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part 10 : Change Of Heart

“Armaan, what’s inside that room?” she asked pointing a finger to the closed room while Armaan stood shocked now what to reply her.

Armaan look towards her as if trying to give any excuse but Riddhima was much more intelligent.

“Don’t you dare to lie Armaan” she said pointing a finger towards him.

“Ok, fine, peace” he said and surrender himself.

“You wanna know about this room?” he asked dragging her close to himself.

“Hmmmmm” she nod with a cute smile.

“Oye hoyee” he blow some air on her face “ theek hai mai bata dunga but uske liye meri ek shart hai”

“Kya??” she frowned.

“bata dunga, yaad rakhna ise” he said and open the door of that room.

She was in dellima what might be there as Nikki told her that he didn’t allow anyone to enter inside.

She was standing there with closed eyes, Armaan turn on the light and look towards her, he smile how cutely she was standing on door with closed eyes.

“Riddhima open your eyes” he whisper “I won’t eat you”.

“What” she jerked him away while opening her eyes.

Armaan smile looking towards her and sign her about room.

She was surprised by whatever she was watching, she look every corner of the room and wonder how could Armaan can do so much things.

“Armaan ye sab tumne….” She stopped in middle.

“Yeah baby, kabhi kabhi jab time mil jata hai, ya fir stress release karna ho to I prefer Painting” Armaan replied.

“Armaan it’s really awesome, you know what ye bilkul professional lag raha hai, I mean sari paintings but……” she stop when her eyes fall on few paintings.

“But?” he asked.

“Kuch paintings to samajh aa rahi hai like natural beauty but ye sab? These paintings of a lady in different outfits and different postures but face kyu nhi diya abhi tak?” she asked observing his few paintings.

“Wo,,,,,, actually isiliye maine kabhi kisi ko yaha aane nhi diya, I imagined my would be wife in these dresses and poses, just coz I liked. Aur ab mujhe wo chehra mil gaya hai so now I can complete them, ye aajtak bas isliye adhuri thi kyunki tum mujhe nhi mili thi, aur tumhe to ye sab batana hi tha” he said hugging her from back side while Riddhima smile and felt blessed to be his first and last in every case.

Riddhima hugged him and kissed his cheeks “Tumhe pata hai Armaan, you are really sweet, aur I really want ki mai tumhari sari wishes puri karu, I Love You”

“I Love You too” he replied showing his dimples.

Riddhima saw an edited paper image of a girl in pure satin cloth covering her body with it but her face was blurred, she got goosebumbs by the glimpse of that image, it was really hot to handle, she wonder what was going inside Armaan’s mind.

Armaan follow her gaze and said “Wo actually isko maine rakha tha tab banane k liye jab mujhe koi mil jayega, aisa jiske sath mai apni puri life spend karna chahu”

Riddhima move out of room but Armaan didn’t notice that he continued “ but only if you will feel comfortable, I don’t want ki meri kisi v bachkani wish ki wajah se tum uncomfortable feel karo” he turn towards her but she vanished.

“Riddhima, Ri,,,,,Riddhima” he called but no response.

Lights were off outside that room and Armaan thought may be Riddhima get angry.

“O God, kahi Riddhima ko bura na lag gaya ho” he said to himself.

Suddenly lights went off and someone enter inside.

“Kaun hai, kaun hai waha?” Armaan asked.

“shsshhh” someone whisper near his ear and Armaan turn towards her.

“Armaan switch on the light” she whisper and move forward.

Armaan wonders what’s going on, he switched on the light and turn towards her, the scene infront of him left him shocked and his breathe got struck somewhere.

Tu Hi Meri Hai Sari Zameen 
Chahe Kahin Se Chalun
Tujh Pe Hi Aake Rukun
Tere Siva Main Jaun Kahan
Koi Bhi Raah Chunu 
Tujh Pe Hi Aake Rukun.

Riddhima was sitting on couch, half layed down covering her body with a satin cloth kept in outhouse , her body was half covered which was awaking Armaan's desire but he control himself, the beauty lying infront of him was Riddhima his would be wife, whom he love wholeheartedly. He was observing her every curve which was generating havoc in his body, he was dying to touch her. 

Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham Gaye
Tum Mile To Sare Gum Gaye
Tum Mile To Muskurana Aa Gaya

Tum Mile To Jadoo Chaa Gaya
Tum Mile To Jeena Aa Gaya
Tum Mile To Mene Paya Hai Khuda

Riddhima was lying with closed eyes, her cheeks were becoming red just by feeling his intense gaze, her lips were trembling, her heartbeat was fast.

Tujh Mein Kirana Dikhe
Dil Ko Sahara Dikhe
Aa Meri Dhadkan Tham Le

Teri Taraf Hi Mude
Yeh Saans Tujhse Jude
Har Pal Yeh Tera Naam Le 
Tum Mile To Ab Kya Hai Kami
Tum Mile To Duniya Mil Gai
Tum Mile To Mil Gaya Aasra

Tum Mile To Jadoo Chaa Gaya 
Tum Mile To Jeena Aa Gaya 
Tum Mile To Mene Paya Hai Khuda

Armaan slowly come towards her and sit infront of her, he traced her body lightly by his hand as if it will get spoil by his touch, Riddhima hold the couch tightly feeling his touch, Armaan traced her face with his nose and whisper almost on her lips “You are looking irresistible Riddhima, how could I control myself” which make Riddhima smile.

Din Mere Tujhse Chale
Raatein Bhi Tujhse Dhale
Hai Waqt Tere Haath Mein

Tu Hi Shehar Hai Mera
Tujh Mein Hi Ghar Hai Mera
Rehta Hai Tere Saath Mein 

Tum Mile To Mil Gaya Humsafar
Tum Mile To Khud Ki Hai Khabar
Tum Mile To Ristha Sa Ban Gaya
Tum Mile To Jadoo Chaa Gaya 
Tum Mile To Jeena Aa Gaya 
Tum Mile To Maine Paya Hai Khuda
Din Mere Tujhse Chale
Raatein Bhi Tujhse Dhale
Hai Waqt Tere Haath Mein

Tu Hi Shehar Hai Mera
Tujh Mein Hi Ghar Hai Mera
Rehta Hai Tere Saath Mein.

Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham Gaye
Tum Mile To Sare Gum Gaye
Tum Mile To Muskurana Aa Gaya

Tum Mile To Jadoo Chaa Gaya
Tum Mile To Jeena Aa Gaya
Tum Mile To Mene Paya Hai Khuda

“Atleast apni aankhein to kholo” he said and she open her eyes.

The moment their orbs met, they drowned into each other eyes and feel their love.

“Armaan” she slowly called him.

“Hmm,,” he came out of trance.

“We don’t have whole night” she said and Armaan smile.

“Yes ma’m” Armaan said and bring out the canvas, pencils, brush paints etc.

He get lost into the painting infact his best painting till now which would only of them, their personal. 

Armaan frowned when anything get out of his way then make up those and smile, Riddhima was observing his every expression with love, how cutely he was holding brush in between his lips while mixing paints and then continue with brush.

She knew very well that it was very hard for Armaan to hold himself back for long time even Armaan also want to finish his painting sooner else they will cross the line they tried to maintain so long.

After like two hours he get up and Riddhima closed her eyes and felt relax when she saw that complete and satisfied smile on Armaan’s lip.

Armaan came and forward his hand, she hold them and get up holding his hands but trembles as she was lying in same positing for more than two hours.

Armaan hold her securely through her waist “Careful Riddhima” he said and she nod.

She by herself and move forward, Armaan was standing infront of her with his camera to record her reaction.

Riddhima saw his painting and her facial expression changes from surprise visible in her eyes to cute smile and finally little tears as she can’t hold so much love for her.

Armaan hugs her instantly “ kya hua baby? Don’t you like it?” he asked.

“Nhi Armaan, it’s amazingly perfect, I’m really short of words for this, I can’t thought even in my dreams that anyone would make my painting and that too so beautifully” she said and he smile.

“Ab painting tumhari hai to beautiful to honi hi hai” he whisper near her ears.

She smile on his words and remember what she was wearing and become shy suddenly, Armaan feels changes while hugging her and smile coz she was feeling shy.

“Waise Riddhima I really don’t want to leave you but agar abhi ham wapas nhi agye na to mujhe blame mat karna because I can’t tell you how I’m holding myself, aur agar tumhe aise dekh k meri niyat kharab ho gai na to fir,,,,,,,,” she kept her hand on his lips and he smile on her act.

She tried to get out of his hold but Armaan didn’t allow her.

She glared him and he made a cute puppy face to which she shake her head in no and ask her to leave her through eyes.

“really?” Armaan asked with eyes while keeping his eye brows up.

“Yess” she shook her head in yes.

“fine” he sighed and leave her making faces.

She smile and turn to go out but her long satin dress get struck in Armaan’s wrist band.

She felt a tug and keep her hand on her heart feeling that Armaan hold her.

But feeling no response from him she turn behind only to find Armaan looking towards her.

“What?” she asked through her eyes.

Armaan just put his both hands up and Riddhima smile looking towards his hand.

Armaan hold that cloth and slowly drag Riddhima towards himself.

She was shying and becoming red by his gaze, she collapse on his hard rock chest when Armaan drag her in a swift.

“Armaan” she whisper his name and tried to release her dress.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her.

“Hmmm” she replied looking into his eyes and again get busy in her work.

“Mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai that along with us God also don’t want to keep us away from each other tonight” he whisper near her ears and kissed her ear lobes sensuoslly and start giving her wet kisses on her neck and open shoulder by keeping her dress slightly down from her shoulder.

She was loosing herself by his touch and hold him tightly. Her tight hold bring him back as he always get lost in her whenever he sees her, he always loose his control doesn’t matter how hard he tried to control himself.

“Oh!” he get away from her lightly and look away, trying to deviate his mind from her face her lips and her body.

Armaan looks here and there and Riddhima don’t want him to feel guilty on any act.

Riddhima hold his face with her palms and said “I Love You” and kissed his lips while Armaan smile and get into the kiss.

After few minutes they enter inside the mansion, Riddhima change her dress in outhouse as she can’t enter in Mallik Manion like that. 

“Good Night Armaan” she hugged him and enter in Nikki’s room.

“Good Night baby, have a sweet dream about me” Armaan text her and she smile while lying down.

Ofcourse now both can’t sleep after the moment they share few time back but to their bad luck they can’t do anything else.

Feeling each other touch they drowned into sleep.

Next morning Nikki wake her up and wishes good morning, she smile and get up.

“C’mon bhabhi get ready soon, apko Muski bhabhi k ghar chalna hai” she said.

“Yeah, give me few minutes” she said getting up “by d way, why you are getting excited for that, won’t you feel my absence” she asked looking towards her with a question mark.

“Actually bhabhi, Mom ne mujhe permission de di and I’ll join you, bas kuch time k liye yaha v aa jaungi” she smile and hugs her.

“Wow, that’s cool” Riddhima also smile.

Riddhima was taking her dress when Nikki asked her “Waise bhabhi aap kal raat me kab aaye the?” she asked to which Riddhima become shocked now what to reply her, atleast she can’t tell everything that happens between them.

“Wo, mai,,,” before she complete her sentence Nikki herself continue “Arey mai na aate hi so gai thi, pata nhi kaise itni jaldi need aa gai, isiliye mai apse baatein v nhi kar pai, that’s why I took Mom’s permission to accompany you” she said making Riddhima relax.

“Oh! Ye baat hai, mai to aa gai thi jaldi hi but you were sleeping na so” she said and Nikki nodded.

“hmm, okay now get ready soon, I’ll be waiting down” she said and ran out.

Riddhima get ready after having a shower and packed her luggage. She come downstairs and wishes everyone good morning.

They have their breakfast and soon she left with Armaan and Nikki.

“Nikki tera jana jaruri hai kya?” Armaan asked with a frown.

“Kyu? Apko problem ho rahi hai kya ki apki would be wife k sath mai jyada time spend karungi even more than you” Nikki smirk while Riddhima blush on her comment.

“Kuch v matlab, jyada dimaag mat chalaya kar tu apna” he said and Nikki laugh.

Soon they reach Muskaan’s house and everyone welcomes them.

Muskaan came running and hugged Riddhima tightly and Armaan make her away from her “Muski araam se ha” while she smile on his concern.

“Chal oye, bada aaya mujhe seekhane” she said and drag them inside.

“Seriously Nikki, main na kal hi soch rahi thi ki Mom se bol du tujhe v aane k liye but fir socha Mom kahi ye na sochne lage ki meri bahu to mere sar pe chadh k bhangda kar rahi isliye chup ho gai, but I know Mom wouldn’t mind agar maine bola hota to isliye to tujhe subah se hi call kar k jaga rahi thi” Muskaan said and Nikki laugh.

“Sachhi bhabhi aur maine mom ko mana liya” Nikki said and they smile.

“Okay Okay girls, don’t feel free like doing anything okay, don’t forget hame pata chal jayega agar koi v shaitani hui to, Nikki specially you” Armaan making their face fell down.,

“Armaan don’t say like this” Riddhima said while 
hugging Nikki.

“Riddhima, tumhe nhi pata hai in dono ki harkate, bhai ki engagement k time pe bina bataye gayab ho jati thi dono, kabhi shopping kabhi kuch kabhi kuch, God I don’t wannna remember those horrible hectic days, Office k baad inke sath bhaagna padta tha.”Armaan said remembering those days and Nikki was laughing on him while Muskaan smirk looking towards Riddhima.

“Mujhe kaise nhi pata hoga, afterall ideas to mere hi the” Riddhima said in a flow then bit her tongue on whatever she said.

Armaan and Nikki were looking towards her being shocked and now Muskaan was laughing.

“Gosh! Fir to tumhe jyada jaruri hai samjhaana coz it’s not London so please girls don’t go outside without informing me or bhai ok” Armaan said strictly.

“yes sir” trio said in unison making him smile.

“Waise Armaan, don’t worry I’m also a police officer and they will be safe with me” Riddhima said with a wink making him surprise and he smile.

“Yeah! Ofcourse, we’ll see” he said.

“Waise Ammy tujhe nhi jana hai office to Rahul ko bata de coz ab Ridzi yaha hai to tujhe to har time excuse hi chahiye hoga yaha aane ka” Muskaan said to which Nikki laugh and Riddhima smile bending her head down.

“Nhi, aisa kuch nhi hai, ja raha hu na mai” he said stammering.

“Really? aisa kuch nhi hai bhai?” Nikki asked.

“we will see” Nikki and Muskaan said together. 

“Theek hai theek hai, I’m going, take care bye” he said while getting up.

They came to see-off him, when Armaan look towards them while keeping his glares on his eyes and at the mean time Riddhima wink to which he smile.

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