Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Part 1 : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

he woke up all of a sudden and beads of sweat were seen on his face.
he wiped them away and made his way to the
it had been 5 years since their breakup. he doesn't know any of her whereabouts nor her family members. they used to work in the same hospital, as interns. first, they were friends, and one day, they confessed their love but as the time passed, the things did not go fine. he helped one of his friends named muskaan, but inturn, ruined his personal life.


when muskaan pleaded him to act as her fiance, since her parents were in a hurry for her wedding and are trying to make her match with an illeterate, she begs armaan and armaan, thinks about her bright future getting trashed and accepts to act as requested. armaan and muskaan visited patiala, and during that time, muskaan developed a crush for armaan.
she never knew that, armaan and riddhima were in love. she just gave her heart to him at an instant and she wished he became all her's.

the only mistake armaan did was, he hid this issue from the love of his life, Riddhima Shashank Gupta. one day, during their break, riddima notices muskaan and armaan sharing something secret and laughing to themselves. she ignored that, and again filled her mind and heart with love for armaan. even though she did not try to leave any eye with armaan and muskaan, she noticed them sharing things, talks and stuff openly. she observed the way muskaan looked at armaan. yes, she can see some effection for him in her eyes. and when she saw armaan looking back at muskaan. he was staring at her in a normal way but she never knew.. nor she gave a thought about why his eyes had no love in return.

all she did was, she erased everything she saw and gave more love to armaan, as usual. but one day, during a party, she saw muskaan placing a bracelet on armaan's hands and she even saw both of them hugging.
and that was it. she confronted armaan on the very next day but she never thought of breaking up with him because, he was her everything anf the most important thing in their relation was that, she trusted him more than anyone else and in precise more than herself.

another mistake armaan did was, to bring his ego inbetween their relation. he got annoyed and angry with her and thought that, there is no necessity for HIM to give and explanation to HER. that was it. he left to kasauli, his home town. riddhima, instead of considering armaan as a cheat, still had an inch of soft corner for him. ofcourse she loved him. she wanted to know what was going in his life and thought that, it was her right to.
she missed armaan and went to kasauli, just to get a rejection from him.

he asks her to leave that place, just for the sake of his happiness and she does. he accuses her of his life getting spoilt. but as she left, he realised his mistake and makes his way back to sanjeevani. he tried for the umpteenth time, but she never gave a chance to loose herself again in his love. a single word did not slip from her mouth. she did not speak to anyone other
than, for her work purpose. two days passed by and all he came to know
was, she along with her family, left mumbai and no
one knew about her whereabouts.

well, this is the short summary of the armaan malliks past. this is
what is cooking in his life, right now, in the present.

 muskaan, is now married to rahul garewal and is living a happy life.
once, armaan saved her from a forcful marriage, and he lost his first love.
muskaan does feel guilty for the happening because, she knew that she was the reason for their breakup. she knew that, she made a big sin, which anyone can never make. but she never tried to patch up his and riddhima's relationship because she felt that, she could not show her face to riddhima after what all happened. but rahul is always confused at a thing that,
after marrying muskaan, he came to know about what happened but he always had a doubt that, muskaan is hiding a part of the happening.


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