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Last Part: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa looked down at her mehendi covered hands and smiled glancing up at muskaan who said something to her.
Muskaan: stop admiring your mehendi! We all know your hands are looking gorgeous like the rest of you. (muskaan looked at shilpa admiringly, it was armaan and shilpa's sangeet, shilpa was wearing a baby pink lehenga with the same colored sleeveless shirt)
Shilpa smiled up at muskaan: where's rahul?
Muskaan rolled her eyes: I don't know! Must be with armaan!

Shilpa's gaze wandered over the crowd of people gathered for the sangeet celeberations, her gaze landed on Ananya who was talking and laughing with the guests. Shilpa smiled as she recalled the day when they told her that she was staying and getting married to armaan.
Ananya and Billy were worried about armaan as they had left him on his own. They tried contacting him as they wanted to make sure he was fine with shilpa leaving India. They tried calling armaan on his cell which he wasn't answering, they called at the hospital but were informed that armaan had not come in that day. They tried calling him at home but the number was constantly engaged.
On the other end armaan and shilpa had finished their talk, as the rain had finally let up, armaan had finally brought in shilpa's luggage from the car. Shilpa took her bag and went in the room to change while armaan decided to straighten up the house. He cleaned the kitchen and made his way to the lounge where he noticed the telephone lying on the ground with its receiver of the hook. For a moment he looked confused then suddenly the image of him and shilpa wrapped around each other popped in his head. He vaguely remembered bumping into the table as he carried shilpa to his room, there was a crashing sound but at that time he was too busy kissing shilpa.
He brought himself out from the arousing memories and put the phone back in  its original position, he was about to make his way to his room when there was banging on the front door. Before he could make  a move towards the door, the door burst open and his mother ran into the house closely followed by his father.
A very worried looking Ananya: Armaan! Where are you? Armaan!
Armaan: maa! Dad! Whats wrong?(before he could say anything else his mom launched herself at him)
Ananya: thank god! Thank god! You are alright!(she pulled back and anxiously looked at him)
Billy: armaan! Are you alright?
Armaan totally confused: maa! Dad! I'm fine! What happened? Why are you two so stressed?
Ananya: whats wrong with us? Whats wrong with you? Why the hell were you nt picking up your phone? Do you have any idea how bada scare you gave us?
Armaan guiltily: maa! The phone accidently got off the hook!
Ananya was furious: how can a doctor be so careless! And what about your cell? Why aren't you answering that?
Armaan had actually forgotten all about it he patted his pockets to locate it: ummm! I think I forgot it in my room.
Billy frowning: armaan! This sort of behavior is not done! Do you have any idea what your mother and I went through? On our way over here we had such terrible scenes in our heads.
Armaan running ahand through his hair: I'm sorry dad! I really didn't do all of this on purpose!
Ananya: Armaan! I'm very disappointed in you! First you make a mess of things with shilpa! making her leave us all and now this! I was willing to give you some time to come to your senses but you are pushing me to…
Shilpa had finished dressing and was coming down the corridor when she heard ananya's and billy's raised voices. By the time she made her way to the lounge she got the gist of what had transpired, she walked out with a smile on her face.
Shilpa: maa! Armaan is hopeless! Why do you waste your time on him?(on the sound of shilpa's voice both ananaya and billy's head snapped towards her as they looked at her in disbelief making her way towards him)
As shilpa reached them she smiled widely at her: hey maa! Plz forgive armaan! I know he can be a pain(making armaan roll his eyes) but I love him!
Ananya and Billy looked at armaan with dazed eyes, making armaan jump in: maa! Dad! I know I messed things up but I couldn't let her leave me forever! She loves me maa!(looking at ananya) I don't know how but after everything she still loves me. (taking a deep breath) maa! Dad! Shilpa has agreed to marry me! I asked and she said yes!
Ananya let out a choked sound which was a cross between a sob and laughter, tears were poring down her face which was lit up by a brilliant smile: thank god!(she let out a laugh)I'm so happy!(she grabbed shilpa in a bear hug and managed to laugh and cry at the same time) so very happy(she drew back and hugged armaan also, while billy hugged shilpa)
Billy smiled proudly at her: welcome to the family beta! Now I officially have a daughter!(making shilpa's eyes sting with tears)
Ananya: show me the ring!(shilpa held out her hand to Ananya showing off her engagement ring. Ananya beamed as she looked at the ring)that's my boy!(she beamed at armaan as she hugged him again and kissed him on the forehead) I'm so proud of you armaan! And so happy that you didn't let shilpa go!
Shilpa came back to the present as Ananya came up to her and kissed her on the forehead before moving on to some other guests. Shilpa smiled as she lookd at ananya's happy face and heard billy's exuberant laughter. She remembered how by late evening rahul and muskaan had also managed to come over and then talks of the actual date of the wedding had started.
There were talks of wedding going to be in six months time to more, shilpa had looked over at armaan sure that he would protest to the plans but surprisingly he had stayed quiet. Dates were picked and discarded, reasons started from availability of venues to high workload at the hospital were cited and discarded. To shilpa's horror the wedding date was being scheduled for six months later, she looked at armaan who smiled at her shocked expression.
Ananya: so its decided the wedding will be held after six months…..
Armaan interrupted: maa! I just want to say something!
Ananya: oh no you don't! I don't want any of your silly reasons for an early wedding!
Armaan: wait! Just hear me out! Shilpa and I have decided to adopt Ayesha! As you all are aware, shilpa had initially applied as a single parent and her application was rejected, this time we are applying as a couple.(armaan looked at shilpa and smiled) we will be submitting an application in a few days but until and unless we are married they won't be really considering our application and if we take six months I feel Ayesha might be adopted by some other family.
Muskaan cheekily: so you are saying for ayesha's sake we should let you two get married early!
Shilpa glare at muskaan but armaan laughed: you can say that! But the truth is I love shilpa and I want to start our life together, our family together. Ayesha is going to be an integral part of that life, if it would've been only me I could've waited but not in this case. I won't risk losing Ayesha and the family we are going to start.
Ananya stood there with damp eyes: oh! Go away you two!(startling every one) you've made me cry so much in the last few days, I haven't cried this much in my whole life.(wiping away the tears that had sprang in her eyes on armaan's words)
Back in the present shilpa grinned as everyone had decided to the wedding being in two months and not a day more. Armaan and shilpa had submitted the adoption application and their lawyer had assured them that their case looked very promising.
Shilpa smiled as she looked back over the two months, for her the time had slowed down whereas she had wanted to rush through it. To make matters worse armaan had turned into a total gentleman keeping their private interludes to the minimum so as to avoid letting things get out of hand. She shook her head as remembered his determination to avoid getting caught up in passionate moments.
Shilpa got up from where she was sitting and started to wander among the guest but her eyes were on the look out of a handsome doctor. She mingled and circulated among the guest but was unable to fina a pair of blue eyes which were looking only at her. She stopped and leaned against the pillar wich was decorated with flowers scanning the crowd of people again when she heard an familiar voice whisper in her ear.
Armaan: looking for me?(shilpa turned around to look into his handsome face with his hair falling in waves across his forehead)
Shilpa tried to act nonchalant but her heart beat tripped just at the sight of him: who me?(she raised her eyebrows) I was looking for the waiter! Wanted him to bring me something to drink, I'm thirsty.(she tried to move away only to be pun around and trapped against the pillar)
Shilpa looked into armaan's smoldering gaze which dropped from her eyes to her lips to back up to her eyes and spoke in a whisper: I'm thirsty too!(his gaze again ended up on her lips making shilpa lick her lips which had suddenly gone dry) thirsty for the taste of you(he leaned in close, so close that he spoke the words right next to her lips, his hot breath touching her lips)
Shilpa's heart thudded in her chest as she whispered back: you've been the one whose been keeping the distance!
Armaan dragged his lips across her cheek to whisper in her ear: that doesn't mean that the wanting stops! I want you every waking moment, even when I'm asleep I dream of you! I want you every damn minute of my life (he lightly traced the outer shell of her ear making shilpa shudder and clutch at him for balance)
They drew back as both knew it was not going to go anywhere but before they could say anything rahul approached them.
Rahul: hey guys! Where've you been? Every one's asking about you two!
They walked over to where Ananya and Billy were talking with the rest of the guests were enjoying singing and dancing by a bunch of girls. Suddenly one of the girls ventured up to them: let the groom say something for his bride, better yet sing for sucha beautiful bride.(amidst a lot of cheering and good natured ribbing armaan was pulled to the center. He turned to look at shilpa who was laughing but her gaze was fixed on armaan)
ohh O ohhh
Baby, Come, stand by my side
Come n be my guide in life
O i will be what you want me to be
I will give all my love in whole of my life

Armaan slowly smiled at shilpa as he started walking towards her

SOniyo O soniyo
Tumhein Dekhta hoon to sochta hoon bas yehi
Tum jo mera saath do(he came and stood right infront of shilpa with his hand extended towards her waiting, shilpa without hesitating put her hand in his and walked with him to the center)
Sare gum bhola ke
Jee lu muskuraake zindagi

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath(they stood there hand in hand forehead touching)
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath(shilpa put her hand on his face lightly caressing his face)

Armaan drew back and spun shilpa around making her laugh, pulling her forward to clasp her gainst his chest close to his heart and continued to dance with her)
Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath(as shilpa and armaan continued to look into each other eyes rahul-muskaan and ananya and billy couldn't help but smile and cry at the sight they made)

The Sangeet festivities ended at night followed by the haldi rasam the next morning which was the actual wedding day. Armaan was not allowed to meet shilpa on the day, they were to meet now only at the time of wedding. Armaan was naturally unwilling to abide by the rules so he secretly went over to meet shilpa.
I get this feeling now
I cannot wait no longer
I know your love will keep me happy
Will keep me stronger
I get this feeling now
I cannot live without uou
I know your love's the only one so true
He reached shilpa's place and some how managed to avoid detection reached shilpa's room. Shilpa had managed to change into  a simple yellow colored shalwar kameez with her hair pulled back into a loose plait. She had her back towards the door when armaan entered the room and shut the door behind him. As she heard the door closing she turned around to find armaan standing with his back against the door looking at her.
Shilpa: armaan! What are you doing here? You know you are not suppose to be here!
Armaan quietly walked up to shilpa and pulled her in his arms

Rahoon mein tanha hoon saath le chal yun
Sang tere safar poora karu
Shilpa looked at armaan unable to believe this side of him, she tried pulling away but armaan stopped her once again by just holding her tightly against him. One look into his eyes made shilpa forget where she was

Rahoon mein tanha hoon saath le chal yun
I get this I get this
Sang tere safar poora karu
Armaan walked shilpa backwards and sit on the stool next to her dressing table. There were bowls of haldi and uptan lying on the table. Armaan dipped his fingers in the bowl and applied the mixture on shilpa's arms which were bare. He first applied it to one arm then another starting from her shpulder to down her arms to her wrist, finally her hand. Shilpa felt as if she was melting from inside out, the touch of armaan's hands on her bare skin was creting a fire inside her.
Armaan dipped his finger again in the mixture and gently applied it on her slim neck and throat. H
is fingers made a lazy journey from the nape of her neck, to the hollow beneath her ears down to her pulse thudding in her throat. His fingers lightly traced her collar bones over the neckline of her kameez, shilpa closed her eyes and fisted her hands so as to not touch him.
Armaan overcome by the emotions and the picture she made with her eyes closed and head thrown back giving him access to her throat closed the distance between them and placed his lips against her pulse point in her throat.. He nibbled his way up to her chin, unable to fight the feeling s rising in her shilpa brought her hands to armaans face pulling him up so that their lips were an inch apart.Armaan grasped shilpa's hand and tangled his fingers with her

Kya kahun aye zindagi
Tu hai meri saans
Rehna tu paas har ghadi

Armaan's cell rang breaking the spell that had bound both of them, armaan let go of shilpa and answered the call
Rahul: armaan! Where are you man? Maa! Is going ballistic!
Armaan not taking his gaze of shilpa: something important came up! I'll be back in few minutes(he disconnected the call)

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath(as he cut the phone he looked at shilpa who gazed back at him)
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath(armaan gently drew her towards him and kissed her on the forhead and said: I'll see you in the evening, making shilpa smile)
Tu bas De de mera saath

Later in the evening the whole household was bustling with guests while shilpa stood infront of the mirror in her room. When the door opened to her room she turned around to see muskaan walk up to her and smiled: he's here!
Those words were enough for shilpa, she would've run down to be with him, she held on to muskaan's hands to do just that. She made her way down the stairs looking like a vision in a deep gold bridal ensemble. The color of her clothes the sparkling jewels gave her the illusion of beam of sunlight that had taken a human form, her face glowed with happiness. As she reached armaan and placed her hand in his the look that passed between them was nothing short of a electric current all through the ceremony they maintained eye contact not once looking away.
Once the ceremony was completed armaan leaned close lightly grazing her cheek with his lips as he whispered in her ear: so how does it feel to be Mrs. Armaan Malik.
Shilpa looked up at him with her heart in her eyes and whispered back: perfect!
They were swamped with well wishers and friends, as they made their way through them they continued to hold hands, not once letting go. Later on Ananya dragged her off to introduce her to some guests leaving armaan alone. Armaan later found her talking to Steve who had come over especially for her wedding.
Shilpa: I was looking for you before the wedding, I thought you hadn't come.
Steve: you wanted me here how could I say no.
Shilpa looked at him with her big beautiful eyes full of understanding: I know you love me steve but it has always been armaan for me.
Steve looked at her then heaved a sigh: I know shilpa! we've been friends long enough that I know he makes you happy but that doesn't mean that I won't still love you.
Shilpa: you are a good man steve! And one of these days you are ging to find someone who not only would realize that but also love you for the man you are.
Steve smiled: plz give her my number if you find her!
Shilpa placed her hand on his cheek and stood on tip toe and lightly kissed her on lips: try and be happy steve!(and she turned to walk away)
Shilpa had managed to take a few steps when she saw armaan standing there looking at her. For a moment fear clutched at her belly, wondering what armaan had thought of her and steve together. Before she could think of something to say armaan smiled and walked towards her.
Armaan: ready to go home?
Shilpa looked into his eyes and saw only love for her and understanding making her smile brilliantly at him: I thought you'll never ask!

Tujhko jo paaya to hai yeh lagta kyun
Baahon mein bas teri mehfooz hoon
They manged to reach armaan's home which was also decorated in all wedding finery, after some time of wedding celeberations and rituals the bride and groom were allowed to make their way to their room. It would be more appropriate to say that armaan took the matter in his own hands as he swung shilpa up in his arms and made his way to his room telling his friends and family members to get out.Once in the room armaan lowered shilpa to the ground making her body slide down his. All those months of abstinence gave way to desire being unleashed.
Tujhko jo paaya to hai yeh lagta kyun
Baahon mein bas teri mehfooz hoon
Armaan held her close not letting any space come between them as he kissed her passionately. One kiss led to another, then another, the feel of the clothes against heated bodies turned erotic and then when the passion grew they got in the way of searching hands.
Clothes were discarded as urgent hands made their way to touch skins gone damp with passion. Hands touched and explored bodies that strained to become one, mouths fused, two bodies moved ona rhythm as old as time. When the passion became too much to bear armaan tangled his fingers with hers and looked into shilpa's eyes as he made them one. Shilpa gasped as he entered her, her fingers tightened on his as they started to move together.

Tum bano saaya mera zindagi mein aao
Zindagi Bitaao bas yehi

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
Tu bas de de mera saath
As they came together armaan crushed her lips with his as they were flung up in the air and then floated slowly down. They lay there trying to get their bearings back while shudder ran through their bodies as their hearts galloped. Armaan was still lying atop shilpa, he pushed back on his elbows and looked down at shilpa.

Baby, Come, stand by my side
Come n be my guide in life
O i'll be what you want me to be
I'll give all my love in whole of my life

Shilpa looked up at him with her eyes shimmering with tears her lips swollen with his kisses, as he continued to look at her one of the tears managed to eaniscape her lashes and made its way down her cheek. Armaan's heart clutched at the sight of her tears, he whispered hoarsely at her
Armaan: did I heart you?(his heart beat painfully as he waited for her answer)
Shilpa shook her head making armaan question her again: then why are you crying?
Shilpa drew in a shuddering breath:b'coz it was perfect!
Armaan stilled as he heard her words he leaned down once again and kissed her tears away, licking the moisture with his tongue, finally he placed his mouth on her kissing her softly.


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