Thursday, 15 February 2018

part 1 : A reason to Live (ARSH)

I struggled to open my eyes as a bright light irritated them. Squinting my eyes, I noticed I was still on the floor. I looked around the room and my eyes stopped at the knife. The events from last night came flashing back. I shut my eyes tight hoping it would go away. Once I calmed down a little I rose up off the floor and made my way to the edge of my bed. With my head in my hands I sat there for a while. I don't know how long it was, maybe 20 minutes? 30 minutes? I wasn't keeping track. I decided to go freshen up. I needed it after last night. When I came out of the bathroom I sat back down on the bed, trying to relax a little bit. A few minutes into relaxing, I remembered what I realized last night.

I jumped off my bed and ran to my dresser searching through the drawers, wondering where that piece of paper was. I had to find it. I had to. I started from the top working my way down each drawer making sure I looked through every inch of it. Not finding it in the dresser, I ran to my bedside tables. Not there either. Where could it be? I ran through my bedroom door and into the living room. I pulled the cabinet doors under the television open and went through the things. I pushed the boxes out of the way and shuffled through various papers. I looked through numerous folders hoping that what I needed would be there. Just when I thought that I didn't have it, I found a folder and quickly opened it running through each and every piece of paper in it. I pulled out a small piece of paper with a phone number on it. I finally found what I was looking for. I looked at the name and number and ran to the phone. Punching in the numbers I waited for someone to answer.

One bell. Two bells. Three. Four. Five. Answering machine. I hung up. I couldn't give up. It was my only hope. I put the phone on the counter and headed to the kitchen. I needed a glass of water. I grabbed the phone again and dialed the number one more time. "Please, please pick up" I whispered with my eyes closed and my fingers anxiously tapping against the couch's armrest. Again the answering machine. I tossed the phone on the coffee table and pulled my legs up on the couch with my arms around my knees and my head down. Just when I was about to give up hope and break down like the night before, the phone rang. I jumped off the couch, grabbed the phone and hit the answer button. "Hello!" I didn't hear anyone. "HELLO!!" I screamed. I didn't want to but I was desperate. Right when I was about to hang up, I heard a reply, "Hello?" I closed my eyes in relief as tears poured out silently and a small smile appeared on my lips. The voice spoke again, "Hello? Anyone there?"


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