Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Part-1 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

She was startled when she opened her eyes.........finding herself in a strange room but then she saw his face next to hers and realized where she was. She moved closer to him and placed a kiss on his bare chest.........she stared at his handsome face for sometime and blushed when images from the previous night flashed in front of her eyes. She was in the arms of the man she loved.............she felt complete and happy.

She saw him open his eyes and stare at her and then suddenly he sat up realizing where he was or rather with whom he was. She placed a hand on his shoulder and he came back to reality............he moved towards the side table and opening a drawer he took out a pill and gave it to her................firstly she stared at it not knowing what it was but then she was shocked when she heard him speak "Eat it if you don't want to get pregnant or else the world will know what you were up to." he chuckled but stopped when she placed her head on his shoulder and said "I don't care what the world thinks about me. I don't think I have done anything wrong..................I love you and now I can proudly say that I belong to you.........mind, body and soul." she had a dreamy smile on her face which faded when he stood up with a jerk…...standing naked in front of her and then he spoke with a lot of confusion, shock and attitude all mixed into one "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Belonging…………..mind, body and soul……………….have you gone mad…………hellooooo snap out of it………...what are you thinking? I don't think I ever said that I was in love with you nor did you say that last night…… was plain sex……...that's it." He looked at her with disbelief but smacked his head when he saw tears coming out of her eyes………..finally she spoke "You are joking right…… do love me. You won't leave me right?" She looked at him with hope in her eyes but was shocked when he started laughing like a maniac "Are you crazy? Have you ever checked yourself in the mirror? I have never seen anyone uglier then you are. You really think that I can ever be in love with you? I have supermodels hanging at my doorstep everyday but you think that I'll fall in love with a creature like you. I have slept with 9 out of 10 girls and I am not in love with them………....we did the same last night. I was drunk alright or else I wouldn't have even slept with you. You women I tell you." She got up from the bed wrapping the sheets around herself and went closer to him and said in a pleading voice "Please don't do this. I'll die without you." he looked at her as if she was from another world and then his expressions changed to that of hatred and menace and he said in a cold voice "You need money don't you?" She couldn't believe her ears. She felt weak and before she knew she fell on the bed and saw him walk towards his closet. He threw a blank cheque on her face and left the room.

She looked at the blank cheque and saw his signatures ARMAAN MALIK.


She was wearing a one shoulder tunic with a jewel strap with wide slit sleeve with Metallic flowers and swirls decorating the front. Her hair were flying around her head. She was changing her pose every now and then for the camera to capture it. She looked like a stunning goddess but actually she was modeling for an international garment brand located in New york. She is one of the most beautiful, sexy and successful model the industry ever had.

"Done. Pack up." The photographer shouted. The photo shoot was over for the day so she went back to her green room. The moment she stepped inside her cell rang…...she sat on the chair in front of the mirror and took the call.

"Hey priya……....whats up?………...hmmmm….well I am done with the assignment I was working on so I think I can come and see you guys……,…..oh sure…………okay then I'll see you soon…………bye babe." she hung up and started removing her make up when she heard the knock on the door.

"Come in" Her friend cum photographer Andy walked in with his laptop in his hands. Placing it on her dressing table he proudly said "Look babe…….your photos are absolutely smashing and I am sure you are gonna rock once again." She looked at the photographs indifferently and then went back to removing her make up when Andy interrupted her and said "Don't you like them? Don't you think they are smashing?"

She got up from her chair and faced Andy with an arrogant smirk and said "Oh common Andy grow up. Of course the photographs are smashing after all they are MY photographs."

Andy shook his head with a smile and said "Give at least some credit to the photographer…….I added my magic to your photograph. But I still have to admit you really are the best………here read this………..the press and the public are all crazy about you." He smiled and left after handing over the newspaper to her.

She opened it and read the headlines 'RIDDHIMA CARTER the Indian beauty once again rocked the show'


He opened the door and went inside his room and immediately plopped down on his bed and rewinded all that had happened a few minutes ago. The girl was a handful………...she had refused to take the cheque and repeated the same thing again and again "I love you Armaan. Please don't leave me like this"

God the girl was crazy or maybe a really nice actress…….Maybe she really does love me? Nah what are you thinking Armaan……...these girls just need money and that's it. She is smart………..she wants more money……..she thinks I'll marry her or something and then she'll have all my money instead of just a cheque.

Armaan smirked and said "Too bad honey…… are not going to get anything more then that."


He heard his father calling him so he quickly rushed to his room.

"Ya dad." Armaan went inside his room and sat next to his father on his bed. His father smiled and said "Look son day after tomorrow Mr.Gupta is going to be here. I want you to handle this project and meet him and remember he is one of the most important personality in the business world so behave like a professional around him. I want to merge one of our companies which will only be possible if he likes the way we work and finds the deal profitable so I want you to work hard on this and work your charm on him so that he agrees to my proposal." Armaan frowned and with humor in his voice said "DAD!!! You are asking me to work my charm on a man and that too an old one. Is he gay by any chance?" Armaan's father gave him a disapproving look and said "Armaan be serious because this is really important and I want no mistakes. Have I made myself clear?" Armaan replied seriously "Yes sir."

Armaan's father Abhimanyu Malik was one of the most successful business man in
India. He owned numerous hotels, cosmetic companies, advertisement agencies and now a fashion house called "ENIGMA"

His wife had passed away 10 years back and since then he had tried to give his son all the love and care that he needed but that had really spoilt his son but Abhimanyu Malik didn't care as long as his son was happy. Now he wanted his son to start paying attention to their business and that was why he was handing over the responsibility of the prestigious project to him. He knew his son was brilliant and he did every thing with perfection so he knew he could trust him. He smiled and patted his son's back.


"Ya dad I know and that is exactly why I am coming to India." Riddhima replied to her dad on phone which was on speaker right now.

"Child I want you to join my business and you can always continue modeling in India but as my daughter and owner of my company. You can model for our company." Riddhima frowned and replied "Dad relax alright and don't you think it will be a little weird if I'll be modeling along with running such a prestigious company besides I have a very well established carrier here so I am not sure I want to leave this behind."

"Riddhima just come and see if you like the place and if you don't like working here then I won't insist and you can continue your carrier there. But you won't be Riddhima CARTER here because you are going to be my daughter Riddhima GUPTA. Now I want to see you here by tomorrow evening. I have a meeting so now we'll talk when you'll be here. Good bye." He hung and Riddhima groaned. She loved New york but now she'll have to leave this place and go to India. She had not visited India for almost 3 years now. His father would come and visit her. Her parents were divorced……...her mom Mollie Carter was an acclaimed actress and after marriage, according to the press had a burning affair with one of her co-stars due to which her father divorced her but her mum never accepted the charges……..Riddhima too refused to believe the charges because being a part of the industry herself she knew how press can exaggerate and mould things to their liking and can turn an absolutely normal and harmless friendship into a burning affair just to make money………oh how she hated them. She was now going to spend some time with her dad and help him in his huge business.

Riddhima sighed and went to pack her bags and checked her flight tickets.


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