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part 11 : Change Of Heart

Armaan and Rahul get busy in their work while Riddhima, Muskaan Nikki spend their own gala time together.

Muskaan’s family members were very friendly with everyone that’s why Riddhima feel comfortable with them.

They spend their day while watching albums, movies and gossiping. After supper they settle in Muski’s room as they decided to be in her room till they were there. 

“So bhabhs what is tomorrow's plan?” Nikki asked both of them.

“Should we go for shopping?” Riddhima asked.

“yeah, afterall kitni sari shopping karni hai, ek hi baar to shadi honi hai” Muskaan said making them laugh.

“hmm,,,,,,, But hame inform karna padega bhai ko, warna wo bahut daatenga” Nikki pout.

“Chill Nikki, I’ll handle him else pata hai kya uska mind laga rahega hamare paas jab tak ham wapas nhi pahuch jayenge and he started his work after a long gap na so let him do that properly” Riddhma said to which she nod.

“OK, not Ammy bhai to Rahul bhai ko?” 

“Na baba, us kankhajure ko na hi batana tum, shuru ho jayega wo meri class lena, kitni shopping karti ho tum? Kabhi mann nhi bharta tumhara? Hamesha shopping and bla bla” Muskaan mimic to which Riddhima laugh.

“Okay guys, so that’s finall we’ll go for shopping tomorrow without informing them, lets go to sleep” Riddhima said and they dozed off after wishing good night to each other.

On the other side, Armaan and Rahul were busy in a case and chasing a goon who supply drugs. After few minutes they caught him and handover to police.

“Bhai isne kuch jyada hi bhagaya aaj” Armaan said while sitting inside the car.

“Hmm,,,, but Ammy we should be carefull as his boss will surely do something to get him out” Rahul’s mind was struck there.

“Ohooo Bhai, relax ham use kal apne special cell me dispatch kar denge jaha uski special khatirdari hogi and he will poke out everything” Armaan said to which he smile but they didn’t noticed the car following them.

One person sitting inside car dialed a number “Bhai, Armaan Mallik and Rahul Mallik ne murie ko pakad liya hai aur abhi waha bahut jyada security hai ham use nikal nhi sakte”

“Damn it, ye dono har baar hamare kaam k beech me aate hain, koi baat nhi uske jubaan kholne k pahle hame use finish karna hoga” a MAN with hooded jacket said and cut the call and order one of his goon “In dono ka pura background khoj nikalo”.

Next day girls went on shopping and move here and there in mall enjoying themselves. Riddhima was watching everything curiously at it was her first time in India. She tried to capture many views whatever she likes.

They did a lot of shopping.

Although their wedding dresses will be from Mallik’s side still being a girl they can’t resist shopping.

They sit in restuarant in mall and order something when they felt exhausted after lots of shopping.

They were unaware of few people who were following them.

Armaan was getting uneasy when he took murie away with him to his special cell. Yeah they trained their officers for tough situation and place them to a different location. Rahul pretend to take murie out that was fake one while real murie was taken away by Armaan from back side. They knew their gang will be following them thus they planned differently.

Rahul drove away and goons followed them, till then Armaan reach upto his destination and handover murie asking his officers to suck the truth out of him and left.

Rahul stop infront of bakery when he receive Armaan’s call and went to buy a cold drink while the goons those were following them enter inside his car as it was not locked. As soon as they enter inside Rahul lock his car from a distance and smirk “Fool”.

Those goons were taken by police again he left for home after informing Armaan.

On the other side Armaan was feeling uneasy by some thoughts. He called Nikki but she was busy eating burger and didn’t saw her cell.

Armaan now become restless, there Riddhima was also feeling something fishy but she was not getting why. She looked around but got nothing.

Armaan called and she received his call with trembling hand trying hard to make any excuse “hello”

Armaan smile when he listen her voice, that means they are fine.

“Hie baby, kaha ho?” Armaan asked.

“WO,,, Ar,,,Armaan wo mai,,,,,,,” she stammers as she don’t know how to hide anything from Armaan now.

“Riddhima you all are at home na?” he again asked.

“Armaan wo actually we are,,,,,,” she said closing her eyes.

“Where are you Riddhima, tell me right now” Armaan asked holding the stairing hard to control his anger.

There was something in his voice that make Riddhima feel guilty, that she should inform him earlier, his voice completely convey his madness but this is not just careful voice something else might be there. she told him address before he could get mad.

“Don’t move from there, just sit at the place you are and don’t even pretend that you talked with me okay, nothing just be normal and be on line via bluetooth” he said and she become nervous.

Nikki asked her what happened she shake her head in a no.

Muskaan also noticed her changed reaction. 

Riddhima tried to search for someone who might be risky for them. And she got an idea, she look back the pictures she captures today and saw two men in one or other pic randomly, she open the front camera and pretend to take selfie while moving around when her eyes caught those men again looking towards them and hand near belt as if hiding any gun she become alert instantly.

Her cell was on while she was wearing Bluetooth, “Armaan” she whisper slowly.

“I’m just reaching Riddhima don’t worry”

“No, don’t come here, I saw two men with gun they were following us since we enter here but I really didn’t notice them, they are quite away from us” she whisper slowly so that only he could listen not even Nikki and Muskaan else they will panick which might create adverse situation.

“Damn it” Armaan said helplessly.

“Armaan, relax…… mai hu na, I’ll try to bring them out, trust me nothing will happen hmm” she said to which he agree coz he can trust her.

“Okay, just be careful, agar tum logo ko jara sa v kuch hua na to I swear I’ll kill them.” He was getting angry.

“Shusshhh, nothing will happen, where are you?” she asked.

“just reached infront of mall”

“okay be ready I’ll bring them” she said and stood up when goons tried to stand up and come near them but sit back as they saw Riddhima getting up.

“What happen? Bhabhs atleats have your burger pata nhi kaha busy thi aap kab se” Nikki said.

“Actually Nikki we got to go” she said getting up.

“Aaram se Riddhima, normally else they will doubt you fir waha jitne log hai sabki jaan ko khatra ho sakta hai” Armaan said to which she agreed as she can’t get panic over there.

“Arey Nikki, see they can’t even apply cheese properly I mean really, I can’t eat this, lets go mujhe bahar wale restaurant me khana hai please” she said making a cute face to which they shake their head.

“Fine lets go, warna ye khud to khayegi nhi, hame v nhi khane degi” Muski said getting up.

Goons inform their other men to gather around the restaurant with them and kidnap them as soon as they reach there.

They took their bags and move downstairs.

“Armaan, focus near restaurant” she said slowly.

As soon as they reach down, they move towards restuarant while both goons were following them from behind, others were focusing their gun on them and on the meantime Armaan bring his car in middle while drifting and threw a gun towards Riddhima, he came out from other side and shot goons on legs while Riddhima shout “down” and Nikki Muskaan sat down being boggled and she turn behind and shot on goons hand which was holding the gun and then on their legs.

The place was soon crowded by police and peoples while Nikki and Muskaan was wondering whats going on being frightened.

Police took those goons and thanks Riddhima for her support.

One’s they move Armaan look towards Riddhima, Nikki and Muskaan with daggers in his eyes.

“Wo,,,, Wo bhai actually maine bola tha in dono ko infrom karne ko but they didn’t pay any heed” Nikki said.

“Arey Ammy, h,,,,hame kya pata tha ki aisa kuch ho jayega, ham to bas shopping,,,,,,,,,” Muskaan said.

“Stop it now” Armaan shout which make them scared.

“Don’t you guys think about anyone else, tumhe pata aaj bas tum logo ki wajah se kitna bada accident ho sakta tha yaha pe, kitne logo ki jaan ja sakti thi” he said.

“Sorry bhai” 

“Sorry Armaan but kya ham khud se kahi v nhi ja sakte” Muskaan asked to which he sighed and sit inside his car and others too follow him.

“I’m not saying tum log kahi jao mat, it’s just that not at the peak time jab hamara koi kaam shuru hua kare kyunki city ka har ek banda jaanta hai how much attached we both brothers are with our family, and hame koi nuksaan nhi pahucha sakta isliye unka first target hoti hai hamari family” Armaan said and they become sad realizing the situation how worse it could be.

“Armaan relax, everything is fine now” Riddhima touch his shoulder to sooth him.

Her touch was enough to calm his boiling anger but he don’t want to show her “Really Riddhima tumhe kuch nhi pata hai yaha k bare me, it’s not London ok” he said which make her sad.

“But apko kaise pata tha ki ham neeche aa rahe hain aur apne right time pe Ridzi bhabhi ko gun throw ki” Nikki’s detective mind strike.

“W,,,wo she told me earlier and it was her plan of rescue” ARMAAN said.

“WHAT” they both shouted making them cover their ears.

“Aur uske baad v aap hame aur Ridzi bhabhi ko v daant rahe ho” she said and Riddhima look towards him by the corner of her eyes to see his reaction and Armaan very well knew about that thus he maintain a straight face.

“So what, agar maine call nhi kiya hota to, kitne log the waha dekha tumne sab darr jate waha” he said and stop the car when they reach at Muskaan’s house.

Nikki and Muskaan came out holding bags while Riddhima was sitting feeling guilty ocoz she only forced them to go without informing.

Armaan signed them to go as she was sitting being shocked.

As they left Riddhima look towards him with moist eyes “I’m really sorry Armaan mujhe nhi pata tha ki condition itni kharab v ho sakti hai, I just thought to go with them so that you can focus on your work properly” 

Armaan was feeling bad as her tears were affecting him badly.

“Shushhh,,,,,,,, “ he shushed her by putting his fingers on her lips.

He leaned forward and said “ galti to tumne ki Riddhima, tumhe bina bataye nhi jana chahiye tha” he said and her tears roll down on her cheeks “but”

She look towards him being hopefull that his anger vanish soon and asked “but?”

Armaan kissed her eye and wipe her tears “thanks for supporting me” he kissed her other eye “thanks for handling the situation perfectly” kissed her nose “thaks for saving those innocent peoples and thanks for,,,,,” he whisper almost on her lips.

“For?” she asked looking into his eyes.

“For coming into my life Mrs.Would be Mallik” he whisper and kissed her lips removing all her fear, guilty, anger everything. She hugged him tight and felt happy as her Armaan was not angry anymore.

Suddenly something strike on her mind and she move away making him frown “what” he look towards her.

“You were not angry na?” she asked pointing a finger towards him.

“Naaa,,,,,,,,” he winked.

“what? Means you were just pretending all that time” she asked getting close to him in anger which make Armaan smile.

“Infact I was happy, the way you handled everything, how could I miss the chance of being close to you after a whole day” he said and again kissed her as she was very close to him while asking her question which was beneficial for Armaan.

He left him after few minutes and they just bend their head on seat and tried to regain their senses and breath.

“Armaan you are really something, kitna dara diya tha sabko” she complained him.

“That was genuine baby, mai sach me dar gaya tha, meri family meri life hai, I can’t take risk” he said holding her hand and keeping it on his heart.

“Don’t worry mai v hu na yaha pe, I promise mai kuch nhi hone dungi” she said and he smile.

“That’s why I love you so much” he said kissing her hand.

“And I love you more” she said cutely.

“really?” he raised up his eye brows.

“yeah” she said.

“okay then show me” he said again leaning close to her.

“Armaan,,,,,,,,, stop it, kahi v shuru ho jate ho” she make a distance between them by keeping her hand on his chest and moving him away.

“Chik yaar, you are so unromantic” he pout.

“Really Mr.Mallik, kuch der pahle jo hua pahle us case ko clear kariye romance baad me kar lijiyega” she said shifting his attention from herself to goon.

“Ha yaar” and he told her everything.

“Okay,, means abhi tak wo nhi mila jo iska mastermind hai” she said.

“Hmm,,,, and I’m sure he will surely do something” Armaan said and move out of car.

Riddhima too move out and hold his hand “Don’t worry everything will be fine and I know my so romantic would be husband is case ko apni shadi k pahle hi solve kar lenge, right” she said while giggling.

“Han ji, I don’t want to spoil my honeymoon right” he winked at her makng her blush hard.

“Kuch v Armaan” she blushed and tried to go away but he hold her hand.

“Oye hoyeee,,,,,,,,,, you know what Riddhima, tum bas meri baat se itna blush karti ho I wonder when you’ll be with me after marriage then,,,,,,,,,” Armaan was cut in middle by Riddhma as she kept her hand on his lips making him smile, he just kissed her hands.

“Achha baba, nhi bolta kuch, but ek baat batani hai” he become serious once again.

He showed her some secret sensors and cameras which he installed with Rahul after Muskaan and Rahul’s engagement as they were also the family. Those sensors detect everyone and live video was always on, the sensor alert them whenever any new person tried to enter. 

They have installed many automatic security systems for them, Riddhima was impressed by their work and she came to know why they felt relax whenever they were in home.

“So, ab tumhe sab pata hai to I think ab achanak se shopping ka mood bane to bata k jaogi right” he said.

“Always, don’t worry” she kissed his cheeks.

“I know you will take care of everything perfectly baby” he said and she smile.

“Wais ek baat aur ……..” he said instantly.

“kya?” she look towards him being shocked.

“Agar achanak se raat me meri yaad aaye to v tum bata sakti ho, I’ll be there in 5 minutes” he winked and she shove him away.

“Armaan, tum v na, achha ab cahle, it's getting dark ha” she said and he also get up to go.

“take care” he kissed her forehead and left.

She also went inside where Nikki and Muski were waiting for her.

“Kya hua? Bhai jyada gussa the kya?” Nikki asked her.

“umm,,,,, thoda thoda kam ho gaya” she said coz she can’t tell everything to them and obviously not the security point they won’t feel comfortable then.

“Ridzi, tu itni red red kyu ho rahi hai” Muski asked holding her face.

“Mai kaha, mai to kab se Armaam ka mood theek karne me lagi thi warna abhi pata nhi kitna aur daatne wala tha” she deviate her mind.

“Bas wo Rahul se na bole kuch warna Rahul to mujhe kachha chaba jayega” Muskaan said to which they giggle.

“Don’t worry he won’t say anything” she said and move towards washroom.

Muskaan got Rahul’s call and look towards them being horrified what if Armaan told him everything. Meanwhile Riddhima text Armaan “don’t tell anything to Rahul bhai Muskaan is being tensed”

She receieved call and Riddhima enter in washroom after assuring her.

“H,,,,,Hello Rahul” she said.

“Muskaan, you are oaky na?” he asked.

“Hm,,,,Ha to mujhe kya hua hai, tum aise kyu puch rahe ho” she asked stammering.

“arey aaj tumne koi complain nhi ki call receive karte hi warna roj to mere sar pe chadhi rahti ho jab din me call nhi kar pata hu to, I think friends ko pa k fiancĂ©e ko bhool gai ha” he said which make her relax.

“Nhi to aisa kuch nhi hai, kaha busy the tum pure din” she continue talking while Nikki and Riddhima move downward for supper nudging Muskaan to join them.


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