Wednesday, 28 February 2018

AR os : Ou r F i r s t N i g h t

They were really happy tonight. After all getting married to someone you love the most in life doesn't happen everyday. Armaan and Riddhima were finally married after facing so many problems but they had been always together with each other as their strength.

He accompanied her to his room for the first time. She nervously yet happily looked at the room. It was fully decorated with flowers and candles. She gulped seeing so much of decoration; it was full on preparation for the first night so called 'suhaag raat'.

Yes, it was true that it was their first night together yet it feels so scary for the new bride. She has been through so many emotions already that this view almost traumatizes her.

She will be living with a man in the same room, same bed' offcourse he is her husband but that was the whole point. His expectations would also be as big as his relation with her.

For god sake, she just left her home, her family, her surname and her identity. All this itself wasn't enough to do but also now she is suppose to loose herself to her husband. She was almost ready to murder the person who planned all these rituals against a girl's fate.

She notices him locking the door of the room. She panicked thinking of the reason behind. The closed door was enough but locking the door was what terrified her. He turned around with the sweet smile on his face but finds her still standing at the same position.

Why is he smiling now? Why is he staring at me so awkwardly? Her steps started to move backward automatically seeing him approaching to her side. But he didn't stop. Oh god, please help! Why is he coming to me so desperately? Oh god, please make him stop pleasseeeeeee!!

Suddenly she stopped as her feet couldn't find any more space to walk in.. She was at the wall end shivering. His smile became even bigger as he was approaching to her. She gasped seeing him not stopping even when he was one foot away from her. She closed her eyes tightly as she felt his hot breaths on her face. His body was partly pressing hers. She was sure that now he is not going to leave her.. Riddhima you are gone!!!..

As she was expecting he would touch her but waiting a while for it.. nothing happened. She wasn't sure what exactly was he doing so close to her yet not touching her. She opened her eyes shockingly and found him doing something behind her.

She wished to turn to see exactly what he was upto? But he was so close to her that if she turns her face even a little, she would end up kissing his cheek. So she chose to wait and watch rather than doing something irrelevant.

Suddenly she felt the cool breeze coming through her hair covering his face. He was mesmerized by this moment. He didn't know opening the window behind her would let him smell and feel her silky soft long hair.

He moved back a bit and sees her still looking at him with the shocking expressions. He smiled even harder as his dimples poked his cheeks. She skipped her heartbeat seeing that. His dimples always make her loose her senses. He is so cute and adorable and in the moonlight he looked no less then her angel, she thought forgetting about the present situation.

He blinked his eyes with all the love and affection as he too could see the overwhelming love in her eyes. He softly holds her hand in his and pulled her towards the bed. Her lips glistered seeing his gesture. It was too hard to take away her eyes from him.

He made her sit on the bedside while he sat on the floor keeping her hands in his. He looks at the dark mehandi on her hands that had his name on it. It was not wrong to say that his name was actually printed in her heart and that too with the permanent marker.

He kissed her hands passionately making her tremble. His touch brought the shiver in her spine. She breathed heavily. She was no longer able to eye up at him. She knew she could loose herself any moment if his touch kept on affecting her so crazily.

She became too red that she took away her hands from his and kept them on her face hiding her red cheeks from him.

He smiles at her heartedly. She is so innocent and cute he thought. He swiftly took her mehendi feet in his hands and caressed them. She looked at him sliding her fingers a bit from her eyes as he lovingly kissed the payal she was wearing.

She shuddered feeling the soft touch of his lips on her and instantly she pulled away her feets too from him. His dimples deepened thinking his wife was behaving like such a kid.

He stood up and by then she too covered up her eyes again so that he could not view her mixed emotions. He slightly waved his fingers on the bangles she was wearing in her hands making her alert. She closed her eyes as she felt him taking her hands away from her face but she couldn't able to control the little smile on her lips.

His heart beated happily seeing her smiling and blushing. She is so adorable, I love her so much.. he felt and kissed her forehead with all the love. It seem like their hearts were conversing in the same language. She could feel all his love and emotions and hurriedly she hugged him, hiding her blushing face in his chest. He too held her tightly feeling the intimacy of the moment.

All their hearts, breaths, body parts were talking love to each other. Their souls were united now. All their life they will love each other unconditionally; support each other in all the bad or good times. They would share all their happiness to make it double while sinking their all the sorrows to half. They were one soul in two bodies. He would protect her in all the ways while she would complete him by becoming his strength.

He picked her in his arms and kept her on the bed affectionately while he jumped over to the other side of it. He pulled over the comforter covering her and pecked her red lips conveying that he loves her so much and would be with her always. She smiled and kept her head on his chest near his heart.

It was really a big thing for her that without even saying a word he understands her so well. He didn't crossed over with her. If he wanted he could do it so easily and that too with full right. But she was pleased to fall in love with the man who cares for her sentiments and emotions. That's how they became complete soul mates of each other in this peaceful night. As they sleep in the beautiful dreamland of their love.

-- T H E  E N D --


     - b y  T i y a

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