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Last Part :It all Depends on Love(AR)

Riddhima turned towards Armaan as Rahul left the room "Armaan I am really……"

"I don't need your apologies Riddhima… I am sick and tired of your accusations… I can't tolerate this anymore…"

"Armaan listen……"

"I don't want to." He cut in angrily before she could finish "When we got married you put up scuh barriers against m, I understood because I knew you'd been hurt. When you accused me of loving Niki, of wanting to marry her not you, I sought to reassure you. I didn't realize then, there just is no reassuring you. Well, you know something… I have had it… I have had waiting for you to show you have some kind of faith in me. I thought you'd trust me one day. But I was wrong. You can never trust me... and I can't take these accusations anymore."

He strode to the door… numbed by his enraged and frustrated outburst, she took an instant to find her voice and say "Armaan…"

She was too late and the door slammed shut. It had all been too much to comprehend at once, but now it was falling into place.

She remembered Niki sitting up in bed and clutching the sheet to her with a horrified gasp. She'd been too shocked at that time but now looking back, she could see how theatrical it had been. Niki's surprise had been an act. No wonder that Armaan had been so angered by her accusation.


Rahul entered in Niki's room to find her lost in her thoughts with an evil smile on her face. "So jeej slept last night with you?" Rahul asked harshly

Niki came back to reality and glared at Rahul "Yes he did and it's none of your business."

"No, of course not" Rahul answered smiling sarcastically "but I was wondering, who was the man with me last night in the hospital if jeej was sleeping with you"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Niki asked

"Armaan jeej was with me last night in the hospital…her sister… Muskaan… Do you remember her? If I am not wrong you are her so called best friend… Right? Well, she gave birth to a baby girl… and she is in the hospital fighting for her life."

Niki's face flushed with anger that her plan backfired

"You have exactly ten minutes to pack your bags and get the hell out of here… and after today you are dead for me and sis… Don't ever show us your face again."


Rahul came out of Niki's room to see Armaan standing in the lounge smiling with teary eyes. "You look happy jeej?" Rahul asked

"Yes I am… Atul called to say muski is out of danger now… she opened her eyes… fed her daughter and now she is fighting with Atul." Armaan told Rahul smiling

"That's good news… let's got to hospital then… what are we waiting for?" Rahul said moving towards the front door

"Yeah let's go" Armaan said glancing towards the closed door of his room with a hurt expression


Alone and sleepless in the spare room bed, Riddhima stared into the night and tried to make some order of the emotional jumble inside her head. She tossed and turned. She knew she must rush to him, apologise for her lack of trust. Armaan had made it very clear that she had tried his patience and understanding to the limit. She had to go to him, beg him to forgive her, tell him she'd make it up to him. She refused to heed the tiny cold niggle of apprehension that perhaps he wouldn't want to listen. She was too happy and relieved to know that Armaan loved her.

She must act now… right away. There wasn't a single moment to lose. Heart beating madly, she rose from her bed. She must demonstrate to him how much she love him. Prove to him once and for all that she was capable of being a loving and trusting wife.

On an impulse, she darted across the wardrobe and took down from its shelf the gift box from Paris that Armaan had left on their bed that morning and whish she never opened since. Now, with trembling fingers, she lifted the lid and picked up the shimmering blak nightie with its matching neglige. Then with a shiver of excitement, she slipped them on.

She came out of her room to see Armaan sitting in an arm chair as she walked into the lounge, his legs stretched out in front of him. A bottle of whiskey was on the table and his long fingers were curled around the glass. Her pulse quickened at the sight of him.

"I was just planning to get drunk over you." He said sardonically "To what do I owe the honour of your presence? Any more accusations?"

Riddhima ran her tongue over her lips "I know you are angry."

"Sharp of you to notice." He cut in "Do you want to go upstairs and check the bedroom to make sure your sister isn't there?"

"Armaan please will you keep you sarcasm aside" she pleaded "I came here to say I am sorry."

Armaan's eyes held hers in the silence that followed by her statement. He got to his feet, set his glass down on the table "That could mean several things." He said at last softly "What exactly are you sorry about."

"For not trusting you." She said in a whisper "Armaan…I trust you… I am sorry… I know you weren't unfaithful to me and I am sorry I accused you the way I did. But if… if you can't forgive me for continuing to doubt you I… I'll understand and I'll go."

Her voice trailed off. In an agony of suspense she waited for him to answer, her heart jolting with hope as she saw the harsh lines of his face soften. She stood before him, hurt, vulnerable, unsure and desperately needing his love, he said with husky tenderness. "Come here."

She didn't need to be told twice. She flew across the room, to be enveloped in his embrace. He held her so tightly she could scarcely breathe, but she didn't care. She was so chocked with happiness that she didn't want him ever to let her go.

The words were unnecessary but she said them anyway. "Do you forgive me?"

"Of course I forgive you." He released her a little to gaze down at her face and then as though he were afraid she might vanish, he hugged her close again. "Sweetheart, don't ever doubt my love again." He said

"I won't" she whispered. Her fingers caressed his strong back "I never meant to be so unreasonable. I am sorry"

"I was so mad at you." He told her sitting down in the armchair and pulling her in his lap in one smooth movement

"I wanted to trust you, but I was frightened to… but when you left me alone in the room I was afraid to loose your love again"

"You could never lose my love. It was yours from the first moment I saw you."

She linked her arms around his neck, everything that was in her heart mirrored in her eyes. "Armaan…I have been so miserable without you."

As she nestled closer to him he bent his head, his mouth finding hers in a kiss of deep tender urgency and passion. Her lips parted willingly… Armaan kissed her long and thoroughly and when at last his lips left hers there was a glow in her eyes and an answering hungry desire in his.

Shivers of pleasure danced over her skin as his hand that had slid beneath her thick hair stroked her neck. The whole night lay ahead of them and to savour each kiss, each endearment, each caress could only heighten the pleasure of their lovemaking now that everything was settled between them..

Riddhima said suddenly "Niki taunted me, saying you found me disappointing in bed."

Armaan chuckled. Throwing one of the cushions on to the floor, he pulled her down with him on the carpet. "you surely didn't believe that." He said finding her mouth again.

"I didn't know what to believe." She admitted with a smile, after they had exchanged a long, tantalising kiss. Riddhima traced the masculine line of his mouth with her fingers and then brushed her lips against his. Armaan smoothed a stray tendril of her hair away from her face. Her heart contracted as she gazed into his eyes. That was the way Armaan loved her, she realised. Even if she had gone on doubting, he still wouldn't have let her go.

And then her thoughts swirled, a shiver went through her as he pulled her close kissing her lips, her eyes, her throat, making her flash burn with excitement… while his knowing hands slipped away her nightie. Then still kissing her he was divesting himself swiftly of his own clothes, till they lay warm and nude side by side.

As she moulded her soft body to his, trembling and eager for his love… but his loving was gentle and unhurried…tentatively, she traced her fingers over the hard male contours of his chest, loving the way he shivered and moaned…

"Are you ready?" he murmured as with a deep caress, he parted her thighs…

She could feel the ache in her rise to agony as Armaan paused for a moment to gaze into her eyes. "I love you, Riddhima."

"I love you too, Armaan." Tears of blissful happiness stood in her eyes.

And then he came to her and at last and forever they were one…

Anita (Annu)

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