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Last part : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

armaan and riddhima go out of the house, while muskaan stands there in a stationery position, with her daughter staring at her and rahul, with no expression on his face. there was a great realization.

muskaan: rahul. please mere baaton ko ek baar suno. please.
mein tumhe batane hi waale thi ki maine ek bohot bada paap kiya lekin. mein kaise kahoon... mein bata nahi paayi rahul. mein dar gayi thi ki, mera jhoot pakda jayega. aur maine joh bhi kaya, if someone comes to know about that, mein apne sar ko upar nahi rakh paoongi. that is the reason why i did not tell you about this rahul. rahul, please forgive me.

i beg you rahul.. please..

rahul: muskaan. i dont know. jis muskaan ko mein jaanta hoon, woh aisa kabhi kar hi nahi sakti. i mean, if you had attraction towards armaan, okay. let us keep armaan's issue aside for a moment. you played a game, which is very cheap !! you created that, you are carrying armaan's child

rahul and muskaan's heart pierced hard when rahul uttered that

"armaan's child"

muskaan: shut up rahul. baar baar aisa kyun bolta hai ? okay. maine aisa kiya. fine. but woh dono toh ek dusre se bohot pyaar karte hai na, toh, woh dono, mere baaton ko aise kaise maan gaye ? iss mein meri galti hai kya ? maine bas thoda sa naatak ki hai. aur un dono ne khud unke zindgi ko spoil kiya. ab tum mujhe maaf kar rahe ho ya nahi ?

muskaan knew that she was wrong but she did not want to show it. she was still getting the ego between their relationship. she wanted to cover up all the things and is trying to get back to normal but...


she cired and cried and cried. she expected some love from him but not a slap. never in her wild dreams, she thought that, such a day would come in her life. she felt shattered. and yes. he left her all alone and stormed out.


armaan and riddhima come back to the car, with so much of happiness on their faces. even though they came to know the truth, they did not understand where to start their conversation. they were confused.

armaan: driver, tum aaj ke liye chutti le sakte ho. chabi mujhe do.

driver: thank you sir. ji sir.

armaan sits in the driver seat, while riddhima will sit beside him.

armaan: riddhima.. hmm.. woh.. tum kahan rahogi ? i mean.. if you dont mind, you can stay in my house. only if it is fine for you. i mean..

riddhima: no problem armaan. i will stay in your house.

armaan smiles to see her positive answer but is unable to break the ice.

they reach armaan's home and armaan opens the lock of his appartment.

riddhima: beautiful appartment armaan.

armaan just looks at her dreamily and blinks his eyes.

as she walks inside, she finds everything of her choice. she always wanted a house, which is completely in white. from the walls to the furniture. everything was like that. she always thought about having a small nursery in one of the balcony's of the house and in this house, there was one. and there was beautiful white, red, yellow and pink roses growing there.

she looked at the design of the kitchen. she still remembered the day when she shared about her dream house with armaan, when they were trying to find a home for sapna and amit. tears formed in her eyes.

she immediately turned and within no time, hugged armaan as tightly as possible. instead of subsiding, her sobs increased with the every passing moment. she missed that embrace so much. she missed him so much.

even though she heard so many lies about him, she always loved him.

armaan was taken aback at her sudden hug and was about to loose his balance, but he holded himself erect. he consoled her...

riddhima: armaan.. i am so sorry. armaan. i am very bad. i would have spoke to you for once. but i believed that muskaan's words and. i am so sorry armaan. shayad hum pehle jaise kabhi nahi ban sakte.
maine khud uss doorie ko create kiya hai. i love you armaan. i am so sorry. i never meant to hurt you. please forgive me if you can armaan.

armaan pulls himself out from the hug, cups her face, and looks into her eyes. all the love for her can be seen in his eyes. she felt so happy.

armaan: jaan, kab se hamare beech mein yeh saare formallities aagaye
hai ? kab se tum mujhse itne formally baat karne lag gayi ?

riddhima: but..

armaan: no if's no but's. you know something, bachpan se leke aaj taq, maine ek hi ek insaan se pyaar kiya hai. and that was you. you know riddhima, mom and dad always left me alone. dad is always with his business while mum is busy with her parties. i was just left like that.
mein orphan nahi hoon riddhima.. but i was grown up like an orphan, without receiving any support, love, and strength from anyone.

jaan, agar mein iss poore duniya mein se, kissi ko apna kahoon, woh sirf tum ho jaan. tum mere har chote cheez ka khayal rakhti ho, mere baare mein mujhse zyada tumhe achche tarah se pata hai. you are my only family riddhima. you are the reason for which, i am living today.

and you need not give me any explaination under any circumstance. because, we are not two people jaan. we are just one. and whatever happens between us, let it happen. but our love will remain like that only, till the end of our lives. no one can change that. and nothing is going to change. promise on me and tell me one thing. will you tell ?

riddhima: kya ?

armaan: at any point after you left, did you forget me ? did you hate me ?

riddhima: never armaan. i always loved you and i will love you till the end.

armaan: see, dekho. tum mujhse itna pyaar karti ho.. aur mein tumse itna pyaar karta hoon. aur kya chahiye humein ? we both have suffered riddhima. we both suffered a lot. and not anymore riddhima.

riddhima, today i officially propose. will you marry me ?

riddhima: yes armaan !!

armaan places the ring and there will be another ring in same box. riddhima remembers the day on which, they both buy their dream engagement ring together. she takes the ring and places it on his hand.

armaan: i love you jaan.

riddhima: phir se bolo..

armaan: i love you jaan...

riddhima: ek aur baar !!

tears will be brimming down her eyes. all these years, all her tears signified sorrow but at the moment, they only showed satisfaction.

even before armaan utters I LOVE YOU, she places her lips on his and seals them with the world's most passionate kiss ever. armaan slowly gives up into the kiss and both of them have new sensations running down their spines and they feel like they are on the top of the world. they felt like, their dream is coming true. they felt complete and contended.

armaan looks into her eyes and pics her up. both of them go to armaan's room. armaan places her on the bed, and will try to leave, since he thinks that, she needs to change and take rest. but instead, riddhima will pull him back. he falls onto the bed, on the top of her. he smiles at her and tries to get up but riddhima pulls him back and locks his neck with her arms.

riddhima: hmm.. yeh toh mera armaan nahi hai. jiss armaan ko mein jaanti hoon, woh toh, romance karne ka bahana dhoondta hai.

armaan: hmm.. jiss riddhima ko mein jaanta hoon, woh hamesha mujhse ek hi ek dialogue kehti hai, "koi dekh lega armaan. chodo na."

riddhima: haan. riddhima bohot badal gayi hai. kyunki, woh armaan se trillionth time jzyada pyaar karne lag gayi hai aaj kal. aur uske bina, ek pal ke liye bhi nahi reh sakti hai. and she loves him soo soo soooo much.

she kisses him again, while he, this time deepens the kiss. their hearts beat in unison, forming the love rythm. he hugs her tightly, and they remain in each other's arms for a while. armaan then, gets up from her and lies down beside her. he wraps on of his arms around her and turns, facing her

she reciprocates and turns facing him. both of them are facing eachother.

riddhima: i missed you.

armaan: i missed you too.

riddhima: toh, shaadi kab karein ?

armaan: jab tum chahogi tab mein abhi shadi karne ke liye bhi tayar hoon

riddhima: armaan, i want a simple wedding without many people. why dont we get married in a temple ? our favuorite ganapati temple ?

armaan: armaan ek achcha pati ya fiance hai. aur apne jaan ke har baat, achche se nibbata hai. i am completely fine with it.

riddhima: mein kal subah pundit ji se baat karoongi.

armaan: okay. your wish.

telling that, he pulls her closer and starts kissing her earlobe, while she wanted to tease him and make fun for a while. so, she just turns away and immediately runs into the bathroom and closes the door behind her.

armaan is taken aback at her sudden exit but shouts..

armaan: this is not fare riddhima..

riddhima: oh whatever !!

armaan smiles and goes to the guest room to get changed. he then hears some sounds coming from his room. he knew that it was riddhima.

he enters his room, to find riddhima yelling his name from the bathroom.

riddhima: armaan, mere bag mein kapde hai. please do na.

armaan: mein kyun doon ? aap toh kuch der pehle, whatever keh rahe the

riddhima: please armaan. mazaak mat karo. aur mere kapde do na.

armaan: okay. wait karo.

he takes a night suit for her and hands it. she soon comes out wearing, just the night suit and the top net of her nighty was missing.

riddhima: woh, meri net missing hai. tum net dena bhool gaya.

she moves to her bag, and wears the net, while armaan controls himself.

riddhima: hmm.. toh, dinner kaun bana rahe hai aaj ?

armaan: me and cooking ? i dont want to kill you with my food.

riddhima: okay. i will cook. i want to make aloo parantha for you.

armaan and riddhima cook together with so much of masti and fun. for a moment, they thought about how much they missed all this for so long, but yet, they again got lost into their world of happiness.

they watch a movie and spend time with eachother until around 12 in the night and finally decide to take a nap, as they will be tired.

riddhima goes into the guest room, while armaan into his room.

finally, after 5 long years, he will be having sleep full of peace. but not for a long time. he is disturbed by some weight on his arm. he wakes up, only to find riddhima, cuddling close to him, with her face on his chest.

he kisses her face, while she looks into his eyes.

armaan: yeh kya kar rahe hai aap riddhima ji ?

riddhima: i have the right on you. shut up and sleep.

they smile and sleep in eachothers embrace happily.

the very next day, riddhima calls up everyone and tells about their wedding. a few friends arrive at the temple for their marriage, and the ritual is performed. they soon took an immediate flight to reach shashank, and to tell him about the wedding and to take his blessings.

but shashank, did not seem so happy with their wedding. displeasure was written allover his face and he gave a hatred look towards riddhima.

but yet, armaan and riddhima left from there. armaan thought of pleading shashank but riddhima was really admant. she did take care of shashank after her marriage, but never gave anyone nor the society to question about her and armaan's marriage, nor she gave a chance for them to comment. days passed but shashank was still the same.

but the lives of armaan and riddhima have changed a lot. everyday was like a festival for them. not even for once they cried. they got their little princess and a prince, who were having an age difference of 2 years.

riddhima missed the way her dad always showered love on her. she used to cry and she used to miss her old father at times. but armaan was always there by her side and never let her hopes come down.

not every life is a complete fairy tale. it is the way in which you live it.
shashank, never had a soft corner for armaan, nor his grand children, but armaan and riddhima, still made their life a true fairy tale.


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