Saturday, 10 February 2018

Last part : I Love You Only Forever TS

He noticed that there were a lot of emotions on her face at once. He also noticed her hands were on her hips and that she had arched eyebrows as if questioning him. Just looking at her made him laugh. He soon compressed his laughter after he saw the glare he received from her as a result. Uh, oh, he thought.

"Hey Riddhima..." he started, hoping to start of a normal conversation.

"What the hell is going on here? Care to explain?" she said tapping her feet in demand.

"Well, um, I..."he started.

"Stop fumbling!"

"Well... what happened was..."


Armaan had returned from Goa soon after Riddhima's confession. He didn't want to face her. He thought he couldn't love anyone else ever. He came home and saw his family. He had actually missed them. He made a mental note to spend more time with them in the future. A few months had passed and he had started to change. He had stopped going to parties. She had started to occupy his thoughts more. He didn't know why but he liked it. He soon realised that he loved her. However, he didn't know how and where to contact her because he didn't know her number or address.

One day, he took leave from work and was walking out the door aimlessly. He sat on the fence of his house watching all the children play cricket. He then saw, a girl walk past him wearing a white chudidhar. It was Riddhima. At first, he thought it was his wild imagination but when he saw her walk past his house gate and talk to his sister Anjali, he realised that it was indeed true. He hid behind a tree and tried to listen into their conversation. He soon realised that it was Anjali's best friend Riddhima whom he had never met.  After she had finished, he decided to follow her back in order to find out where she lived. He had decided to surprise her one day but not now. He headed back home and saw his family talking about Riddhima and how they wished to get her married to him. As soon as they saw him, his mother came running to him with a photo and asked him if this girl was OK for marriage. He briefly glanced at the photo to see if it was Riddhima and it was, so he said yes.

After that, from his family he learnt that Riddhima was taking time to think over the alliance. He was getting impatient. He really wanted to see her and talk to her though he still wanted to surprise her. So one night, he decided to surprise her. He went by her balcony and threw a stone at her balcony hoping she would hear. She did and she came out. He held up his sign that said "I love you" but she completely ignored him and went back inside. He was confused. The next day he heard from his parents that she had agreed to the marriage. He had started to think that maybe she had moved on. Nevertheless, he went to see her with his family. But when he saw here, he realised that she still loved him and that's why he couldn't stop smiling.


"Yeah so, um that's what happened" he had his back turned whilst saying all this. He turned around and saw Riddhima laughing silently.

"Haha, I can't believe you actually came to say "I love you" in the middle of the night" she said still laughing.

He frowned at her as he realised that she was making fun of him but then soon he started laughing too. After they stopped laughing, he came up to her and said the three words she was dying to hear.

"I love you" and then he engulfed her into a hug.

The End

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