Monday, 12 February 2018

part 11 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

"so now ladies & gentlemen, I can't say anything becoz, I still wan't to listen Riddhima song again & again & what about u" said Rohit looking at camera. "ya it was just too too good, I also wan't to do that only. " said Shweta. "the studio audiences also say that only right freds" said Rohit.

 "u known shweta I think we should get training from Riddhima so we can also sing like her." Said Rohit "rohit , I think u r forgetting same thing we are here to host JDJ3 not to learn singing for that, u can talk to Riddhima, if" said Shweta .

listing to shweta, Rohit move toward Riddhima how was standing next to Armaan. "Riddhima plzz can u teach me how to sing so I can also sing & impress every one plzzz" said Rohit holding Riddhima hand. "Rohit what r u doing" said Riddhima "plz tell me that u will teach m plzz" said rohit like a small boy

"rohit what r u doing" said Shweta ""are, u told me that to ask Riddhima that she will teach me how to sing , so I am asking her" said Rohit still holding Riddhima hand. Here Armaan was trying to free Riddhima hand.

"are , bechari ka haath to chod" said Armaan try to pull Riddhima hand

"are tera kya hein re" said Rohit "are meri partner Hein re" said Armaan listing to them all the people where laughing & enjoying.

They where fighting like small boys Armaan was pulling Riddhima hand toward him & rohit on his side, Riddhima was a dory (rasi) for them, same time left & same time right

"stop it boys" said Shweta "uska haath toda ga kya" said Shweta holding Riddhima left hand which was Rohit pulling. "R u ok" Ask Armaan "I don't think so " said Riddhima "why what happen" said Armaan "if u will leave my hand then I will be ok" said Riddhima

listing to Riddhima, Armaan left Riddhima hand, Riddhima start caressing her both the hand one by one & all the people start laughing again. Rohit had already left her hand & but Armaan was still holding Riddhima hand & ask her if she ok.

"ek to khud Riddhima ka haath pakadta hein or pucta hein R U OK" said Rohit "ek to 2 2 handsome ladka kisi ka haath pakdege to bechari ladki kasa thik hogi kyu Riddhima" said Rohit "ladies & gentle men as u all have no from this two duffer that Riddhima is Armaan partner for finale" said Shewta pointing toward Armaan & rohit.

"hello, I am not duffer" said Rohit "& I am also ok people call me handsome  & smart " said Armaan "oye , I am more smart & handsome " said rohit . now they both again start fighting & "ok guys jab take hum log inka jagda bandh kar wo ta hein tab tab aap log ek break lalijiya " said shweta "nehi aap log batiya ka kon jyada handsome battaye" said Rohit pointing at camera.

 "or aap log batiya kon jyada Handsome & smart hein" ask Armaan to studio Audiences & judges & to camera Also "Armaan Armaan " said Some people & "Rohit Rohit" said other people "I thing's u both are equally handsome & smart" said Riddhima

After same more chit chat there was break, Armaan & Rohit where laughing for there stupid fight. & then with the instruction by Mohan Riddhima & Armaan start moving toward Green Room & Shweta & Rohit where taking there place on the stage


now all the couples where going to dance shweta had already announced, that Bhaichung & Sonia is going to perform . same of creative team member where on the stage they where seating the things

& then Bhaichung & sonia came on the stage, they where taking there poison. & then the song start playing.



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