Friday, 2 February 2018

Part 12: It all Depends on Love(AR)

Atul's Cabin

"Riddhima? Are you ok?"

Riddhima smiled "I am fine Atul.

"What happened? Asked surprised Atul. "You look Happy."

"Coz I am happy… very happy" Riddhima blushed "Armaan came last night and we solved our problem."

"I am so happy for you Riddhima." Atul said hugging Riddhima.

"So am I" A voice came from behind… Atul and Riddhima turned around to see Muskaan standing at the door. "I am so very Happy for you both Riddhima… Muskaan came forward to give Riddhima a hug "Where is Armaan?" asked Muskaan breaking the hug

"He was with me till morning then he left for Mallik mansion."

"Oh Ok… I forgot about his meeting… He loves you a lot Riddhima… Do take care of him…"

"I will… I love him too…don't worry"

"Ok guys… I am jealous… you both are giving Armaan too much importance… I am feeling left out." Atul said pouting

"Left out… HUH… My Foot… you were supposed to pick me up for lunch…"

Atul bit his tongue "I am Sorry Muski… I am really sorry… I have been really busy… I forgot… I am sorry…"

"You forgot? How could you Atul?"

"We are not even married yet… and you are already ignoring me…"

"Why do you always over react so much Muskaan? I said I am sorry… you know how busy I am these days…"

"Yeah right… you love your work more than me… I am really hurt Atul."

"Muskaan Stop it yaar… I said I am sorry…"

"Ok fine… but promise me you'll give me more time from now on."

"It's a promise sweet heart... Now Riddhima is back to share my work load… we can spend more time together… And……"

"I am sorry Atul." Riddhima interrupted "I am afraid but I can't share your work load for two more days… hmm… the problem is… I need to go back."

"Is every thing Ok, Ridzi?" asked Atul

"Yes… umm… no… umm actually…"

"What's wrong Riddhima?" Muskaan asked placing hand on Riddhima's shoulder.

"I am… er… I am missing Armaan, Muski." Riddhima said blushing. "I want to see him… I am leaving in half an hour… I just came here to inform Atul."

Atul and Muskaan looked at each other for few seconds and burst out laughing... Riddhima glared at them… "Why the hell are you guys laughing like this?"

"Nothing…" Muskaan said controlling her laughter "Do Riddhima… I understand… But he must be very busy… he won't be able to give you much time."

"I know that… I can at least sit with him and watch him working quietly… I don't intend to disturb him… I just don't feel like staying away from him."

"Oh God Riddhima… I can't believe it… you are behaving like a teenager." Atul teased her

"Stop it Atul… Stop making fun of her… Go Riddhima… Have Fun and take care."

"Thanks Muskaan… Thanks for everything… Thanks for making that video… thanks for showing that to Armaan… I'll never forget what you did for us."

"Video? What are you talking about Riddhima?" asked Atul

"Long story Atul… I'll tell you later… And Riddhima... there is no need to say thanks… I know how stubborn Armaan is…Now Go…" Muskaan pushed her gently towards the door "Take care and have a safe journey."

Mallik Mansion

A girl came with a trolley in Armaan's room to serve lunch

"I don't want anything to eat Maria… Just coffee." Armaan said studying a file and without looking at the girl… She placed a bowl of salad and coffee in front of him… "I said I don't want anything to eat." Said Armaan engrossed in his file.

"It's not good to skip meals Armaan." Armaan raised his head as he heard her voice… His eyes widened with surprise. " Riddhima!" he got up from his chair and without wasting a single minute engulfed her in a teddy bear hug.

"Oh God I missed you so much Riddhima." He broke the hug and showered her face with tender kisses. "What a pleasant surprise, baby… I love you for this." Saying this he bent his head and covered her mouth with his to give her a soft and tender kiss… After few minutes he broke the kiss and Riddhima hid her face in Armaan's chest. After kissing him on his chest… She moved away from him…

"I am not here to distract you…I was missing you co much… I just wanted to see you… feel your arms around me…"

"I love you Riddhima." Armaan said, his eyes glittering with passion.

"Please don't stare at me like that Armaan" Riddhima said blushing

"Like what Riddhima." Armaan asked nuzzling her neck

"Armaan please." Riddhima said in a warning tone "I am not here to disturb you… Just eat you lunch and resume your work or else I'll leave."

"But you'll get bored honey."

"No I won't… I'll just sit here and watch you working… and I can give you some suggestions if you want… I am not a school drop out for you any more…"

"Yeah right… Miss Successful Riddhima Gupta." Armaan said smiling "Just give me 3 hours then I'll be free till morning."

"Ok but eat your lunch first."

"I don't feel like eating anything Riddhima."

"Ok fine… I am leaving."

"Hey… Don't… Ok I'll eat this salad." Armaan said pouting

"Good boy."

"What about you?"

"Maria is making pasta for me."

"Ok… Did you tell them about your silly game?"
"Yeah… Mrs. Malhotra was so happy that we are together."

Armaan smiled and started eating his salad.

Riddhima was sitting on the sofa opposite Armaan lost in her thoughts…. He closed his laptop after finishing his work and found Riddhima lost in her dream land… Armaan came and knelt down in front of her…

"What are you thinking, Baby?"

Riddhima stared at him lovingly "Are you done?"   

"Yeah… But what were you thinking?"

"I was thinking about Atul and Muskaan."

"Don't you dare think about anybody else when you are with me…Got it?" Armaan rose to his feet and scooped her up in his arms.

"Armaan! What are you doing?"

"What do you think I am doing?" Armaan asked kissing her forehead

"Where are we going?" Riddhima asked as Armaan started walking.

"To my room."


"Because we can't make love in this office." Armaan said taking her mouth in a long passionate kiss…

Riddhima slid from the bed wrapping herself in bed cover and went over to the window… Armaan watched her appreciatively, his hands clasped behind his dark head. His eyes stayed on her as she drew back the curtains and stood for a moment looking out at the moon… moonlight streaming into the room around her… Conscious of Armaan gaze she smiled at him…

Smiling back he said "Do you have any idea how lovely and desirable you look with the moon shining on your body."

It was crazy, when they had been making love only a short while before, that few compliments should make her blush. But the glint in his eyes made her aware of her nakedness beneath her wrap.

"Come here."

Obeying his command, she went and sat on the bed. Her fingers traced the strong line of his jaw as he pulled her to his chest… Their gazes locked, the awareness so powerful between them that her blood began to tingle. Armaan parted her wrap to reveal he naked flesh. A familiar hot melting pleasure went through her. He kissed her chin and traced the column of her throat with his nose and she caught her breath, her senses threatening to whirl her into total surrender again.

As he pushed her back against the pillows she protested huskily. "Armaan, we came here at 3pm."

"So?" said kissing her nape

"So? Armaan… Its 4am now… I am hungry… aren't you?"

"Hungry? I am starving baby…" he murmured, his lips finding the sensitive hollow at the base of her throat. "But my appetite this morning seems to be for other things."

"Armaan don't." she whispered "I skipped my all three meals yesterday… I am seriously starving." Riddhima said pouting

Her fingers tightened on his strong shoulders as he stroked the incurve of her waist and she tried to fight the shivers of desire that quivered over her skin.

"You should have thought that before you came back to bed." He answered, but she knew from his voice he was teasing and intended letting her go.

"He brushed her lips with his and she threaded her fingers into his hair as they exchanged a long, intimate, pleasure-drugging kiss. Then reluctantly, he released her and reached for the intercom and ordered Mrs. Malhotra to bring breakfast for them.

They chatted about various things as they had breakfast and slept on Riddhima's insistence for 3 hours… Riddhima woke up as she felt something on her shoulder… Armaan raised his head from her shoulder as she moaned… "Good morning sleeping beauty."

"Good Morning, baby." Riddhima said grazing his cheeks with her lips.

"I need to go honey." Armaan said kissing her eye lids "But I'll be back in an hour."

"Your meeting is tomorrow… right?"

"Yeah tomorrow… I'll be very busy whole day… you can go back if you want… I don't want you to get bored." Armaan said pouting

Riddhima smiled staring at his cute face. "We'll go back together day after tomorrow."

Armaan hugged her happily. "I love you."

"I Love you too."

"Now put some clothes on before I change my mind." Armaan said smiling

"Where are you going?"

"I'll tell you when I come back… I won't be long… just wait for me here… Don't go to your house next door."

"Ok… Come soon… I'll be waiting"

Riddhima came out of the bath room after taking shower and found her suit case on the bed with Armaan's note

Hey honey!

Now you don't have any excuse to go to your house. I'll be back soon… Don't miss me too much…


She was re reading the letter when Anjali came in the room… Riddhima glared at her clutching her bath robe "Don't you have manners Anjali… Go out… Knock the door and then come."

Ignoring Riddhima's anger Anjali came forward and said "Who do you think you are?"

"What the hell do you mean?"

"You don't own this place… You are no better than a high class whore… Do you really think he loves you? He doesn't love you… he can never love a slut like you… He is mine… you can't take him away from me."

Riddhima moved forward and gave her a tight slap "Get out… Get out of my room." Riddhima shouted

"Your room." Anjali said laughing "This is not your room you are just a sex toy for him… He is just taking revenge from you…revenge because of that stupid game you played with us… You are so nave you really believed…"

"Get out" Riddhima shouted more loudly… Sarah came running to her room "Is very thing all right Riddhima? I heard you shouting."

"Throw her out of this room." Riddhima ordered Sarah pointing at Anjali

Sarah came towards Anjali "Don't you dare." Anjali said glaring at Sarah "I am going"

"Where is Armaan?" Riddhima asked Sarah as Anjali went out of the room.

"He is in his office… But he will be leaving in ten minutes… he needs to go somewhere urgently."

"I'll get dressed and talk to him… Thank you Sarah…"

"Not a problem Riddhima… Just tell me if you need any thing."     

Armaan's office

Anjali came in Armaan's office to talk to him. She was pretty certain Riddhima would come to talk to him and shammed a faint and collapsed on the sofa. Armaan bent over her and she pulled him in her arms.     

Riddhima get dressed and headed for Armaan's office… She found the door ajar as she reached there. She peeped inside to make sure he is not busy with his team. The strength seeped from her paralyzing all movement as she saw the scene in front of her. It couldn't be true… She is not seeing straight… Closing her eyes, she squeezed them tightly and then opened them again but nothing had changed and she found herself staring at the same scene…

She wanted to yell and scream but no sound emerged from her dry throat and she remained mute and motionless as a statue. Riddhima wanted to walk away but couldn't move because of shock. She stayed there watching as pale arms wrapped themselves round Armaan's neck and pulled his strong body upon her slender one. Riddhima saw Anjali's red mouth pressed itself on a mouth that was possessing her few moments ago. The soft moan of pain escaped her and she blindly returned and ran back the way she had come, prey to a thousand of thoughts, though the bitterest was the admission of her stupidity.     

Armaan pushed Anjali away from him and shouted "What the hell do you think you are doing Anjali? How dare you kiss me?"

"I am sorry Armaan I……"

"Try this one more time and I'll throw you out of here."

Furious Armaan went out of his office leaving Anjali… he had better things to do than wasting his time with Anjali
Once back in the room, anger took over her. Armaan was a swine to have made love to her when he was having an affair with Anjali.

Riddhima left a note for Armaan on the bedside table, took her bag and left Mallik mansion without a backward glance.

Armaan came back with a ring for Riddhima … opened the door of his room to find Riddhima gone with all her stuff… The only thing she left for him was the note on his bedside table…
I am leaving Armaan… Thank you so much for the wonderful night.



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