Sunday, 4 February 2018

characters & Intro : "I can never Forget you" (AR ff)


Armaan mallik:
he is 25 year.
he is actor.
he is in the industry from last 1&1/2 year.
he has done his MBA.
he is contesent in JDJ3.

Riddhima gupta:
she is 24 years.
she is singer.
she has win indian idol3.
she has also done her MBA.


"armaan is madely in love with same one but known one no about the girl
that how is she,what's her name,etc....
but his close fred & family known about her.
but they are not togther now becoz of same reason
that no one known.not even armaan him self.
he is contesent in JDJ3.they are now in there sami final round."

"Riddhima a good singer.
had sing manny song with the best singer in the industry.
she is coming to JDJ3 as a guest."

"what will happen when Armaan & riddhima will meet
armaan will fal in love with riddhima or riddhima will fall in love with Armaan.
what will happen to Armaan first love."


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