Friday, 16 February 2018

Epilogue: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Later in the night shilpa lay on her side with a sheet wrapped around her and armaan wrapped around her even tighter. They lay on their side in spoon like fashion with armaan's arm flung across her waist holding her close even in sleep. Shilpa lay awake and thought over the last two years of her life which had brought her to this time, to this man, lying here on the bed wrapped in his arms. She couldn't help but smile as her mind went over the night she had, armaan had been a perfect lover, tender as well as rough.
Shilpa drew in a breath and then gasped as armaan's hand casually cupped her breast through the sheet: what are you thinking?

At that moment shilpa couldn't think beyond the wonderful sensation that he was creating with his hands: nothing! (as she arched into his touch)
Armaan pressed soft kisses across her shoulders as he pushed her hair back, making his way to her neck down to her shoulder blades as his hands slipped under the sheet to make the tips of her breast tighten and rise against the palm of his hands. Shilpa moaned as armaan gently bit her shoulder making shilpa turned around in his embrace to pull his head down to kiss him fully.
Armaan wrenched his mouth from her lips to fasten it on the pulse point on her neck, he nibbled his way up to lave the spot under her ear with his tongue making shilpa breath come out in pants as he whispered in her ear: you drive me crazy!(he lightly bit her ear lobe making shilpa clutch his back as she ran her hands down his back) you are so damn beautiful and sexy!(he growled) I can't keep my hands off you!(as he pulled shilpa's body closer to his bringing it in more intimate contact with his)
Shilpa panted as armaan moved down her neck to her chest: I'm not complaining!
Armaan groaned as shilpa's hands made their way across the washboard muscles of his stomach: you're going to be sore!
Shilpa pulled him back up: I don't care! now shut up! And make love to me!
Armaan grinned rakishly: my pleasure!
This was just a preview of what life was going to be for them, they were inseperable, they didn't go for a honeymoon as ayesha's adoption was to go through any day. For armaan he only needed shilpa the place was hardly important to him, if it had been upto him he would've locked himself and shilpa up in their home shutting the world out.
It had been almost two weeks since their wedding when the adoption came through, armaan and shilpa were ecstatic. Armaan went mad on a shopping spree to buy baby stuff, he bought every toy imaginable while shilpa splurged on buying baby clothes and other accessories. Once home they unpacked quickly hoping to convert the guest bedroom into the baby's nursery. Shilpa couldn't help but laugh at armaan as he unpacked all the toys ranging from stuffed toys to dolls, to mobile sets.
Shilpa: armaan!(teasing him) you bought only dolls for Ayesha not fair!
Armaan: I thought girls liked dolls!(confused)
Shilpa trying to control her smile: they do! But who is to say that Ayesha wouldn't like to play with blocks, or ball etc.
Armaan thought about it and nodded his head: I think you are right! I'll get the other stuff when I go to the shops again.
Shilpa laughed away but was astounded when later she found him with another round of shopping bags filled with all the stuff she had teased him about.
Shilpa: I can't believe this! Armaan! I was just joking! She's too young for half the things you've bought for her.
Armaan smiled at shilpa as he pushed hair back from her face: I don't care! I want her to have every possible thing in the world.
Shilpa's heart just turned in her chest: she is so lucky to have you as a father!
Armaan:I'm the lucky one! As I have both of you in my life!(he gently kissed her) 
They brought Ayesha home and celebrated it with friends and family. Good food, fun and loads and loads of pictures made the day one of the most memorable days, Ayesha looked a doll in a white romper. She was by nature a happy child and she was enjoying all the attention that she was receiving.
Muskaan: guys! I wanted to share something with you guys!(rahul was going to the kitchen but muskaan stopped him) you'll probably want to hear this too.(when rahul looked at her quizzically, muskaan grinned) I'm pregnant!
Every one started to talk at the same time congratulating both rahul and muskaan amidst hugs and kisses.
Shilpa: how far along are you?
Muskaan: almost two months! And I just found out! Can you believe this?
Rahul: two months! What did the doctor say?
Muskaan grinned devilishly: everything is normal! And I feel great no sickness so far but prepare yourself for a shocker!
Shilpa murmured: oh God!
Rahul and Armaan both exclaimed: what?
Muskaan: we are going to have twins!(she dissolved into laughter as she looked at rahul's shocked expression)
Everything was changing but for the better, Ayesha brought about a lot of changes to their lives some they were expecting some they were not. Armaan cut down on his hours at the hospital so that he could spend time home with shilpa and Ayesha. As a nine month old Ayesha was an active and handful child keeping both her parents on their toes.
When Ayesha turned one year old they planned a trip to Austin USA, it was multi purpose visit as shilpa needed to shut down her house there. Armaan managed to get time off from the hospital and they made the trip to US. They went directly to shilpa's parent's house which had been closed for a long time as they opened the door and walked in armaan took Ayesha from shilpa giving her the time and space to be in her parents house after such  a long time.
Shilpa appreciated armaan's gesture as she walked down the hall to enter the main living room trailing her fingers on the table disturbing the layer of dust that had accululated in the time she had been away. Once in the living room she looked at the pictures that were placed on the tables, pictures of her parents and her, her graduation pictures and many more.
Shilpa picked a picture of herself with both her mom and dad: I hadn't planned to stay away so long!(shilpa murmured, she heard armaan talking to Ayesha and couldn't help but smile) but I've come back a complete person! I've come back bearing with me, my life,(armaan wandered to where she was standing)
Armaan rubbed a hand on her back: hey! (as shilpa turned to look at him) you alright?(looking at her with concern)
Shilpa nodded and replied with a faint smile: I'm fine! Its just been a long time since I've been here.
Before both could think of anything else to say Ayesha held out her arms towards shilpa and exclaimed: mama!
Shilpa stilled and looked up at armaan to see her surprised expression mirrored there. Ayesha impatient with the grown ups again stated her preference: mama!
Shilpa took her from armaan as Ayesha tucked her thumb in her mouth and lay her head on shilpa's chest. Shilpa's eyes stung at the simplicity of the gesture while armaan felt as if his heart was being squeezed. He gathered both of them close in his arms, his reason for living, his life.
They stayed there a month, boxing stuff, shipping some of it to India while giving away some of it to charity putting up the house on market. Armaan even made shilpa go to her university and talk to hr supervisor about her pending dissertation.
Shilpa lay on the bed propped up against the pillows with armaan lying with his ear pressed to shilpa's stomach. Shilpa nudged armaan with her hand silently urging him to get up in response armaan just tightened his arms around her.
Shilpa couldn't help but laugh: armaan! Let go!(when he didn't move shilpa tried nother tactic) armaan! Listen! I think I heard Ayesha calling!(instantly armaan lifted his head even though he heard nothing he swung his leg off the bed)
Armaan: I'll just go and check on her!(he quickly left the room leaving shilpa who started to laugh)
When armaan came back to the room he glared at shilpa who couldn't stop the laughter from bubbling out of her. Armaan got in the bed and pulled shilpa in his arms shilpa tried to pull back: sorry armaan! But you wouldn't let go!
Armaan growled in her ear: why should I? its my time with my baby!
Shilpa was three months pregnant when they had found out armaan had gone off the deep end, every night he spent an hour talking to shilpa's still flat stomach with his ear pressed to it. Ayesha was now 5 year old and armaan's princess, both were inseperable, father and daughter were a team. Shilpa had managed to complete her dissertation and received her doctorate but instead of going and working for a Investment firm she had opted to teach in the university
Both armaan and shilpa had busy lives but one thing they were certain about nothing was more important to them but their family. They had planned for their second child after 5 yrs of having Ayesha, armaan had now even gotten the 5 yr old Ayesha all excited about her coming brother or sister.
Shilpa gasped as she felt armaan's hands crawl under her shirt and lightly caress her stomach and back. Before she could say anything armaan covered her mouth and kissed her deeply making her forget all her objections. Shilpa tugged at his shirt drawing it up and running a hand across his back muscles, armaan reared back and pulled the shirt off throwing it to land as a heap on the floor.
He gently drew shilpa's clothes off: beautiful!(as his gaze roamed her body as he gently lowered his body to hers)
Shilpa looked up at his handsome face and saw the love and desire for her reflected in his eyes for her: I love you!(she gasped as armaan entered her with a thrust making her moan and arch into the next one)
Armaan looked at her faced flushed with passion and couldn't help but feel his passion soar as she looked at him with love and desire. Armaan twined his fingers with hers as he raised the tempo of their love making making shilpa soar to height of delight.
A 14 year old girl sat outside on the porch swing lightly swinging it while she continued to read the book she had in hand. She looked up as she heard the familiar step come out the back door and stop beside her.
Armaan: hey! What are you oing sitting here alone?
Ayesha: just reading dad!
Armaan: do you mind if I sit with you?(in response Ayesha gathered her stuff as to make space for him to sit)
Both father and daughter continue to sit in silence as they enjoyed the evening quiet. After some time armaan without looking at Ayesha spoke: I love you baby girl!
Ayesha looked at the man who was her father and knew the fear he felt which propelled him to say all this. Six months agao she had gotten a project at school in which she had a to make a life cycle of her self starting from her being a baby to present self. She had seen a picture of her mom when she was pregnant with her kid brother Aryaan so she started to look for one of her own. As she searched she had realized that there was not one picture of her mother being pregnant with her. When she had asked her mother about it her first reaction was that she went all quiet then she had called armaan over and explained the true circumstances of her birth.
To say she was shocked would've been an understatement, she felt as if all her world had been wrenched away from her. She had just sat there as her parents had tried explaining stuff to her while all she could think of was how everyone always said that she was just like her mom. She had the same long shiny black hair, even though her eyes were dark, the way she looked at a person was totally mom. She had shook her head as she thought lies, all were lies by people who didn't know anything. She had looked at her mom's face and saw tears in her green eyes, she had never seen her mother cry before.
Then her mother had said something that had somehow made her listen: Ayesha! I'm sure you think that I don't understand what you are feeling but beta just hear me out. I do beta! I do understand darling! I understand b'coz I was myself adopted and I had found out almost like you did but beta when I got over being angry I realized that nothing had changed.
Shilpa: my parents and I were the same people we were before this great revelation. I still loved them and they loved me. (she took hold of Ayesha's shoulders willing her to understand) nothing has changed you are still my daughter and even when you'll be 80 years old you'll still be my daughter.
Ayesha had hiccupped on a sob and then flung herself at her mother who had gathered her in her arms. She had cried first in her mothers arms and then in her dad's. Her dad was the one who finally made her stop: Ayesha! What you're mother said is true! No matter what happens in life, no matter how grown up you'll become but you'll always be our daughter.
After a moments pause armaan continued: you are thinking that knowing the truth now things will not be the same, well that depends on you beta! For your mom, even though you might not have come from her womb but you are a child of her heart. When you were born at Snajeevani she was there, she took care of you even when she had clue as to how to take care of babies. It was like there was a connection between you two, she use to sit with you and hav conversations with you for hours. She loved you!
Ayesha had tears running down her face again armaan himself had tears in his eyes but wiped Ayesha;s away: you've always been shilpa's daughter! Did you know that you're mother and I almost didn't happen, even then you're mother wanted you. She applied for your adoption as a single parent as she wanted you so much.
Just then shilpa walked back into the room and looked as if she had a crying jag alone somewhere but was trying to put a brave front infront of them. Ayesha flew across the room to hug her mother as she continued to cry: I'm sorry mama! I know you love me mama!
Suddenly she pulled back and swiped at her tears: it doesn't matter! It doesn't matter that I don't share you're and dad DNA. What's important is that we share the same love for each other! I love even Aryaan even though he irritates me no extent. You people are my family and nothing is going to ever change hat.
As Ayesha sat beside her father on the porch swing: I love you too dad!
She looked at her dad and scowled as she remembered her friends calling him handsome, one of them had gone far ahead to call him a hottie. She knew her dad was good looking even though he was a Senior consulting doctor at Sanjeevani.
What she found special about her dad was that everytime her mom entered the room dad sort of forgot everything else. His eyes only focus on mom and look at her with such emotions that made ayesha's 14 yr old heart beat with romanic notions. Her mom and dad were totally in love with each other and weren't shy to show their love for one another. She often saw them kissing each other or hugging her fiends thought of such behavior as embarrassing but not her.
She grinned as she saw her mother come out the house and walk towards them, she turned and saw her dad have the same goofy expression she had been thinking of. She smiled as she thought that when she'll grow up she'll find herself a guy who loved her as much as her dad loved her mom.
As she looked up at them she saw her dad wrap his arms around her mom and pull her close for a kiss.
Shilpa laughed as armaan wouldn't stop kissing her: armaan!
Armaan: what? Can't a guy even kiss his beautiful wife?
Shilpa looked at him seriously: I love you!
Armaan in answer just pulled shilpa in his arms and continue dto kiss her breathless.
Ayesha threw the book she was reading on the side as she thought her parents were far more romantic than the book she was wasting her time with. Just then the 10 yr old Aryaan cam running through the house and seeing his parents wrapped around one another he stood still for a second.
Aryaan looked at them and then started making gaging sounds and faces. Ayesha threw him a dirty look and muttered: get lost!
Seeing that his performance did not have any impact on any one he muttered: geez!
Ayesha hit him on the head and said: quit acting like a jerk and take notes.
Aryaan looking askance: i'm only ten!
Ayesha smiled as she looked at his father gently push hair away from her mom's face: perfect time to learn!


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