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Intro : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

As a child Armaan Malik was a spoilt brat who dominated Riddhima Gupta; because he believed she belonged to him. As a child Riddhima Gupta tolerated everything Armaan said and did because she believed she belonged to him. Armaan is furious when Riddhima's father gets a job in the city and she has to leave; he vows to hate her never to forgive her for leaving him. They have not spoken or seen each other in the 15 years that have passed and now Riddhima is about to marry Rahul Grewal, but how can she when she still believes that she belongs to Armaan? What happens when Riddhima packs her bags and goes back to her village in search for the man to whom she belongs? Does he feel the same way?



"Ouch, please stop your hurting me" The little girl looked pleadingly in to the young boys eyes, but he refused to let her go; instead he tightened his grip on her small wrist and grinned as she winced in pain.

"Now tell me why didn't you save me a mango? Everyone in class got one except for me; it was your duty to save me one then why didn't you?"

"I am sorry but I couldn't the teacher wouldn't let me, he said you can't get one because you were in detention" The tears welled in her big green eyes from the sharp pain in her wrist

*SLAP* her little body fell to the ground making her sob hysterically "why did you do that for?"

"You are mine you hear, you belong to me and I can treat you however I want, but first I am going to have to treat that teacher a lesson" The young boy walked away huffing and puffing not even once sparing her a look.

Getting up she tried to shake the dust off of her ghagra-choli, her mother was going to giver her a good spanking when she saw the state her little girl was in. It was a brand new ghagra-choli, she had insisted on wearing it today so she could show him, but as always he could care less. Picking up her scattered books she made her way home. They were neighbors; the boy and her but she knew he hadn't gone home; he had gone to his hideout to meet the other bad boys from her class to hatch a plan to irritate the teacher.

"Good heavens child what on earth happened to you?" As her eyes fell on her daughter's swollen red wrist she couldn't help but gasp. "Did that wretched boy hit you again?"

"Oh Mom it's nothing really, it'll be ok by tomorrow" The child tried to dismiss her mother's worried knowing it was going to cause nothing but trouble for him.

"Nothing!? Child have you lost your mind, that's it we are going over to their house right now, I am going to give that boys mother a piece of my mind" The mother dragged the girl with her as they trotted across the lawn over to the neighbors.

"OMG, how nice.." the little girl closed her eyes as his mother opened the door, this was going to get ugly.

"Nice, oh please lets not talk about nice madam, and where is that good for nothing son of yours, I am here to teach him a lesson"

"What did he do?"

"What did he do? Ask what he didn't do! Look, look at my little girls wrist your son did this to her, and this is not the first time, he has hit her so many times, and this silly girl never says a word" The mother shoved the child forcing her to open her eyes. The girl bit her lower lip.

"Hey bhagwan, you poor child, Oh that boy of mine will get it today" The boys mother bent down and examined the little girls wrist, her son was known to be naughty but this was too much. "I am so sorry, I promise I will teach that terrible boy of mine a good lesson"

*SLAP* *SLAP* the boys father hit his little son continuously, and it only angered him more when the boy didn't flinch.

"I am sick and tired of hearing complaints about you, every day it's a new story, your son did this, your son did that, go to your room and you cannot come out until I say so, now get out of my site" The father yelled in fury and watched as the boy silently walked away. He hated beating his only child, but the boy was spoiled rotten. He was a terror and it was a fact known to the whole village. It was highly embarrassing as the zamindaar to hear about your child's antics from people who were lower than you.


"Don't try to change my mind, you are equally responsible for your son's vile behavior, he is not to get any food until I say so, you understand!" The man walked away in anger leaving the crying wife behind.

"For heavens child get up, it 9 am" She shook her little girl who only squirmed and went back to sleep "Get up beta it's already so late"

"But Ma school is closed today" the child replied groggily

"Yes I know school is closed today, you will not be going to that school anymore anyways, now hurry and get up"

The child sat up immediately wide eyed and fully awake "what do you mean ma?"

"What I mean is that we are moving, and that too for forever, your father has gotten a job in the city and he needs to start Monday so we have to leave immediately"

"What? But, but ma"

"No buts I need you to shower and help me pack, your father has gone to get the buggy"

She felt the tears sting her eyes, they were moving, forever. No it couldn't be possible. How could her parents do this to her, her school was here, her friends were here, HE was here!!


"What?" the boy yelled from inside and watched as their house help Sukhiya Kaka entered the room

"Baba your friend is here to see you" The old man turned and left exposing the little girl who stood shakily by the entrance.

"You, you horrible witch, you told my father didn't you? And what are you doing here huh, leave, leave right now!" the boy yelled in rage scaring the girl even more

"I am leaving, and that too forever, that is what I was here to tell you" she swallowed a sob and tried to keep herself composed

The boy felt the anger leave him but it came back a second later 10 times stronger. "Good then, leave who the hell needs you anyways, just leave, why the hell are you here huh?"

"I came to say goodbye" she whispered softly hoping the boy would melt and bid her a nice goodbye after all she was going away forever

"GOODBYE! I don't need your friggin goodbye, get out of my house, good riddance you wretched witch, GET OUT!" The boy gave the girl a hard shove and slammed the door on her face.

Picking herself up the girl wiped the silent tears and walked out of the boy's house towards the awaiting buggy. Her mother looked at her face and understood that the boy must have yelled at her again. She didn't understand how her little 10 year old girl be so much in love with that awful boy. Cradling her daughter in her lap she assured herself that it was only puppy love and that this phase would be over in her daughter's life soon. She thanked the lord that they were moving away, now her daughter would go to a nice new school, make new friends, and find new love.

The boy watched from his window as the buggy took his love away. Of course he loved her, he's always loved her. She had been 3 and he 5 when he first lay eyes on her and instantly he had fallen for her, in that one instant she had come to belong to him and he to her. He never

meant to hurt her, or harm her but sometimes she just angered him but she was his so he had every right to display anger on her. You are only angry at the one you love and he loved her. Anyways didn't he always apologize and make it up to her afterwards? He always bought her bangles, payals, her favorite sweets even pencils to make it up to her, and what does she do? She leaves him, alone! Now he had no body. Well good he didn't need anybody, he could live without her, he didn't need her, in fact he hated her now! But why was his heart aching? Why were his eyes watering? He slammed the window and threw his little body on the bed. Enough was enough he was not going to think of her anymore, he was going to forget her!

"Riddhima? Riddhima? Earth to Dr.Riddhima!" Muskaan yelled in her colleagues ear and laughed hysterically as Riddhima jumped in surprise.


"I am so sorry yaar but I have been calling your name for the past 5 minutes, where are you lost? Oh Let me guess you are lost in the thoughts of Dr.Rahullllll" Muskaan made a dramatic pose and giggled looking at Riddhima's annoyed face

"Shut up Muskaan"

"What, there is nothing wrong with day dreaming about your fianc, by the way where the hell is that Monkey?"

"Dr.MuskaanChadda to the path lab please"

"Ah darn, sorry Ridz looks like we'll have to catch up later, I'll see you after the shift"

Riddhima sat back down and sighed, her heart still beating a 1000 beats per second. She knew it was not because of Muskaan's sudden arrival, or the mention of Rahul, but it was because of him. It had been 15 years since she'd left that village. They had never gone back, she missed him and the village like anything when they had first moved to Mumbai but eventually with time she had settled and began to forget her old home and him in particular. She had started a new school and made new friends but unfortunately she had not found new love. She looked down at the ring that adorned her finger and sighed. Rahul and her were not in love, or rather she was not in love, he was a nice guy, well settled and very down to earth. He respected her and her family; they had been working together at Sanjeevani for 2 years now so when he'd proposed she had said yes. Why? She didn't really know why, all she knew was that her yes had been said half heartedly. She had told him she didn't love him, but he said he didn't care and would wait for her to fall in love, actually he had said he would make her fall in love with him, but was that possible? Here she was a day after her engagement to Rahul thinking about him.

She didn't know why after all these years she was thinking about him again, actually wondering how he was and where he was? Was he married? Did he have kids? Was he still in that same village? Did he remember her? Did he miss her? What has become of him? How does he look?

She covered her face with her hands as her mind raced with these questions. Suddenly it came to her, the idea hit her like a lightening bolt. Quickly she picked up her equipment and charts and ran to the locker room. She knew what she had to do now, she had to go back, she had to go see him, meet him, talk to him. And she wanted to know whether he had happily married, once she found that out, she would be content and would be able to move on with her life and marry Rahul.

She felt so light as she ran out of the hospital towards her car. There was a fluttering in her stomach even her legs felt weak but she had never been so excited and nervous at the same time. "I am coming back Armaan, I am coming back"


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