Thursday, 1 February 2018

Epilogue : Look Closer (Arsh)

-2 years later-

"ARMAAAAAAAAN" He ran jumped from sitting on the couch to hiding behind it. His eyes peeked over toward the door. An enraged Shilpa marched in holding her bulging belly. He ducked back down behind the couch hoping she wouldn't find him. "Mister Armaan Mallik. When I get my hands on you, you're going to wish you NEVER put me in this condition!" She checked behind the curtains, in the bathroom, behind doors, even in the small storage closet under the stairs. She came back into the living room and stood in front of the couch. "Armaan, if you don't come out right now, I'm going to tell Mom about this!" From behind the couch, Armaan was mentally cursing himself for forgetting to do the laundry while his mother and Shilpa went to the doctor.

He peeped from the couch and saw her back turned. Taking advantage of the situation, he hurdled over the couch and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Hi sweety" He conveyed in a sugar-coated voice. "So what'd the doctor say? How's my darling baby boy?" He continued in the same tone as he rubbed her belly. Shilpa, on the other hand, knew he was trying to divert her attention so she didn't let him get the best of her. She grabbed his hands and pulled them off herself. Turning around, she glared at Armaan. "That will not work today Mr. Mallik." Armaan moved closer to her, "Really? Then what will?" Shilpa moved back but still looked him right in the eyes with anger. "Nothing will. This is the fourth time you didn't do what Mom and I told you to while we were gone. Your antics may have worked then, but they sure as hell won't work now." Shilpa continued to slowly move back as Armaan inched forward with a smirk on his face. Shilpa knew he wouldn't let down now, but she had her own plan up her sleeve.

"Owww" She grabbed her belly and her face scrunched up in pain. She grabbed Armaan's hand and dug her nails into his skin. "Shilpa! Are you okay?!" He held her by the shoulders, concern filling his body. He sat her down on the couch and placed his hand on her stomach. "Armaan!" She cried with pain. Just then Armaan's mother walked in to see Armaan sitting with Shilpa. "Armaan beta, everything okay?" She placed the bags she carried down and walked over. "Everything is fine!" Shilpa's mood changed by 360 degrees in a matter of two seconds when she saw Armaan's mom. She looked at Armaan to make sure. Armaan just glared at Shilpa's smiling face as he replied back through clenched teeth. "Yes, mom, everything is fine." Shilpa pouted and made puppy dog eyes at Armaan to which he just glared harder. "Okay beta, come help with the bags Armaan." He got up and marched behind his mom. As she gave him the bags, he watched Shilpa making silly faces at him from the couch. Although his anger had disappeared he still pretended to be angry at her.

Shilpa had gotten used to this though. She figured out that Armaan's anger towards her never lasted more than a minute. So she didn't pay any heed to his glaring from far away.


A few days later, Shilpa sat in front of the TV doing her daily yoga in the morning. Although it had become difficult with the baby, she didn't want to give up the routine. "Shilpa, I'm going for a walk. Breakfast is on the table." Armaan's mother told her before leaving. Armaan came downstairs after waking up. He saw Shilpa doing her yoga so he went into the kitchen and began to eat the breakfast that was on the table. After he finished he went back up to go freshen up. When Shilpa completed her yoga, she walked into the kitchen to see an empty plate with crumbs on it. She saw Armaan come downstairs and head to the TV. She knew he ate it, but wanted to see if he'd admit it.

"Armaan" She called to him sweetly. "Yes, baby." Shilpa stood a good distance behind him and answered back, "Do you know what happened to my breakfast?" As soon as she finished, Armaan bit his tongue and shut his eyes. "Uhh... No, I just came down sweetheart." He turned around to see her scowling at him. At the moment, he knew that she knew he was lying. With her hands on her hips, she started to walk over to him. When Shilpa made her way around from the couch she suddenly stopped and her eyes widened. She grabbed her bulging belly and sat down as pain took over. "Very funny, Shilpa. But I'm not falling for that again." Armaan turned the other way. "Armaan, I'm not joking. It really does hurt." Her face wrinkled from the intense discomfort. "Armaan!" She clenched his hand and squeezed it hard. "Not working." Armaan continued to ignore her.

"Shilpa!" Armaan's mother ran towards her. Shilpa let go of Armaan's hand and held onto his mother's. "Mom!" "Shilpa beta! Your water broke! We need to get you to the hospital!" Upon hearing that Armaan's head shot down towards her and immediately felt guilty at not having listened to her. Shilpa was trying to get up with the support of his mother but struggled because of the immense pain. Armaan lifted her up in his arms and began to hurry toward the door. "Mom! Bring the keys!" She ran behind them grabbing the keys and unlocking the door just as Armaan reached the car. He placed her in the backseat with his mother and quickly got into the driver seat himself. He sped down the streets frequently glancing through the rear view mirror at Shilpa in the back. Every time he saw her pained expression he sped up the car even more. Eventually he heard a police car behind him, but he didn't stop. He had to get her to the hospital.

He parked the car near the entrance, picked Shilpa up from the back and ran inside with his mom following. As he sat Shilpa down on the wheelchair, he ran to get her in as quick as he could. "YOU JERK!" Shilpa yelled from where she was behind him. Armaan knew he had these insults coming. He quickly filled out the paperwork and was walking back to Shilpa when he was stopped by two police officers. "Sir, you ran five red lights and were going 40 over the limit." They grabbed his hands and began to cuff them. "Officer! Listen, my wife's in labor, I had to get her here quickly!" He looked over at Shilpa who was being taken in by a nurse and his mom. "I don't know him at all!" Shilpa yelled before she disappeared behind the door. Armaan nervously turned his head toward the officers who looked at him with their eyebrows raised. "No, no, no... That's just her pain talking. I'm her husband!" He uttered hoping that they would believe him. They pat his back and chuckled. "Don't worry, my wife yelled at me the same way when we were having our first child. You're off the hook." They let go of his hands, "Congratulations." With that said, they exited the hospital chuckling.

Armaan smiled nervously as he saw everyone giggling at him. He rushed through the doors and found Shilpa's room. After scrubbing in with the help of a nurse he walked in to hear Shilpa screaming her head off. As soon as she saw Armaan, her anger rose to new heights. "ARMAAAAN! You are dead after this!" She gritted through her clenched teeth. Armaan took it all in. He realized that all he needed to do right now was soothe her through this. Armaan's mother stood to the other side of her holding her hand and encouraging her on. "You can do this, Shilpa." In a matter of moments, the sounds of a newborn filled the room. Shilpa finally was able to relax. She took deep breathes with her eyes shut. After the baby was cleaned up and wrapped in a blanket, the nurse brought the bundle of joy to Shilpa. Shilpa, who was tired beyond belief, all of a sudden felt relieved of it all as she held her baby boy in her hands quietly sleeping. She looked up at Armaan with tear-filled eyes. She saw his eyes filled with tears of joy as well. He leaned down and gave her a peck on her lips.

"He looks just like you." Shilpa whispered while Armaan was leaning down and caressing the baby's face. Armaan's mother agreed; the baby was almost a ditto copy of her son when he was born. She decided to leave the room to let them have their moment together. "So you still going to kill me?" He joked as she kissed their son's forehead. "Never." Shilpa looked up at him with a smile on her face. "Glad to hear that." He chuckled and kissed her lips once again. "I love you." He said against her lips. "I love you too." She whispered back and was taken by another kiss.



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