trying to fix broach in his sehra when a hand helped him, looking at the ring in thumb he got that it’s Armaan.

Rahul shove his hand away and glared him, while Armaan smile showing his dimples.

“I can do it myself” Rahul greeted his teeth.

“I know that but I want to help my best friend” Armaan said fixing it.

“Badi jaldi yaad aa gai tujhe best friend ki” he said moving away from him.

“Oh! C’mon Rahul, ab ye sab nautanki Muskaan k sath karna, yar I was struck there, kharab weather ki wajah se flight late chali to mai kya karta bta, I really tried my best” Armaan said as he also wanted to attend his wedding functions but that meeting was important.

“Achha theek hai ab ro mat” Rahul said hugging him and he smile.

Atul too joined them in a group hug.

These trio were together from school time to higher studies and share a best bonding called friendship. Rahul fall in love with Muskaan when he saw her photo, it was a arranged marriage which was ending as love marriage and he love Muskaan’s dominating nature.

They reached at the venue and everyone was enjoying the function, Rahul sit on stage before marriage ritual start. Armaan excuse himself and went out to receive a call coz of dj sound.

“OK, Mr.Kashyap, mail me those details I’ll check them” Armaan said and cut the call.

He turn to go towards venue as he came little forward while talking and it was quite dark over there. He was moving forward when some one bumped into him and he hold that person suddenly leaving other things to fall.

He looked towards the person and get lost in her angelic face, she was closing her eyes in fear of falling and he smile on her fearful face. He was holding her from waist which pass a new sensation in his body.

She open her eyes when she realized that she was safe and get lost in Armaan’s blue orbs, her mobile vibrate and she move away a little then receive the call “Ha Mom, aa gai hu mai, kya baarat v aa gai, okay then mai peeche wale gate se aati hu, ya I know sorry na late ho gaya, ok bye” she cut the call and look towards Armaan who was again busy admiring her.

“Sorry and Thanku also” she smiled and said which made Armaan smile.

“Both?” he asked.

“Yeah, Sorry coz mai bina dekhe chal rahi thi and bumped into you and Thanku for saving me” she smiled.

“Oh! My pleasure, aap,,,,,” before he could say anything she said she has to rush and move inside from backside.

Armaan who still lost in the beauty he met just now and smile stupidly, as it was the first time he tried to talk any girl and she was in hurry. Often girls drool over him but he never show any interest being a studious guy, then he focused on business and never realized he should fall for any girl as he was happy in his family with Mom, Dad and his sister Nikki and humaira (Nikki's best friend and another sister for Armaan, he loves both of them equally" . He saw Rahul falling for Muskaan then too this desire never cover him up not after seeing Atul and Anjali wedding but today a few minutes with hazel green eyed girl make him think about it, indeed he fall for her at first sight. He smile and left inside in a hope to see her again.

He was looking here and there when someone tap his shoulder “Kise khoj rahe ho Ammy” it was Ananya who hugged him as he directly went to Rahul’s place after returning from his meeting.

“Mom, I missed you, let’s go” he took him to Rahul.

Rahul too hugged Billy and Ananya and pinched Nikki and humi “Aap log v late ho iski tarah” indicating towards Armaan Rahul said as he always treat them like his own parents.

“Sorry beta, Armaan direct yahi aa gaya to office se aane me late ho gaya” Billy said.

“It’s okay uncle” he smile and they left to meet other guests.

“Tu kaha khoya hai” Rahul asked Armaan.

“Kahi to nhi,,,,,, dekh Muskaan aa gai” Armaan made her look towards a side but laugh when he saw eagerness in Rahul’s eyes.

“Meri shadi na hoti tab tujhe batata mai” Rahul said and sit again.

“Rahul bahi, inki to aadat hai, chhodo mujhe v aise hi pareshan karte hain” Nikki said.

"Ha aur mujhe v, jhut muth ka pareshan pareshan karte hain" Humi too complained.

“Ridzi ki bachhi ab aa rahi hai tu, baat mat kar mujhse” Muskaan saw that girl and said.

“Sorry na Muskaan, aaj hi exam khatam hua aur bhagte hue aa gai tere paas, bas rashte me traffic bahut tha isliye late ho gaya” Riddhima hugged Muskaan keeping her bags aside, although her exams were going on and next also she had her exam and she decided to leave after Muskaan's wedding rituals but she didn't inform her till now as she will get hyper.

“Achha theek hai, ab jaldi se ready ho ja pahle, mujhe neeche chalna hai” Muskaan said.

“Badi jaldi hai tujhe” she teased her.

“Nautanki baad me kar lena get ready fast” she said.

Riddhima smile and Armaan’s face came infront of him, his dreamy smile and lost face made new feelings to arise inside her.

“Kaha kho gai” Muskaan shaked her.

“Kahi nhi, just wait” she took her dress and went to change.

After few minutes,

“Hey Rahul dekh Muskaan aa gai” Atul said.

“Ab tu Armaan ki tarah nautanki mat kar” Rahul said.

“Rahul bhai sach me” Nikki and Humi said looking towards the stairs.

Armaan was about to inform Rahul that Muskaan is coming but his voice get blocked inside when his eyes fall on the girl beside muskaan, she was the same girl and looking more beautiful in lights in that beautiful lehanga holding Muskaan’s hand and murmuring something which make Muskaan blush.

He again fall for her, this girl was driving him crazy.

Rahul and Muskaan sit on stage before marriage rituals to start while Armaan was lost in her standing little away. Riddhima felt someone’s gaze but didn’t get anyone. She search for Armaan, don’t know why but she wanted to see him once.

Atul dragged Armaan in the center and said “Raooool ki shadi hai Armaan, kuch feeki feeki lag rahi hai”

“To abhi rang late hain” he said looking towards Riddhima and at the same time she too look at him and get lost.

Armaan and Atul came with few boys and start dancing.

Dholak mein taal hai paayal mein chan chan ...
Ghoonghat mein gori hai sehre mein saajan.
Jahan bhi yeh jaayen bahaare hi chaaayen
Yeh khushiyaan hi paayen mere dil ne duayen di hai
Mere yaar ki shaadi hai...
Dholak mein taal hai paayal mein chan chan
Ghoonghat mein gori hai sehre mein saajan
Jahan bhi yeh jaayen bahaare hi chaaayen
Yeh khushiyaan hi paayen mere dil ne duayen di hai
Mere yaar ki shaadi hai...(2)

Armaan move towards Rahul and Muksaan hold their hands and sing

Pyaar mila preet mili mere yaar ko
Badi pyaari jeet mili mere yaar ko
Pyaar mila preet mili mere yaar ko
Badi pyaari jeet mili mere yaar ko
Khush hai jo dil maine mehfil ...
Geeto se saja di hai
Mere yaar ki shaadi hai.
Mere yaar ki shaadi hai.

Muskaan look towards Riddhima and ask her to dance in sign as she was very good in dancing but she hesitates infront of many unknow people, Armaan saw this.

Then her Mom also ask her to dance, thus she took few girls alongwith her and unknowingly hold Nikki's and Humi's hand too and move towards the center.

Chhalka Chhalka Re Kalsi Ka Paani
Chhalka Chhalka Re O Aankh na maani .
Maiyya Bole Jaana Nahi,
Bhaiyya Voh Bhii Maana Nahi
Baabul Bole Bas Ek Din Kal Ka Chhalka
Gudda Bole Jaana Nahi
Guddii Bole Jaana Nahi
Sakhii Bole Bas Ek Din Kal Ka Chhalka
Chhalka Chhalka…Aankh na Maani.

She dance beautifully with girls then Nikki and Humi also come towards her and dance alongwith her.

Panghat pe aake saiyaan marode baiyaan
And everybody breaks it on radha
Chhede hai hamka daiya, gari kanhaiya
And everybody breaks it on radha
Hoga woh lakhon dil ka shor
Hamka to laage bore
Hua hai aisa baanwla jo kehta jaaye

Humi make Riddhima to take round and dance with her.

Oo Radha teri chunri
Oo radha tera chhalla
Oo radha teri natkhat najariya
Oo radha tera jhumka
Oo radha tera thumka
Oo peeche peeche saari nagariya

Riddhima, Humi and Nikki dance smoothly with each other and everyone claps for them.

Oo radha teri chunri
Oo radha tera chhalla
Oo radha teri natkhat najariya
Oo radha tera jhumka
Oo radha tera thumka
Oo peeche peeche saari nagariya.

Armaan smile on their dance and move towards Rahul and Muskaan.

Wedding rituals begin and Rahul Muskaan sit at mandap. Armaan look for Nikki and Humi as she came with them taking her parents permission when he find them talking with Riddhima holding her plate of food. He too took a plate and came near then but till then Riddhima left.

“What were you talking with that girl?” Armaan asked.

“Really bhai you are asking about a girl” Nikki gets shocked.

"Ha wo v first time in your life bhai" Humi too become surprised.

“No I just saw you guys with an unknown girl so” he said as he never talked about girls.

“OK” they took it casually and went away.

After sometime.

Riddhima whisper something in Muskaan’s ear and she angrily look towards her, she whisper something again and hugged her.

She went somewhere, Armaan’s eyes were following her.

After that she was not seen in wedding ceremony, everything happen and vidaai also.

They came back but Armaan didn’t got her glimpse. She was missing from reception also but Armaan didn’t dare to ask anyone.

He came back from reception and stood looking towards sky “God, I don’t why that girl’s thought cover up my mind, mujhe nhi pata wo kaun thi, kaha se aai thi bas pyaar ho gaya, ho sakta hai uski life me koi aur ho ya fir use aisa kuch na laga ho jaisa mujhe feel ho raha hai, uski aankhein, kuch alag tha unme, pata nhi kyu keech rahi thi apni taraf, I don’t know what to do but uske bina jeena bahut mushkil ho jayega, aap to jante hain mai apni feelings kisi se share nhi kar pata isliye please meri help kijiye, wo kijie jo sabke liye sahi ho” Armaan share his feelings and tried to sleep to meet her in dreams.

Next day,

“Armaan, beta ruko kuch baat karni hai tumse” Armaan came back from office when Ananya called him.

“Ji Mom”

“Beta, sab theek hai na?” she asked.

“Ya Mom, don’t worry, I’m all well” he knew his Mom was worried about him.

“Achha fir, mujhe tumse ek jaruri baat karni hai” she said.


“Beta, tumhare liye ek rishta aaya hai, and hame ladki bahut pasand aai, to agar tum chaho to” she look towards his shocked face.

“Mom, shadi?” he was hell shocked as he was trying to forget that hazel green eyed girl but shadi to someone else and that too pretty soon was beyond his strength.

“Aur agar koi aur ladki jo tumhe pasand ho, to hame bata sakte ho” she said tapping his head.

“Nhi, Mom aisa kuch nhi hai” Armaan was numb, he don’t what to say, he don’t know anything about that girl and she was not even present in whole function, he can’t told Ananya about her as he don’t have any clue about the girl.

“Jaisa aaplog ko theek lage Mom, I’m happy with your choice” Armaan said and Ananya kissed his forehead.

Armaan left to his room, locked it and fall like a lifeless body on bed, his eyes get moist as he was deeply in love with that girl, “kaise pata lagau tumhare bare me, I don’t know anything about you, but I love you” then he thought about Ananya’s word, he can do anything for his family happiness, he will have to forget her anyhow.

He decided that and left to take a shower.

Riddhima was sitting sadly remembering Armaan, she fall in love with that blue orb guy at first sight, although she don’t know him neither his name but wants to be with him for the rest of her life. His first touch was still alive in her heart, she got goosebumps whenever she think about their meeting. She had to left Muskaan’s wedding coz of her exam on following day else kuch na kuch to pata chal hi jata uske bare me.

“Muskaan se puchu kya? Nhi pata nhi wo kya sochegi ki mai kisi ladke k bare me puch rahi hu, fir mujhe to pata v nhi ki wo kaun hai agar uski life me koi aur hua to, nhi nhi mai kuch jyada hi soch rahi hu. Mai kya karu God please help me.”Riddhima was talking to helself and slept remembering Armaan.

“Beta hamne tuhara rishta bheja hai Armaan Mallik k liye” her Mom informed her and she get shocked.

“Mom, bina mujhse puche”

“Tum hamesha mana kar deti ho, but ek baar us se mil lo fir agar tumhe nhi pasand ho to mana kar dena” she said casually and said “Muskaan janti hai ladke ko” and left.

She don’t want to hurt her parents but still she don’t want to marry with someone else.

Riddhima called Muskaan “Hey Muski”

“Hiee Ridzi, kaisi hai tu? Bhool hi gai hai mujhe” Muskaan complained.

“Nhi yaar, actually busy thi bahut studies me, achha sun na mujhe Armaan Mallik ka number chahiye” she came straight to the point.


“Arey Mom send my alliance but I don’t want to get married right now yaar” she said.

“Hmm, Theek hai tu baat kar le, waise Armaan bahut achha ladka hai, wo teri baat ko jarur samjhega” and she gave Armaan’s number to her.


“Ha, bol”

“Do you love some else?” she asked.

Riddhima get shocked but then cover up “nhi yaar, it’s just that I don’t want to get married, kuch din baad hi sahi rahega, waise who is this guy?”

“Arey wo jo dance kar raha tha us din shadi me hamari, Rahul’s best friend” but to her bad luck Riddhima wasn’t able to listen her voice due to network congestion and cut the call.

She called Armaan.

Armaan came out after bathing and lie down thinking about Riddhima when his cellphone vibrate. Looking at the unknown number at this time get surprised yet received.

“Hello” he said.

“Hello, am I talking to Mr.Armaan Mallik?” she asked.

“Yes speaking”

Both were getting some new sensation by the voice as if they new that voice but shrugged off the thought.

“Hie, this is Riddhima this side”

“Okay, do I know you?” he asked.

Listening to this Riddhima get to know that he don’t know about her marriage proposal till now “Wo actually, meri Mom ne mera marriage proposal bheja hai apke liye but” she stopped then.

“But?” Armaan asked.

“But I don’t want to get married now, abhi meri studies khatam hui hain aur mai itni jaldi shadi nhi karna chahti, I hope you don’t mind, mai bol v nhi sakti coz unhe bura lagega agar aap,,,,” she again don’t know what to say.

“It’s okay Riddhima don’t worry, mai mana kar dunga” they both danced in heart as now they won’t have to marry but somewhere they felt bad for each other as their voice resemble to the one they are searching for.

“Thanku so much, ok bye, good night” she said.

“Good night” Armaan cut the call and happily move to inform Ananya.

He was about to knock the door when he got Muskaan’s call and return back planing to talk to his mom tomorrow morning.

“Boliye Muskaan bhabhiji” Armaan mocked her.

“Oye Armaan ye bhabhi wabhi na bola kar, I’m not used to it, hamesha to leg pulling karta hai bada aaya bhabhi bolne wala” Muskaan start non-stop.

“Chill Muskaan, nhi bolunga yaar, maaf kar de. Waise tune kaha gayab kar raha hai mere best friend ko” Armaan asked about Rahul.

“Us kankhajure ko kya karna hai, bas pareshan karta rahta hai mujhe faltu ka, koi kaam dham nhi hai isko” Armaan laugh on her complain.

“Achha uski chhod maine tujhe kuch important baat batane k liye call kiya hai” and she told whatever Riddhima said “Although usne mana kiya hai koi aur reason deke but mujhe lagta hai baat kuch aur hai. Meri shadi k baad se aisa change aaya hai, khoyi khoyi rahti hai apne me hi shayad use koi pasand aa gaya ho shadi me” she said.

“Achha to theek hai na mai mana kar deta hu Mom se simple” he said “Waise who’s that girl?” he asked casually.

“That girl who was dancing with Nikki and Humi at my wedding, uske exams the next day to wo raat me hi chali gai” Muskaan told.

“Achha wo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WHATTTTT WO LADKI?” Armaan first said casually then register her words and get biggest shock of his life.

“Ha but tu chilla kyu raha hai?” she get scared.

Armaan remember her searching eyes, who tried to search him in marriage, he smile stupidly but get back to reality by Muskaan’s shouting voice “ARMAAAAAAN”

“Arey Muski, dheere bol na, behra nhi hu mai” he said keeping his phone away from him “Waise ab to tere best friend ki shadi tere husband k best friend se hi hogi” Armaan said in determined voice making Muskaan boggled.

He then told her everything when Rahul shouted “Ammy k bachhe tune mujhse v nhi batai ye baat, gadha”

“Sorry yar, mujhe samajh me hi nhi aaya ki kya bolu but now I know she is denying this marriage coz of me for me only.” He said and Muskaan Rahul smile.

“And Muskaan really love you for your timing, meri life bacha li tune” Armaan said being excited.

“Oye biwi hai meri” Rahul said as phone was on speaker.

“Chal oye friend hai meri” he also replied back.

Armaan took Riddhim’s address from Muskaan and decided to talk her next day. But because of his excitement he wasn’t able to control himself and took his car keys and left.

He reached Riddhima’s house and wonder where is Riddhima’s room as it was all dark only garden lights were on and also he can’t enter inside as he don’t know anyone there. He was thinking how to enter inside when he saw Riddhima standing in balcony looking towards the moon, he smile as she was unaware of his presence and busy in her own thought. After few minutes Riddhima feels someone's presence in garden and look down but Armaan hide till then.

Riddhima open her room’s window for fresh air and left to sleep.

Armaan enter inside Riddhima’s room through window and look towards her she was trying to sleep in dim light when she feel someone enter in her room.

“Kaun hai?” she gets up and try to switch on the button when Armaan hold her hand.

“shushhhh” she tried to say something when Armaan keep his finger on her lips and she look into his oceanic blue orbs and become shocked coz his face was not visible properly coz of dim light but how could she forget those eyes who snatch her sleep away.

“Tum?” she was just able to utter this.

“Hmm” he smile and she too smile looking at him.

She hugged him tight as she was trying to know about him, to search him, she thought that she would loss him when her mother said that she send her marriage proposal to someone else.

Armaan too hugged her, her action gave him her answer of questions which he didn’t even asked.

Riddhima realized what she was doing and left him shyly.

She tried to leave when Armaan hold her hand and switch on the light. He look towards her shy smile and bend face, this girl made him fall for her everytime he met.

He drag her towards himself and blow some air on her face “why did you hugged me?” he ask in husky tone.

“w,,,wo, actually” Riddhima was not getting words to describe her feelings.

“Actually what Riddhima?” he asked coming close to her while she was moving back constantly.

Riddhima look towards him being surprised when he called her by her name “Tumhe mera naam kaise pata?” she asked.

“Mujhe to aur v bahut kuch pata hai” he came more close while she was near wall.


“That you love a guy and,,,,,,” he came really close to her which fasten her heartbeat.

“And?” she asked bending her eyes down shyly.

He kissed his forehead and said “you just reject a marriage proposal of very good guy because of me”

She look towards him being shocked.

Armaan know that now it’s time to tell her everything, so he hold her hand made her sit on bed and told her everything. She was really surprised that her marriage proposal was send for Armaan only.


“Yes, and you called me to deny for marriage wo v mere hi liye, thanks to Muskaan mujhe right pe pata chal gaya warna mai to Mom ko bolne ja raha tha” he said and Riddhima smile on her stupidity.

“So” he look towards her with mischievous eyes.

“So?” she asked.

“Ab batao, will you marry this Armaan Mallik and live your whole life with me?” he asked bending down on his knees.

She was happily surprised and hold his hand she hugged him suddenly and Armaan wasn’t able to hold himself which result in falling on bed with her.

“So, Miss Riddhima is it a yes” he tried to see her face but she was hugging him shyly on top of him.

He took a turn and now she was under him with closed eyes. He was observing her face closely and was feeling crazy to kiss her tempting lips.

Riddhima knew Armaan’s gaze was on her face thus she wasn’t able to open her eyes, she was just feeling his presence. His hot breath was caring her face arising different new sensations in her body.

She didn’t reply to his question till now, so Armaan keep his one hand on her waist and she gasped.

“Say yes” he whisper near her ear and kissed her earlobe making her shiver under his hold.

“C’mon say yes Riddhima” he again kissed below her ears sensuously.

“Armaan” she moan his name automatically which was merely a whisper and make him more crazy.

“Please say Yes” he said kissing her eyes and look towards her lips.

“Yess” that was it for Armaan he wanted much more as her angelic face was forcing him to loose his sense but he control his desire as he don’t want to make her feel awkward in first meeting. He just kissed her forehead and Riddhima open her eyes feeling his lips on her skin. Armaan gave her flower which he bought for her and a sweet teddy on their first meeting.

He look tawards her and gave his best smile she also smile realizing how much Armaan care for her feelings. She hold the teddy close to her heart and smile.

Armaan leave her and lie beside her, he took her hand and keep it on his heart and both look towards each other as they know they got their life-partner and God helped them as he know their love was pure and true.

“Get ready to become Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik, I won’t be able to live without you” he said and she smile nodding in agreement.

They talk with each other, share their feeling looking towards the moon happily. As they got each other, moreover they both love each other from the bottom of their hearts.

It was around 4 a.m when Armaan look towards the watch and gets up to go but Riddhima hold his hand, she don’t want him leave her alone. Although she know that now they will be marrying soon but still her heart wants to be in Armaan’s arm.

Armaan smile and cover a blanket over her kissed her forehead and ask her to sleep for sometime, he promise her to meet and left via window before anyone wake up. Riddhima smile close her eyes holding the teddy close to her and sleep.

Armaan enter in his house slowly and went to sleep.

Next day, everyone was happy as Armaan agree for the marriage, soon they were joined by Atul Anjali and Rahul Muski.

They were about to go at Riddhima’s house. At her place Riddhima came down with Muskaan and everyone meet her, Nikki and Humi was so happy to meet Riddhima again. Her eyes fall on Armaan for micro seconds and he winked making her blush.

Panditji came Armaan look towards Muski, she blink her eyes consoling him and he smile, Riddhima saw this and look towards Muskaan.

“Wo kya hai na, maine aur Rahul ne panditji ko bribe kiya hai nearest date nikalwane k liye, iske pahle ki tu kuch bole let me tell you ye tere hone wale dulhe ka decision hai” Muski tell her slowly and she blushed on her comment.

“Waise sagai k liye to aaj ka din hi bahut achha hai” Rahul was shocked “inko jaldi karne ko bola tha to ye kuch jyada hi jaldi kar rahe hain” he murmured in Armaan’s ear.

“Ha to karne de na tujhe kyu mirchi lag rahi hai” Armaan danced in heart.

“Ha to koi baat nhi, Armaan ajaa yaha, ye lo ye hamari khandani ring hai, make her wear this” Ananya call Armaan and gave her ring.

While Padma too gave a ring to Riddhima, both exchange ring and Armaan slowly squeeze her hand making her blush. Everyone cheer for the couple.

“Chaliye Panditji ab shaadi ki date v fix kar dijiye” Shashank said.

“Ji, shadi k liye ek hafte baad bahut shubh muhurt hai” Now Armaan literally wanted to dance as his heart was jumping inside.

“Itni jaldi, sab taiyari kaise?” Shashank said.

“Bahut achha muhurt hai, ham to ab jald se jald Riddhima ko apne ghar le jana chahte hain, we are ready” Billy said and Armaan smile widely.

“Lekin,,,,,” Shashank tried to say something.

“Lekin wekin kuch nhi Shashankji, Aap bas Riddhima bitiya ko khushi khushi hame de dijiye bas” Billy said.

Everyone smile and they hugged each other.

After talking and having food they left the place in evening. Both Armaan and Riddhima have a happy smile on their face, they were loving each moment.

At night,

Riddhima was looking towards the ring and a cute smile plaster on her face remembering Armaan. At the same time Armaan enter inside maing her shocked.

“Armaan tum?” she become shocked.

“Hmm,,,,, tumhe aur koi dikh raha hai yaha?” he asked her looking here and there.

“Very funny, but tum yaha kya kar rahe ho” she asked.

“Apni fiancée se milne aaya hu” he said holding her close to himself by her waist.

“Dekhiye Mr.Mallik, apki shadi hone wali hai ek hafte to ek hafte aap ruk sakte hain right” she said trying to get away from his hold but that was Armaan’s hold.

“ek hafte????? Yaha ek din wait nhi ho raha hai and you are asking for 7 days” he said trying to kiss her but she don’t allow her.

“Armaan, nhi, koi aa jayega” She said.

“Is time kaun aayega” he asked getting frowned.

“Riddhima” Padma called her.

“Mom aa gai, Armaan chhodo mujhe” she get out of his hold “Ab kya kare?” she get panic.

Armaan was also thinking what to do as he don’t want to get caught by his would be mother-in-law.

He rush towards her bed and put pillows under her bed, he drag Riddhima with him and both lie down.

“Kuch puche to bol dena pillow hai” he hide inside under comforter as it was a thick furry one.

He hold Riddhima around her waist making her shocked, but seems like she was holding pillows inside.

“So gai thi kya beta?” she asked.

“Ha Mom thak gai thi na isliye need aa rahi thi” she replied.

“Achha theek hai so jao” she kissed her forehead and left murmuring “Bachho ki tarah pillow pakad k soti hai”

Armaan’s hot breath over her tummy tickle her and it was making her shiver.

Armaan tried to hold himself back but his eyes was moving towards her navel and he kissed there lightly, which make Riddhima shocked. She gets up from bed and locked her room.

“Kya kar rahe ho tum ha?” she asked glaring him.

“Maine kya kiya” moving his hand from her navel to waist he hold her and ask mischievously.

“Armaan, tumhe sharam nhi aati you just kis,,,,,,,,”She stop in the middle and feel shy to complete her sentence.

“I just kissed your navel” he whisper in a husky tone near her ear and kissed there.

“Ar,,,,Armaan, chhodo mujhe” she said stammering.

He hold her hand kissed the finger where he put ring, then kissed her shoulder which make Riddhima gasp and she move towards balcony.

She stretch the glass wall and both were facing each other on either side of wall, Armaan bend a little and kissed where her neck was visible on other side of wall, Riddhima closed her eyes.

Both kept their hand at the same place and came forward, Riddhima place her lips on glass wall and Armaan also did the same from opposite side of wall, then look towards each other with lots of love.

They slide the glass wall lightly and hold each other encircling around the curtain. Looking into each other eyes they keep moving and fall on bed Riddhima under Armaan.

Armaan look towards her face and she closed her eyes being shy by his looks.

“May I?” Armaan ask looking towards her lips and she nodded her head in agreement still closing her eyes.

Armaan took a big rose petal from side table where some roses were kept and place it on Riddhima’s lips. She open her eyes feeling something on her lips and look towards ARMAAN.

He smile kissed her lips over the rose petal and wink her making her blush, he again kissed her `forehead and said “I just wanted to spend sometime with my fiancée coz I love her so much” he said and she smile.

Armaan gets up and she also stood up removing rose petal from her lips.

“Armaan” she called him when he tries to leave.

“Hmm” he look towards her with a smile.

“I love you” she said and hugged him.

“I Love You too baby” he also hugged her tightly.

He really don’t need words to her feeling coz he know Riddhima loves him from whole heart and that feeling was enough for them. They just stare into ech other eyes and rest of the talk was done by them. he know that Riddhima belongs to him only.

He made her lie on bed, cover her with comforter and again kissed her forehead bidding bye to her, he move towards the glass wall and clicked a pic where their lips met on the wall with mark of Riddhim’s lipstick and look towards her.

“Thanku for this sweet memory” he kissed his cellphone and blow a flying kiss towards then leave the place.

Both families were preparing for marriage together as they decided to keep marriage at Billy’s farm house. Days pass on in shopping and arrangements.

Rahul and Atul made arrangements and decorated farmhouse beautifully.

Finally the functions start in farm house starting from haldi, mehandi and sangeet, they enjoyed a lott and Armaan always manage to steal some moments and enjoy with Riddhima.

That was a dream wedding for Riddhima, everything was according to her wish, like she wished to get married. She thanks Armaan a lot for that and feel blessed to get such a sweet family. she was too much attached with Nikki and Humi.

Armaan select a bridal dress for Riddhima and she was in love with that dress.

Finally the day came, and they get married according to rituals and happily enjoying every ceremony. She become emotional on her vidaai but knew that Armaan will always be there for her. And a sweet family with Billy Ananya and Nikki was waiting for her.

Their reception was a great ceremony as so many guests were invited and Riddhima was looking gorgeous in Reception.

They were hell tired after so many functions and rituals that they hardly get time to sleep. After coming back from reception Riddhima took a warm bath and lie down on bed while Armaan too joined her in few minutes. But they were hell tired to say anything so Armaan just kissed her forehead and they slept in each other arms.

At morning,

Riddhima took shower and took a beautiful saree and draping it when Armaan open his eyes lightly and the scene infront of him make him fall for her again and a sudden desire arouse inside him, he look towards Riddhima being lost. She was draping her saree and her hairs were still wet, few drops were remaining there making her more gorgeous.

She look towards Armaan but he closed his eyes. She move towards walking closet to take out few things in the meanwhile Armaan took bath and came out wearing a knee length shorts and drying his hair with towel.

Riddhima came and gasped looking towards him, he turn towards her and move forward.

“Kya baat hai Mrs.Mallik, bahut khoobsurat lag rahi hain aap” he said holding her around her waist and kissed her cheeks making her blush.

“Oye hoyee” he blow some air on her face while she smile.

“Armaan chhodo mujhe ready hone do, neeche jana hai” she said moving away.

She came towards dressing table to apply some lip gloss as she was naturally looking beautiful. Armaan took sindhoor and fill her maan while she closed her eyes feeling blessed.

“Tumhare liye kuch laya tha” he whisper near her ear and she look towards him with question eyes.

He made her sit on bed and himself sit down on his knees, make her close her eyes and she feel something cold near her ankle, she open her eyes to see beautiful anklet adoring her feet while Armaan kissed there making her smile.

She kissed his forehead and get up when Armaan hold her hand drag her towards himself.

“Meri good morning kiss to dedo” he came close to her.

Riddhima close her eyes, he was about to clam her lips when a knock on the door bring them back to reality.

Riddhima move away from him while he wear t-shirt making faces. She open the door and Nikki smile hugging her wish “Good morning bhabhi”

“Good Morning Nikki” she smile.

“Good morning bhai, neeche aa jao jaldi” she said and drag Riddhima with herself.

“Had hai, shadi v ho gai fir v ek kiss tak nhi karne de rahe hain log yaha” he murmured and went down.

Riddhima made kheer as it was her first day in her sasural and everyone praise her.

“Iska gift kaha hai? Pahli baar kuch banaya hai apki bahu ne” Ananya asked Billy after making her wear a beautiful bangle.

“Armaan Riddhima, breakfast k baad aap dono ki flight hai, jaldi jaldi packing kar lijiye, you’ll have to leave in 2 hours” Billy said and both look towards him.

“Flight” she asked.

“Ha beta, flight, mera gift aur aap dono ka honeymoon trip” Billy pass her tickets and she smile bending her head down, she was blushing as Billy arrange this trip for them.

Nikki and Humi helped her in packing while teasing and they left for Switzerland.

After reaching there, they were hell tired and took rest for sometime.

Riddhima’s sleep break coz of cold but she don’t want to get up thus she snuggle more into Armaan’s chest and hold him tightly.

Armaan was holding her from waist and his sleep got disturb when he feel movement around him, he slowly open his eyes just to see Riddhima cuddling more into him.

He smile and move his hand on her waist making gasp, she look towards him only to see his eyes filled with love and desire. He came close to her and look towards her eyes seeking permission to claim her lips.

She blink her eyes and move towards him to close the distance between their lips. They share their first kiss full of love and promise of being together and explore each other taking their relation to another level marking their soul as one.

Their union made them believe that they were made for each other and destiny bring them together as their heart was full of love and sincerity towards their relation.

Armaan kissed her forehead ans said "Thankss for being mine, MINE FOREVER".

Riddhima too kissed him back "Always yours".



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