Sunday, 25 February 2018

AR os : A silent Storm (last part)

 The Deadly End

It was some weeks to My those thoughts and my family was somewhat un reachable to me.My Husband divorced me in clear words twice as I couldn't be a mother and people might feel that as a taunt but for me It was the special as I only wanted the babies with him.I know I am so wrong in my mind but couldn't help it.I was in kitchen preparing the dinner as my husband was busy romancing his to be second wife.I laughed on my own thoughts the other night my husband had spoke those words which were a stab to me "Talak".

I thank Allah a lot if this wasn't the case I would have been stuck with this person whole my life.Thank God one more word and I'll be free.My works was done and being too occupied I slipped and the juice tray fell off my hands as some fell on my husband second wife and the very instant those words again roared and I was a divorced women.This is not a good thing so I never knew as tears started trailing down My face.My life was now different I left the house grabbing my Stole as I went to my brothers house.I rang the doorbell and my father opened the door I entered inside my brother moved to hug me as I came for the first time after my marriage.And I cried my heart out sharing my grief with him.All looked so much shaken I lowering my gaze moved inside my former room and cried hard.

To that Day now four months have passed and my brother have called me Australia so I could get a change but it was of no help as I refused him to come I spent my life with both of my parents and I was again happy my siblings stopped even mentioning the bitter past of mine.And I lived my life once again as a single bubbly girl but I was hurt I tried to know about him through my aunt but couldn't find out As the topic always was dropped due to some reason.I missed him A lot and of course tried to locate him.One day I was laughing over a joke we cracked as I got away giving medicine to my father as the doorbell rang I moved to answer it.

"Koan?"the words left my mouth and I heard his voice my heartbeat rose.My dad's question brought me back and I pressed the button to let him enter as I answered him.

He came up while hugging my Dad his gaze was on me and suddenly I grew conscious of my looks the thing I had left 6 years ago.His gaze was so special I thought.He then met everyone in our home.And never mentioned anything about my marriage or divorced he made me more happy the only gap left in my heart was now filled.He teased me the way he did all seemed same as before.And next Day a got a message from him

'Hi wifey'

I gasped as this is what he used to call me as he took me as his wife always.

And my only 'Hi' was the answer we talked joked as the time was same as before.

After two weeks I got to know that he wants to marry me.that was happy but a grave moment of my life I wanted it but can't ruined his life as m not anywhere near to him. I said No to him and he came and tried to confront me but I didn't know what to do.He sat outside my room and wouldn't get up unless I agree to marry him.And I last I left the room and sat right in front of him and told my life story and cried until I felt good because today my tears seemed to be useless as he has made my dream complete he still wants to marry me it was of no question Why he left me but all that matters is our love And togetherness. I wish this wont have happened but the reality is now good enough to treasure our whole life as now oneness is essential.


Abbia_ Radeel

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