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Part 13: It all Depends on Love(AR)

Riddhima got up after a sleepless night and headed for Bath room. She saw Armaan sitting on his bed… lost in thoughts…staring at the ceiling…


He came back to reality and looked at her "Yes?"

"I want to ask something."

"Then ask"

"Last night… umm… you were not serious about …. Umm you know... about that deal thing…"

Armaan didn't say anything just gave her a sarcastic smile… She glared at him "Now. What does that supposed to mean? Say something"

"Just give me a minute, I'll tell you what I mean."

He lifted the receiver of bedside phone "Get me this number in England." He said in English instead of French so that Riddhima understood. Then he gave operator the number of Mallik electronics.

As they waited in silence for operator to call back... he sat on the edge of the bed , his eyes never leaving Riddhima's face… She stood like a nervous child near the door…

As the phone began to ring, he picked it up "Put me through the legal department." Then a moment later "Those transfer papers you are working on for sanjivani… Put them on hold… Indefinitely." He commanded.

He laid down the phone and stood up "That is what I mean." He said harshly

Riddhima gave him an angry glare as he started moving towards bathroom

"Wait." She shouted

"Now what?" Armaan asked in an irritated tone.

"I want to use the bath room first."


"So? So? What do you mean by So? I want to use the bathroom first… so step aside and let me go first."

"Who do you think you are? Why should I give you such special treatment? Who are you?"

"YOUR WIFE? And I…" The words were out of her mouth before she could stop herself and when she realized what she said she stopped mid sentence… blushing and mentally kicking herself for saying this…

Armaan smiled and came forward "So my dear wife…" he came closer "I have an Idea" he said kissing her nose and traced her upper lip with his thumb

"What?" She whispered

"Let's take…" he said tracing her jaw line with his nose "Shower" kissed her lower lip "Together."

"NO… I can wait." She came back in her senses and pushed him away "you go first."

"Ok if you insist." He said stepping inside the bathroom "Riddhima are you sure you hate me? See how you are blushing… just see how your body is trembling at my touch… You want me as much as I do…" And without waiting for an answer he closed the door…

"Khota… Ullo ka pattha…"

"I heard that." Armaan shouted from Bathroom

"So what? You'll never understand this."

Armaan smiled and turned the shower on

As they shopped after the delicious lunch he paused to gaze at the seductive display in the window of high class lingerie shop "Which do you prefer, Black or the white one?" he enquired with the wicked smile indicating two lacy nighties

"They are both too exotic for me." She snapped

"Yes but if you had to choose, which do you prefer?"

She hesitated for a moment... her cheeks burning "Well… Black I suppose… I like black colour."

The words were scarcely out of her mouth before he had disappeared inside the shop. Ten minutes later he re emerged, carrying a lavishly gift wrapped box. A devilish smile curled round his lips as he looked at her flushed, embarrassed face. "Why are YOU blushing like this? Who said anything about this being for you?"

His words shocked her slightly.

'So the gift was for Anjali'
A jumbled mixture of Irritation, anger and jealousy went through her.


Their honeymoon was almost over and for their very last evening together in Paris Armaan had booked a table in one of the most exotic restaurant of Paris…

As they finished their dinner, a dance band had started playing and several couples had left their tables and made their way on the dance floor. Feeling pleasantly relaxed… Riddhima turned for a moment to watch, a happy smile on her lips… feet tapping cheerfully in time to the music."

Armaan's eyes were on her. "Shall we?" he invited reading her mood and she nodded, glad that he had asked. Suddenly she was in the mood for dancing. With a flush of excitement she got to her feet.

He danced well as she had known he would, his movements natural and fluid as he guided her across the floor, the pressure of his hand against her waist firm and sure…

At the end of the first dance they danced some more… But all too soon the music ended… Riddhima heard herself complain "Why is over so soon? I could have danced all night."

He was smiling down at her "There are plenty of night clubs… we can go there if you want."

"But we have to get up so early tomorrow to catch our flight back home." She said pouting

"We could have a private little party of our own, back at hotel." Armaan suggested as they climbed in the Cab

Riddhima glanced up to meet his eyes. "OK you are on" she agreed with a little smile as his arm slipped around her

Back at their suite Armaan rang down to room service for a bottle of champagne as she kicked off her shoes and played the music

"So where is the party going to be?" Your room or mine?" Armaan asked with a smile

"Mine" She caught him by the hand and led him through the sitting room. " There is much more room to dance in mine."

With her shoes off, she discovered, she reached barely to his broad shoulders and she seemed almost to be floating in the strong grip of his arms as they moved in slow time to the music. It was dreamlike feeling, as she laid her check against his chest, one hand resting lightly on his shoulder while the other on his chest… Riddhima was deliciously aware of the hand that had begun to caress her back and now was slowly moving upwards to massage the sensitive nape of her neck. She moaned slightly and let her eyes close dreamily as long, strong, gentle fingers slid onwards smoothing her upswept hair.

The next instant before she had realized what he was up to, he had removed the pins that held her topknot in place. With a soft silky swish, her long dark hair fell on her shoulders… Then his fingers were trailing through the loosed silken tresses…

As Armaan's lips ground down on hers, his moist tongue exploring the inner sweetness of her mouth, Riddhima felt her arms twine around his neck… her pulses quickened and shivered, weak with wanting…his hand began to slide her zip down on the back of her top… the back of her top fell open and his fingers made contact with her naked flash, she gasped and let out a little moan…

Suddenly he was gathering her in his arms "I think we should continue this next door." He was murmuring huskily against her hair. Then he was carrying her through to the bedroom and she was clinging to him, her eyes closed tightly, her heart beating like a drum.

He laid her down against the sheets on the bed, pausing to peel away his shirt and tie… He lowered himself on top of her and she could feel his heart hammering against her own as he rained fiery kisses across her throat, down her collarbone, over her shoulders… He paused to draw into his mouth her parted inviting lips…

"Riddhima" he whispered "say you want me."

"Yes I do." She whispered back "want you."

"Say you love me." He said kissing her lower lip

"I don't" a lone tear escaped her eye

"Then say you hate me." He said nibbling her ear

"But I don't" She said sobbing

"Don't cry baby… It hurts me… please" he pleaded taking her mouth in a tender pacifying kiss "I know you love me." He said sucking her tear drops. "… just tell me once" He kissed her eyelids "I can't take this pain anymore." he traced her cheek with his nose.

"Armaan… Please…"

"Don't say anything else… just tell me you love me…" he said trailing the line of wet kisses on her throat

"Bohot pyar karti hoon Armaan."

In that moment his whole body stiffened and he pushed her away from him and got up to sit beside her "Armaan?"

"To tum kehti kyun nahi ho?"

She stared at him with shocked wide eyes "I thought you don't understand Hindi"

"And that's why you confessed in Hindi… so that I couldn't understand… Why Riddhima? Why are you doing this?"

"That's not important Armaan… Why the hell you want to talk about this now? at this time?"

"I know you want me to make love to you… I know you want me as much as I do... But I don't want just your body… I want your love… your soul… your trust… I know you love me but you don't trust me… I want to know the reason for that… I want to know why you left me like that two years ago." Riddhima's body trembled with anger and she started crying... Armaan gave her a concerned look and gathered her in his arms

"Tell me the truth Riddhima…What's hidden in there?" he asked placing his hand on her heart. "I want to know what makes you cry like this… Tell me the truth Riddhima. " His grip tightened as her sobs increased "Please baby stop crying… Why did you leave me like that Riddhima? How could you do this to us?"

Images of Armaan and Anjali started flashing in her mind and she pushed Armaan away from her as anger took over her senses

"HOW COULD I? How could YOU do this to me ARMAAN?"

"What Riddhima? What did I do?" he put his hand on her arm but she shook it away

"Don't touch me… And what was that speech all about? Why do you want me to trust you? Why do you want my love when you can have my body? After all it's all what you want… you just want my body."

"It's not true Riddhima." He said trying to control his tears.

"It's true… I know that… but I don't understand… why do you want me to trust you? So that you can break it again"

"I never broke your trust Riddhima? And I want you to trust me because I LOVE YOU."

"Oh no, you don't… I am no more than a sex toy for you… I am just like other women in your life… whom you just used for sex… you took me to your bed because you wanted to take revenge for……"

Before she could complete Armaan slapped her face "How dare you Riddhima? How dare you accuse me for such cheap thing? HOW DARE YOU RIDDHIMA?"

He gripped her shoulders tightly "What other women you are talking about? I agree there were so many women I n my life but they were just casual flirting affairs… I never took any of them to my bed"

"You mean… Ah! Utter Rubbish I don't believe you… you mean I was the first Woman you…"

"Yes you are the first Woman I ever slept with."

"Stop lying Armaan."

"Believe it or not… it's totally up to you… nobody is forcing you to believe this but the truth is… When we made love at you apartment… It was not the first time for you only... you were not the only virgin DAMMIT!"

I can't believe it… I don't want to believe it… but what if it's true… What if whatever he is saying is true…? What if he was never unfaithful to her…? Riddhima was shocked unable to believe what she heard… "I don't believe… you are a liar."

"Fine I am… I am a liar… but remember one thing I'll never divorce you… you can get your damned company back but you'll never get the divorce"

"But it's a contract marriage… for six months only…"

"Says who?" Armaan asked with an arched eyebrow

"You can't to this Armaan."

"I can do this Sweetheart… I won't let you go away from me… not this time…"   

'What if whatever he said about his feelings is true? Is it wise to ask him about his relation with Anjali?'

"Armaan" she paused for a second then continued "you really want to know the reason… You really want to know why I left you like that."

"Of course I want to know."

"Ok I'll tell you… but you tell me one thing first."


"Were you and Anjali… er… you had an affair with her before we met."

"Hell… no" Armaan answered in a shocked voice "She was never more than an assistant for me."

'That means she lied to me… Oh god… I was such a big fool… I'll kill her…'
Riddhima thought regretting her decision to leave Armaan

"Armaan" she came close to him and rested her head on his shoulder… reluctantly Armaan put his arm around her "I was reading the note you left for me when anj…" she got interrupted by phone ring…
Operator: Sorry to disturb you sir… there is a call for you wife…

Armaan: Who is it?

Operator: Abhimanyu modi.

Armaan frowned and informed Riddhima "Call for you"

"At this time." She said glancing at her wrist watch "its 2 am… Who is it?"

"Abhimanyu modi." Armaan said replacing the receiver and switching the speaker on

"Tell him I am S…." Armaan put his finger on her lips and Abhimanyu smiled wickedly as he heard Armaan voice "Speaker is on Riddhima."

Abhimanyu modi: Hi Ridzi

Riddhima: Hi Abhi… Is everything ok?

Abhimanyu modi: I am sorry if I disturbed you Ridzi… but I met Atul today and he told me you got married to Armaan Mallik… Is it true?

Riddhima: Of course it's true Abhi… Why would Atul lie to you…?

Abhimanyu Modi: But why Riddhima… why did you marry him… I know how much you hate him… then why?

Armaan glared at her… and she gave him a sorry look

Riddhima: I'll talk to you when I come back to London abhi

Abhimanyu Modi: Ok Riddhima take care…

Riddhima: Bye Abhi

Abhimanyu Modi: Hmm Riddhima

Riddhima: Yes?

Abhimanyu Modi: I hope he doesn't know anything about your pregnancy.

Riddhima: "ABHI" Riddhima said in a warning tone but abhi ignored it and continued

Abhimanyu Modi: "I really hope he doesn't know that you got pregnant…" Armaan caught her wrist in a bruising hold as she moved to disconnect the call and gave her an accusing look "with his child."

Riddhima: "Abhi why did you say this?" she said sobbing

Abhimanyu Modi: Don't cry Ridzi… aborting his child was a very wise decision.

Riddhima: But I didn't…

Armaan: "Thank you Mr. Abhimanyu Modi" Armaan said glaring at Riddhima and disconnected the call

Armaan got up from his bed and broke everything in the room… Still fuming with rage… he gripped her shoulder and shook her hardly… Murder clearly visible in his eyes

"Armaan please let me explain." She said holding his arm but he shook it away


"I can explain… please listen to me."

But he was not listening… He was too shocked to listen or understand anything


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