Friday, 23 February 2018

Last part : A reason to Live (ARSH)

I was going to the dress shop for the final fitting today. Muskaan and her mother took the day off just to be there with me. I walked into the room where the saleswoman had hanged the dress and shut the door. I took the plastic that was over it off and put it on. Before exiting to show Muskaan and Aunty, I looked into the full length mirror and did a full 360 degree turn to look at myself in the dress. My eyes moistened with tears of happiness. A drop escaped my eyes and I quickly wiped it away before I opened the door to go outside. I heard Muskaan's sharp intake of breath. "You look unquestionably beautiful!" I smiled wide, letting all my 32 teeth show. "Muskaan is right beta, you look astonishing." She gently pulled my head down and kissed my forehead. When I looked up at her I saw tears falling down her cheeks. Seeing her cry made me want to cry too. "Aunty, please don't cry." I tried my best to hold my tears back but they wouldn't stay. She immediately hugged me and I returned it. "Stop this emotional drama both of you." We pulled away from each other to see a crying Muskaan as well. All three of us laughed and joined ourselves in one huge hug. It was beautiful.

My life was back on track. That job interview that Armaan got for me a few months ago secured me with a new job. I was going to move out of Muskaan's home, but Aunty insisted that I stay with her and I just couldn't deny her. And I'm glad I did. Aunty and Muskaan were a huge help in planning the wedding. I don't think I could have managed without them. Our marriage was now 3 months away and I seriously can't wait until the day.

As for Muskaan, she won't be getting married until she finishes her four years of college first. Rahul and her both want to focus on their studies before getting married. There's still two more years before they get married.

I couldn't ask for anything more in life; Armaan, Muskaan and Aunty were my everything. The only people left in my life. And soon to join that list were Armaan's parents. The people around me had cared for me in a way that no one else probably would have. I owed them my life for what they did.

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