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part 1 & 2 : "I can never Forget you" (AR ff)

many people are standing in line

infornet of a big get in line. which is closed.

most off the people are youngster or we can say teenager in which girls are more then boys.

all are in hurry to go on.

the want to go first so the can see the show properly

or we can see there Fav. star properly.

 in the line there are a group of girl they are where happy & exited

because the get a chance to came to the show &

can see there Fav. actor.

the girl are gossiping .

what will the do when the will see there FAV. actor DR.karan or Armaan mallik.

(lets here what the girls are saying)

girl1:i am dieing to see my super hero.

Girl2:i known yaar me too.

but don't known when they will take us in

& we can see Armaan.

Girl3:i hope he just came out & give me a big hug & his autograph.

Girl2:i just wan't to take a picture with him.

Girl1 to other girls:

i don't think so u will get his autographs or pic.

other girls: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Girl1:we all most be busy looking at him then how will we remember to give his autograph.

Girl4:ya that's right.

i just hop i will not faint looking at him.

then came a loud noise

the girl turn to see the noise

& they are just standing like a status.

 we can see a young handsome boy is coming

he is looking like a graic good(sorry for spelling mistake)

he has perfect look, style & personality.

which can make any one make fida on him.

he is talking to some of the crew member.

the group of girl: ARMAANNNNNN

 he turn & look at the direction from where the noise have come.

Armaan:hiiiiiiii girls,

can u Plzz give ur autographs to us.

 Armaan: sure, it's my pleasure dear.

all the girls are going ahead for autograph in that process there are many ruses.

all the crew member are trying to Handel the people.

but the just wan't to go first & take Armaan autograph.

same girls are also taking his pic in there mobile & camera.

 Armaan: girls, I am not going any where.

u all will get hurt(in sweet Voice)

 hearing Armaan voice,

all the girls clamed done

all the girl came one by one & take his autograph.

in between the autograph his partner(Nicole) came & say something

to Armaan in his ears.

which he nodded in Yes.

after same time  giving the autograph to the all girls

Armaan: ok girls bye bye,

thanks for loving me.

& giving me so much love.


all the girls say in union.

ARMAAN turn & give them a flying kiss

one of the girl ask:

Armaan Plzz give us a answer of one  question

Armaan :sorry girl go to go.

Girl: Plzz it will not take a time PLZZZ

Armaan: ok dear,ask.

but only one.i have to go also

Girl: plzz tell us the girl name whom u love so much.


after hearing this question Armaan face change to happy to sad to angry

but he become normal.

 Armaan: sorry girls no comment on that question

bye bye.


Plzz Armaan

part 2 :

Armaan was walking in the corridor,
For going to his room,
Armaan (thinking): why they, all ask the same question again & again.
I hate when the interfere in my personal matter.
I have told them number of time that when ever time will come,
I will tell them about her.

Then why they can't understand me for once.

I known they won't to known that,
How is the girl whom I love so much..
But there is a reason also why I am not telling about her.
If she was with me then I  would have told the whole world that,

But if she is not my side, not with me
Then how can I say that,
She is my love, my life

I can say to my self,
That she belong to me,
I belong to her,

I known that she still love me.
& she also known that I also love her.

But not to the whole world.
They will never understand our unconditional love.
Which we share now also,
So what we are not together ,
But still we are connected to each other threw over heart


Armaan looking to the direction from where the voice came

Armaan: what?

 boy: what ,what?
I was calling u since last 5 min,
& u where buzz in ur on world,
I known u r tense dude beocz of the sami finally,
But that does not mean that,
U will be in ur on world,
If I was in ur place then I am sure that I will be also tense
But I will not do like,u r doing,
I will lesson to the people how is around me.
Not like. '''..

Armaan: Rahul stop it yaar.(shouting)

Rahul grawel:
He is also actor,
Armaan best friend from childhood.
He is in this industry from last 1 year,
He is also painter.
Armaan(making a sorry face):sorry guys u care on with ur work.
& u,(pointing one figure toward rahul)
if ur long lecture is over then can u give me a chance to speak.

Rahul: I am not stopping u from speak,
It ur mouth, ur wish.
If u won't to speak then u can speck.
If u won't my ''.


Rahul:what yaar,
I known that my name is Rahul,
If u like my name so much then plzz tell aunty to change ur
name to Armaan from rahul,
Then we both will be same same.
U known not the same same puppy same,
But ever name will be same

If our name will be same then,
How will we came to known that
Whom is the people calling
That will be difficult right.

(looking to Armaan direction)

are Armaan where r u going.(shouting)

Armaan: if ur long talk is over then do tell me.

Rahul: Armaan u can not do this with me.
Yaar, I am ur best friend,
If u remember, u can not talk with me like that.
It's hurt(dramatically)

Armaan:stop doing that ur third class drama ,

Rahul: what, u think I am doing drama,
If u think then ur right,
What's ur problem,
I think so u r jealous beocz I am good actor then u.


Armaan: now can u plzz stop acting like muskaan,
I won't my best friend
Not my best friend girlfriend,

Rahul: no,
Ur not giving me a hug,
There for I will behave like a ''.(thinking)

Armaan:stop behaving stupid every one is looking at us.

Rahul:what can I do if my best friend will hug me ,
So tight.
I caann not brreathh (saying very slowly ,like he can't breath)

Armaan: fine, happy now.

Rahul: very happy,
I thought today I am gone die today,but'.

Armaan: ok now plzz don't start ur stupid talk again,
But I known what can u do,
If u will leave with muskaan 24 hours

Rahul: ok so tell me,
How's ur preparation for evening.

Armaan: the preparation is good,

Rahul: I think so u need to change dude,

Armaan: yaa I also think so, let's go to my room.


A girl is driving the car suddenly the car take a holt near the signal,
She is tapping her finger in the string well,
Waiting for signal to go green.


 She look toward the window,
see that a man is holding his wife on his shoulder.(i hope u will understand
i try to find pic. also but can not get,sorry)
one hand is supporting his wife & in second hand holding bench of flower

man:lalo na madam,phol bhot ache hai,
sirf 5 rup. Ka ek hai.

Girl:yaa kitna flower hai uncle,

Man: 20 phol hai beta.

Girl: ek kaam kijiya sare phol muja dadijiya.
Or ya lijiya (giving 300 rupees )

Man: par beta ya to jyada hai
Tumhare to sirf 100 hoi,

Girl:uncle plzz yaa aapka or aunty ka liya hai.
Aap rukh lijiya muja acha lagage .

Man: sukriya beta .
Bhagwan tum khush rakh.

Girl: after the baba left seeing toward passenger seat.
Where her phone was ringing.
Picking the phone up


Other side a boy: May I speak to Riddhima gupta,
If she is free,
Or I have to take a appointment for that.

Riddhima: I am sorry sir but she is busy right now.
So u have to take appointment.
So let me check hmhhmhm
(after a pause)
sir ur appointment is next week.
So may I known ur name.

Boy: abhimanyu modi.

Riddhima: ok sir ur appointment is fixed on next week at 10 PM.

Abhi: thanks u madam.
So I will see u there.

Riddhima: Abhi

Abhi: thank god u remember that there is same one Abhi also
Or I thought u will forget me

Riddhima: stop joking Abhi.

Abhi: what yaar I was calling u from last 5 min &
U where not answering my call, so I thought u where busy &
Was not interested to talk with me.

Riddhima: I was driving the car.

Abhi: ohhh ya & from where u started driving carefully
I mean u always pick up the call during ur ride,
Then huhu.

Riddhima: mamo (police) was there.
If he will see me driving & talking to phone,
Then tomorrow headline,
Riddhima gupta was driving the car & talking to phone.

Abhi: ok ok,
Now stop it.
& tell me where are u.

Riddhima: I am on my way to JDJ.

Abhi: ok,
So I will meet u today night ok.



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