Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Part 14: It all Depends on Love(AR)

"Hurry up Muski…We'll be late… Their flight is about to land… And we are still at home…" Atul shouted

"Coming Atul." Muskaan shouted back from bathroom

"We will be….." Atul stopped mid sentence as his cell start ringing

Atul: Hello

Riddhima: Atul can you please get some money transferred her in Paris as soon as possible?

Atul: Is every thing Ok Riddhima? Aren't you guys coming back? We were about to leave to pick you guys up… You know we have a surprise for you… You won't believe who is here….


Atul: WHAT! HE IS IN HOSPITAL… kia hua Riddhima… Why is he in hospital?

Riddhima: He cut his wrist accidentally…         

Atul: I am coming there

Riddhima: No need Atul… Just send me…….

Atul: I'll send you the money but I am coming.

Riddhima: What about Muskaan? You can't leave her alone Atul… She is pregnant…

Atul: She'll manage… I am coming

Riddhima: Ok Atul… As you wish… but seriously I can manage…

Atul: I am sure you can… I still want to be there with you…

Riddhima: Ok Atul… Thanks…

"Let's go I am ready now." Said Muskaan coming out of the bathroom

"They are not coming back" answered atul


Atul sighed… There is no way he can hide the truth from her… But how will she react… "Muskaan promise me you will not over react."

"Main to kabhi over react nahi karti Atul."

"Yeah right… Over react to main karta hoon."

"Mat kia karo na Atul… It's not good."

Atul glared at her "You are impossible Muskaan" paused for a minute then continued "I am going to Paris muski… Riddhima needs me there… Armaan is in Hospital."


"For God's sake Muskaan… no he is not dying… how could you say something like that? Now who is over reacting?"

"Then why is he in hospital?" Muskaan asked sobbing

"I don't know what exactly happened… I just know one thing he had an accident… I don't know how and when… Riddhima is alone there… She said she can manage but I don't fell like leaving her alone that's why I want to go there."

"Then Go… Why are you wasting your time? Go"

"But promise me you will take care of yourself." Atul said hugging her

"I will… just go Atul… Riddhima must be very worried… She needs us…"


"Hey Riddhima… How is he now?" Atul asked placing his over night bag on the floor… Riddhima was sitting with his head in hand… She looked us as she heard his voice

"Still unconscious." Riddhima sighed

"It's more than 16 hours… Isn't it?"

Riddhima nodded "Bohot Blood loss hogaya Atul."

"Kia hua Riddhima? How did this Happen?"

"Long story Atul." She said and a lone tear escaped her eye.

Atul sat down on the chair next to her outside ICU… She told him about Abhimanyu modi's telephone call and Atul stared at her in total shock

"You were pregnant?"

Riddhima nodded wiping her tears

"How could you do this Riddhima? How could you abort your child?" Atul gave her an accusing look

"But I did not do any such thing… I didn't abort my baby… I had a miscarriage." She answered sobbing

"I am sorry Ridzi." Atul said giving her an one armed hug and she placed her head on his shoulder. "But I still don't understand… why is he in hospital… How did this happen?"

Riddhima sighed and started telling him

"Armaan… please listen to me " Riddhima pleaded

But he was not listening… He was too shocked to listen or understand anything

"Why Riddhima? Why?"

She bowed her head and tried to explain "Armaan I didn't kill our baby… It was…" Before Riddhima could complete, she heard a sound…she raised her head to see Armaan
Standing in front of dressing table… His fist on broken mirror… one last piece of sharp broken mirror cut his wrist before falling on the floor…

Atul sighed "he is very impulsive Ridzi"

"Yes he is" she agreed "I just want him to be fine"

"He will be fine… Don't worry."

"How is Muskaan?"

"She is fine."

"You shouldn't have left her alone."

"She is not alone… Niki is with her."

"Niki? Wo kab aaye?"

"Kal… She is more worried than Muskaan about Armaan and blamed you for his condition… I can't believe she is your sister…the way she treats you… it's not acceptable at all"

"She left house when I was seventeen… she is 2 years older than me… and whatever happened I can't blame her Atul… She always wanted to be a doctor but Papa wanted her to do MBA… she was different from us… I and Rahul were very obedient kids but she always loved to go against Papa… Mum always supported her… She is a very successful doctor now… all because of Mum's support and she is very happy with her life... She doesn't treat me like her sister because she thinks Papa always supported me and opposed her decisions… But that's not true… I know he was wrong… he should have supported her when she wanted to be a doctor… that was his only mistake… but Papa loved all his Children equally… I really miss Papa… "

"But how could she blame you for Armaan's accident… You are her sister after all."

"I am… but she is Armaan and Muskaan's best friend as well… She cares for Armaan."

"I still don't understand why she hates you so much"

"Because I betrayed her best friend… because I left him and deserted his life… and because she loves him but he loves me."

"Niki loves him?"

"Yeah she does… She told me when I went for Mum's wedding… She was also there to attend the wedding… She overheard our conversation when I was telling Abhi about our broken relationship."

"How abhi is involved in all this Riddhima? Oh God it's so confusing." Atul said rubbing his forehead

Riddhima gave him a teary smile "Another long story Atul."

"I am all ears."

"Abhi nahi… let me go and see Armaan first." Riddhima said standing

"Ok… I'll bring some coffee for us."

Riddhima entered in ICU to see Armaan lying unconscious… left wrist bandaged… She sat down on the edge of his bed

"uth jao Armaan." Riddhima said caressing his cheek
"I am sorry Armaan." She said kissing his forehead "I can't live without you… please open your eyes and give me a chance to prove how much I love you." She said placing her head on his chest

"You are disturbing the patient ma'am… please leave" Nurse said

Riddhima raised her head and pecked his lips "I love you."

"How is he?" Atul asked as Riddhima came out of ICU

"Doctors are expecting him to come around in an hour or so."

"Ok now… come sit her… Tell me your long story." Atul said giving her coffee cup

Riddhima sipped her coffee… "When I came back from Mallik mansion after breaking up with Armaan… Mum called and told me that she's getting married to Shashank Mallik… It was something completely unbelievable for me… I didn't want ant relation with any Mallik… But Mum forced me to come… so I went there to attend her wedding… I stayed there for a month on mum's request… I was about to leave from there when mum came to my room with niki and Rahul was already there with me… helping me to pack my bags… "

"Riddhima we are planning your and Abhi's engagement." Her mother informed her

"You are doing what?" Riddhima and Rahul asked togther

"We want you to marry Abhimanyu Modi Riddhima…"

"How could you do this mum…? I can't marry Abhi." Riddhima told her mother

"Why not Riddhima? He is your childhood friend… your father wants you to marry him."

"Shashank Mallik is not my father… I am Rohan Gupta's daughter… He is your husband and I am really happy for you… Don't ever expect me to accept him as my father"

"Yeah Mum… she is right… she is indeed Rohan Gupta's daughter… Selfish like him…" Niki said

"Don't di… Don't say a single word against my dad." Rahul shouted at Niki

"Stop it… Stop it guys" Riddhima said "It's my life and I don't want to marry Abhi."

"I thought he is your friend." Shashank said entering in the room

"He is… but that doesn't mean I'll marry him."
"You'll have to… We are getting our companies merged… and its"

"Listen to me" Rahul interrupted "and listen to me carefully. You can't use my sister for your business… She will not marry Abhimanyu Modi if she doesn't want… Got it?" Rahul said in a warning "If Papa is dead and mum is you wife now… It doesn't really mean she is alone… I am with her and will always be there to protect her." Rahul gave him a challenging look and said "Let's go sis"

Riddhima hugged Rahul "Thank you Rahul"

"No need sis… I am always there for you."

"Hi uncle and Aunty… All set... are we ready for engagement next week?" Abhi asked entering in the room

"Leave us alone… I want to talk to Abhi." Riddhima said glaring at Shashank Mallik     

Once alone in the room Riddhima shout " What the hell is this Abhi… you should have asked me first… I can't marry you."

"Why?" Abhi asked confused

"Because I don't love you."

"So what? Who said I love you? We are just merging our companies and……"



"Just keep me out of your business deals… I just can't marry you… Please understand Abhi."

"I want to know the reason."

"Fine… I'll tell you… I am in love with Armaan."

"So that means you are going to marry him" Abhi asked smiling sarcastically

"No I can't marry him… We broke up last month."

"So what's the problem now Riddhima… marry me… You will marry some one some day…"

"But I can't marry anyone."


"Because I am pregnant… I am carrying Armaan's child."

"Oh." Abhi smiled "That's your big problem?"

Riddhima nodded   

"You are so stupid Ridzi." Abhi said putting his hand around her shoulder "This is such a small problem Riddhima."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean this problem can be solved easily."


"Simple…by terminating your pregnancy."

"Are you out of your mind?" Riddhima shook his hand away "just leave Abhi... I don't need any advices from you."

As soon as Abhi went out of her room Niki came in
"Now what Niki? See I am really tired I……"

"Just Shut up." Niki interrupted "I can't believe you are the one who ruined Armaan's life."


"Yes I overheard your conversation with Abhi… You are seriously very selfish Riddhima… You betrayed my best friend… just stay away from him now… Got it?" Without waiting for an answer Nikita went out

"Oh God Ridzi… I can't believe… You suffered so much." Atul said sighing "And your miscarriage… How did that happen?"

"I fell off the stairs… when I was leaving for airport to catch a flight for London."

"Tell me one thing Riddhima… and tell me truth… why did you break up with Armaan?"

"I saw him kissing Anjali." Riddhima smiled at Atul's expression "Don't look so shocked… it sounds so simple… But it's not… ……"

Riddhima and Atul looked towards ICU door to see Armaan lying unconscious on the floor


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