Monday, 26 February 2018

Mesmerised (AR os)

She moved.

That was the second time he noticed her, every time she moved it was like feeling the whole world spin around him. She wasn't like anyone else. She was indeed unique. Dreamy and beautiful, charming and all he could ever think about.

"Excuse me" the mostly gentlest voice he ever heard.

He looked up and saw her, it was actually her.

"Ridhima" she whispered. Her name. That's all he could ever think about. He watched as she bent down gave him a kiss on the cheek and walk off.

The shock on his face was unwiperable, the feelings which was caused within him was like the waves crashing on the shore, trying to get every rock on the shore back with it in the sea.


His eyes popped open, he watched as a small figure in front of him got bigger as his eyes got clearer by second.

"Armaan" he felt a shock of wave, as her fingers were climbing up his bare chest.

"What were you thinking Armaan?" her hot breath was soothing right above his lips.

"You" armaan's voice was more of a gasp. "The first time you kissed me when we were in 4th grade" he smiled while ridhima laughed as she threw her head back, leaving clear a mass of flesh aware for Armaan. His lips were getting moist seeing her right on top of him. It was a site that he wouldn't want to get rid of.

"Am i disturbing Armaan?" Ridhima licked her lips, as Ridhima's eyes our wider. "It's only been a few hours since we got married" she was right Armaan thought, it was their first night.

Armaan tangled his legs around her own and pushed her down so he was over her. Tight and frozen under him, hot and totally his. Her lips lush red, waiting to be filled with his, it was the only waiting for her.

"I love you Ridhima" Armaan whispered as ridhima put her head back. He slowly pressed his lips on her neck, brushing, and nestling. Hearing ridhima gasp at his every touch, his power over her grew imensively. "" his breath was so shallow, he murmured her name and then pounced for her lips.

The intensity grew, as time passed by, Armaan's hand were roughly on ridhima's hips, gripping on her for strength, while ridhima was even more out of control, her hands were in armaan's hair, which not only kept still but gripped his hair, pulled it hard, caressed it entirely leaving armaan breathless. His lips were still on hers, soothing every part of her lips, and taking in the juicy fluid which was now turned into one.

Ridhima finally tired of the fact that they were kissing for ages, his hands wouldn't let go of her hips, and his nails were digging into her. There was no taking back, ridhima slowly tried to part but armaan's hand caught her chin and pulled her lips again into his.

"Not tonight ridhima, not tonight" after a long time he said.

Then he started off again, kissing ever inch of her. His lips rough on her body. It wasn't like any other night. It was one night which she knew that might always be in her memory. They moaned together, feeling themselves all over the place. It was a feeling none would ever forget. He had her. He had her right where he wanted her. He had mesmerised her. And that's why they made love like no other.


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