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part 15 : Change Of Heart


Everyone was busy in preparation as today is wedding of THE ARMAAN MALLIK and THE RAHUL MALLIK, the most eligible bachelors of town.

Chaddha Mansion was decorated like twinkling palace, few mens were busy decorating the entrance gate with flowers and some were decorating guests arrive to enjoy the wedding.

“Hey beautiful” Armaan text Riddhima.

“Hello Mr. Groom” Riddhima text back.

“Get ready fast, I’ll be the one to see you first” this text makes Riddhima shocked.

She immediately called Armaan, Armaan smile as he knew Riddhima will surely call him after this msg.

“Han ji farmaiye” He received her call.

“What’s this Armaan, what was that msg for” she asked.

“Itna simple sa to likha hai baby”

“I know that Mr.Mallik but don’t you dare to do any nautanki today” she warn him.

“Sorry, baki sab mujhe nhi pata but dekhna to mujhe hi hai aur wo v sabse pahle” he said in husky tone making her blush.

“Ar,,,,Armaan listen please kuch v ulta seedha mat karna, bahut sare guest hain yaha” she urged.

“Don’t worry, tumhe apne Armaan pe bharosa nhi hai kya, I won’t do anything which hurt anyone” Armaan said.

Riddhima realized how could she think that Armaan would something that make her embarrass, she smile and said “I’ll wait for you”

“Oye hoyee, love you” Armaan said and kissed the cellphone.

“Love you too” she replied and blushed.

Now Armaan began his plan, what to do, he thought to move alone but then something struck his mind.

In Evening,

“Hmm,, ham log ko to ready hone me jyada time nhi lagega, pata nhi hamari hone wali wives kaisi lag rahi hongi” Armaan said dramatically siting beside Rahul.

“Koi baat nhi, Ammy we’ll see them soon” Rahul look towards him then concentrate on tv.

“Bro, don’t you think, we should go and see” Armaan said holding his arms.

“Nhi Armaan,mera aisa kuch karne ka irada nhi hai, you know sometimes Mr.Chaddha k bhai se darr lagta hai, unhone dekh liya na to meri shadi na cancel karwa de” Rahul said.

“Chik don’t worry bro, kuch nhi hoga, socho Muskaan kitni khush ho jayegi” he said.

And Rahul gets trapped in Armaan’s word.

“Aur isme apna Abhi hai na hamari help karne k liye” Armaan said looking towards Abhi who was also busy in tv.

“Ha wo to h,,,,,,, Kyaaaaaaaaa” he stood up being shocked when he realized his friends were planning to take him into tiger’s den.

“Armaan tera dimaag kharab hai aisa kuch nhi karne wala hu mai” he said.

“Kya hai tujhe, dost ki help nhi kar sakta hai tu, tere time pe ham v karenge help” Armaan said and Abhi smile painfully and murmured “wo tu kabhi nhi kar sakta Armaan”

“Kuch kaha tune” Armaan asked.

“Nhi, chal ab” he said getting up.

“waoh!!! Lets go” Armaan said dragging Rahul alongwith him.

On the other side,

Riddhima and Muskaan got ready and both were looking stunning in their bridal dresses.

Riddhima was in one room while Muskaan was in other room and Nikki was busy in checking decoration as she has to go in Mallik Mansion.

Riddhima was standing looking towards the moon in Balcony thinking about Armaan and her encounter, how they met at airport, her tough behavior and Armaan’s eye to catch her lonliness, his help to get her revenge to finish murder of her family, his love, his support and his trust made her Change Her Heart from revengefull and lonely life to a joyfull life which is full of happiness, she was lucky enough to have Armaan in her life.

Meanwhile Armaan and Rahul with Abhi reached at Chadhha Mansion, Abhi park the car little away from main gate and ask them to be fast, he will wait for them.

As Rahul and Armaan left, Nikki move out to see whether she could get anyone to move towards Mallik Mansion when her eyes fall on a person standing outside the car, she feels like Abhi was standing there, but why would he come here wondering she move towards him but he sit inside till she reached.

She knew it’s Abhi’s car, she knock the window and he open it and get lost in her.

Nikki saw his expression but it was not right place to say anything, so she waves her hand over his face “Kya? Kar kya rahe ho yaha pe?” she asked.

Abhi open the door and sign him to sit, she gets boggled yet sit inside “Ye jo tumhare dono bhai hai na Pagal ho chuke hain apni apni would be wives k peeche aur mujhe v kheech laye hain sath me” she become angry on his first sentence but laugh on last one.

Abhi again get lost when she was busy laughing “,Matlab tumhe v nhi chhoda dono ne, koi nhi thoda sa wa,,,,,,” she stopped when saw Abhi’s lost face, she become shy but composed herself and look towards other side.

Abhi came back to reality when he saw her moving towards other side and sit properly.

Nikki’s smile vanish thinking about her life “Kyu mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya Abhi, jab kuch nhi ho sakta to kyu aisa hua” she was busy in her thoughts.

While Abhi also look outside “Kya sach me hamara kuch nhi ho sakta, kyu aisa hua Bhagwaan, jab ham mil nhi sakte to pyaar ka ehsaas kyu laye aap hamare dil me”

Both look towards each other at the same time and move towards each slowly while Nikki bend her eyes, he hold her hand and keep it on his chest near his heart and his heartbeat make her look towards him, they were very close to each other and Abhi observe her face closely after God knows how many days, he was dying to see her but control himself, their lips were inches away from each other when realization struck over Nikki, she open her eyes and said “ Mujhe Mallik Mansion chalna hai, mai aunty ko bata k aati hu” she said looking towards other side.

Abhi also bring back to reality and cursed himself while leaving her “Ok, mai yahi hu, tum bata k aao tab tak Rahul aur Armaan v aa jayenge” he look towards other side and Nikki left the car. Abhi’s gaze follow her till she enter inside.

Rahul was little nervous how to get inside Muskaan’s room but Armaan encouraged him and he reach to Muskaan’s room somehow. Muskaan was hell shocked to see Rahul, she gets panic.

“Rahul tu yaha kya kar raha hai, kisi ne dekh liya tujhe to” she rush and locked the room.

“Ha wahi to maine kaha tha but Armaan nhi mana, I want to see you” he said.

Muskaan was looking very beautiful and he get lost in her, Muskaan gets shy by his look but somehow she manage to control her blush “Oye Rahul, aise kyu dekh raha hai tu, mai theek lag rahi hu na?” she said in her usual tone.

“Beautiful” Rahul said in a dreamy smile and Muskaan blushed.

“Khud se tu aa nhi sakta tha, seekh kuch Armaan se, wo leke aaya tujhe but tujhe khud se kuch nhi sujhta” she said making faces.

“Aisa nhi hai Muski, mujhe khud milna tha tujhse” He said.

“Kyu” she asked.

“Isliye” he made her wear a bracelet in her hand making her smile.

“Wowww, it’s beautiful Rahul, thanku” she smile and hugged him.

He also smile.

“Chalo achha ab tum jao” She said pushing him away.

“Tu mujhe bagha rahi hai?” Rahul asked being shocked.

“Arey budhhu, jaoge tabhi to aaoge na mujhe lene” she said with a smile.

“Oh! Ha, right” he said and kissed her cheeks before leaving.

“Pagal” she murmured.

Riddhima was busy thinking about Armaan when he jumped down from window and look towards Riddhima who was lost somewhere looking towards moon.

Her face was looking much more beautiful than moon, Armaan’s eye check her out from top- to- bottom, she was looking breathtakingly gorgeous his breath got stuck somewhere inside. He felt how lucky he is to get world’s most beautiful girl in his life, he thanked God for several times. Somehow he compose himself and move towards her by a magical pull and Riddhima was lost in her own thoughts, even she didn’t feel his presence until he came behind her and hugged her from behind.

“Aaj to ye chand v maat kha gaya” he whisper near her ear while Riddhima get composed in his hold and bend her head on his shoulder.

“Kyu” she asked still with closed eyes.

“Kyunki mera chand aaj bahut khoobsurat lag raha hai” he whisper.

Riddhima open her eyes on his complement and realized she was all ready to get married and as realization took over the place in her mind she move from his hold and blush.

She was lost in her own thought that forget everything and when she feel Armaan’s hold around her waist she felt relaxed and composed her thought and relax in his arms like she usually do, but Armaan’s voice bring her back that she was waiting for Armaan and suddenly her cheeks start getting red and she move away.

Armaan hold her hand when she tried to move away, he turn her towards himself and observe her face, her bend eyes, her face, her reddish cheeks, her lips everything was driving him crazy but he composed himself and kissed her forehead. Riddhima smile under his hold and hugged him.

Armaan realize that she was in some deep thought by her hug and ask “What happen baby?”

“Thanku Armaan, for everything” she was just able to utter this and Armaan get all her thoughts.

“Riddhima, look here” he make her look towards himself “You are my life, my first and last love, God chose me for you, for everything because we are perfect for each other, your heart was meant to be Changed by me and I did that, trust me, it’s somewhere written by God that we’ll be together, hmm” he said and Riddhima smile how he understand her thoughts more than her.

“Now, one more thing, hamari shadi hai aaj and I want my in-laws to bless us” he said and she look towards him with question eyes why he was saying like this when he know very well that it can’t happen.

“See waise to I know wo hame dekh rahe honge waha se” pointing towards the sky “And will be feeling happy that her daughter is happy but still, I did something for you” he said and take out his phone. Riddhima was boggled what he is trying to do.

He called Beejie and ask her too see, Riddhima look towards his phone, Beejie was on video call “Riddhima, bahut pyari lag rahi ho bachhi tum” she complement her.

“Aap aai kyu nhi beejie” she asked with a frown.

“Beta tabiyat kharab thi meri aur Doctor ne mana kiya hai travel k liye”

“Beejie aap apna khyal rakha kariye plz” she said.

“Ha bachhe, I will. Achha chalo ab blessings lelo sabse” she said and move the phone towards the wall where her whole family members were present in photo with garlands and candles were lit around pics, Riddhima become emotional and touched the screen then kissed her hand remembering her family.

“Riddhima don’t cry your parents wants to see your smile ok, God Bless You beta” Beejie said.

“Hello Mom Dad, Bhai and everyone, please bless us, I’ll always be with Riddhima aur rone to kabhi nhi dunga I promise” then look towards Riddhima who was getting emotional”Atleast don’t break my promise” then move towards the phone “I’ll give her every happiness of world, just be happy wherever you all are, we love you” he said and look towards Riddhima.

She smile and mubble a thanku to Armaan, then they cut the call. Armaan move towards Riddhima and see her smile with moist eyes which were about to shed that tear, he hold her tear in his hand and said “I promised my in-laws to keep you happy and you will keep my promise, so ye tears waste mat kariye Mrs.Would be Mallik, you are not allowed for that and moreover I don’t want my wife’s make-up to get spoil, log kya kahenge Armaan Mallik ki wife ka kajal fail gaya” he start his drama and Rddhima laugh with her tears and slap him playfully, she wipe her tears carefully not to spoil her make-up.

“Ye hui na baat” he smile and kissed her cheeks which make her blush.

“Thanku Armaan f,,,,,” Armaan stopped her in middle.

“Shushhh,,,,,,,,, you are my partner to meri khushi tumhari and tumhare sare gam mere”

“Nhi,,,, dono mil k baatenge khushi v aur gam v” she said hugging him.

“Yess,,,,,, that’s my Riddhima” he said and lift her up to the room and made her sit on bed and he himself sit down on his knees.

Riddhima wonder what he is upto.

“Armaan , kya kar rahe ho tum” she asked.

“Chup raho , apni would be wife k liye kuch laya hu, do you have any problem?” he raised his brows up with cute look.

“No, not at all but kitne gifts ek hi din me” she asked.

“Meri marji” he said and closed her eyes by moving his palm over her eyes.

He made her stand up and Riddhima feels something cold aroung her waist and smile “Ab kholo” he said. Riddhima open her eyes and left in awww as Armaan made her wear a beautiful waistchain. She kissed his cheeks and he smile coz he knew she loved it.

“Ek kiss se kya hoga, but koi nhi abhi kaam chala lunga, ab jaldi se jau aur ready hoke aau tumhe lene, hai na” he said getting up.

“Han ji, I’ll be waiting for you, eagerly” she whisper near his ears making him smile and his dimple become deeper when she again kissed his cheeks.

“Jane k layak to chhod do, warna mai pata nhi kya kar baithunga abhi sahi bata raha hu” he held her tightly under his hold.

“Armaan, go” she hit hand playfully.

“Ok, ja raha hu” and look towards his phone and see Rahul’s call “Jata hi hu warna bhai meri halat kharab kar denge ab” he said and left while Riddhima smile.

Armaan reached at the car welcomed by angry Rahul and Abhi, “Tujhse koi kaam jaldi nhi hota, kitne calls aa chuke dad k” he said.

“Sorry bhai wo,,,,, leave it, lets go” he sit inside but Abhi didn’t start the car “Kya hua chal na” Armaan said.

“Wo Nikki aai thi, she saw me and said she had to go Mallik Mansion” Abhi said.

“Chalo bhai achha hai” Armaan said.

Nikki came and sit inside, “Waise Nikki tujhe bada jaldi yaad aa gaya ki tere bhaiyo ki shadi hai warna mujhe to lag raha tha ki tu ladki walo ki taraf hai” Armaan said.

“I wish I could but kya karu hu to mai dulhe ki behen hi” she said trying to act normal.

“Waise Abhi iski shadi me hamlog khoob pareshan karenge iske would be husband ko nhi” Rahul said to which he gave a fake smile and Nikki look towards his painful smile.

“Very funny” she mocked.

“Kya hua Nikki tu theek hai na? Ladai nhi ki tune” Armaan asked checking her temperature.

Abhi also look towards her in rear-view mirror bein tensed, “I’m fine bhai bas thoda thak gai thi” she said closing her eyes.

Soon they reached Mallik Mansion, where Billy was standing and ask their whereabouts.

“Wo Dad, ham to aa rahe the tab tak Nikki ka call aa gaya ki use v chalna hai isliye wapas jana pada tha lene k liye” Armaan said.

Billy was not satisfied by his answer as he know his son very well and look towards Nikki.

“Yes Dad, I called bhai over there” she said relaxing them.

“Ok, go get ready soon, we have to leave” he said and they rush towards their room.

They rush towards their room.

After few minutes,

Armaan and Rahul came down alongwith Abhi after getting ready. At the same time Nikki also move out of her room correcting her duppatta and Abhi get lost in her while she look here and there feeling an intense gaze on herself. Abhi move forward when he saw Nikki was looking for him and before being caugh red handed he joined Armaan and Rahul.

After performing few rituals they heads towards Chadhha Mansion.

They had a grand welcome and everyone was happy.

Dulha ban gaya oye
Ban gaya sadda barkhurdar
Ghodi chadh gaya oye
Chadh gaya chhad ke motar car,
Sehra saj gaya oye
Ho sehra saj gaya jalvedar
Dulhaniya dwar khadi
Sajan sang jaane ko taiyyar
Nach le oye, ho nach le oye..
Oye yaara ho.. ho mitra ho.

Billy, Ananya and Nikki dance alongwith other barati danced fully.

Tere dware pe aai baraat
Ho tere dware pe aai baraat
Prem ke moti luta de
Nain swagat mein bichha de
Prem ke moti luta de
Nain swagat mein bichha de
Ho zara aadar ke sath
Tere dware pe aai baraat
Baraat tere dware pe aai baraat.

Everyone was welcomed inside with tilak and rose petals.

Soon brides were called down and Nikki accompanied them, everyone was busy admiring the beautiful brides and complement their Jodi.

Vivah.. shubh vivah
Vivah.. shubh vivah

Abhi steal glances of Nikki whenever she get busy in her work while she too did the same.

Every rituals were performed happily, ARMAAN hold Riddhima’s hand and listen to whatever priest was saying and performing the rituals accordingly.

Dilli ka Raja aaya
Varne ko Madhupur ki Rani
Hone ko hai aaj poori
Inki adhoori kahani
Hone ko hai aaj poori
Inki adhoori kahani
Phool khushiyon ke khile hain
Badi mushkil se mile hain
Phool khushiyon ke khile hain
Badi mushkil se mile hain
Haaye re tarse do hath
Tere dware pe aai baraat
Baraat tere dware pe aai baraat

Finally the marriage rituals gets over and both couple gets up for pheras. Rahul Muskaan were in one mandap while Armaan Riddhima in other, they complete every phera by murmuring the oaths.

After that priest ask them to tie mangalsutra to the brides and fill their maang with sindhoor. Both Riddhima and Muskaan feel blessed at the moment.

Armaan almost danced in heart when they were announced married. They took blessings of family members.

“Bhai gift taiyaar hai na?” Nikki asked them when Armaan and Rahul tried to move forward.

“Gift? Kyu?” they get boggled.

“Iske liye” nikki shows the shoes.

“Nikki tu ladke walo taraf hai that’s cheating” Armaan said.

“Bhai, mujhe to dono taraf rahna hai, abhi yaha pe ladki wale ban k gift le lu fir ghar pe ladke wale ban k gift lungi right” she said and others laugh.

After few chit chat they gave her gifts and money, Nikki happily returns shoes. Everyone had their food then they start preparing for vidaai.

Mrs. Chadhha came towards them and hugged Riddhima and Muskaan feeling emotional.

“Meri ek nhi do betiya hain” she said and kissed their forehead.

“Aur mai?” Nikki too bumped to lighten their mood.

“Tu to sabse shaitan bachha hai mera, aaj tum teeno chale jaoge aur ye ghar suna ho jayega” she become emotional.

“Don’t worry mom, mai ise leke aaunga na, aur Mallik Mansion hai hi kitna dur, apko lagta hai ki mai ise nhi launga to ye mujhe chhodegi” Rahul said holding Mrs.Chadhha.

“I know beta, aur Muskaan jyada pareshan mat karna Rahul ko” she said and Muskaan glare Rahul while he winked at her.

“Ha aur itna pyar milne k baad to mera mann kar raha hai kuch din yahi ruk jau, kyu aunty” Armaan too hugged her and she smile.

“Shaitan ho tum dono, mujhe pata hai tum dono jarur leke aaoge inko” she smiled.

Teri taraf badh rahe hain
Nanhe aise pag beete kal ke
Sukh dukh ke is sangam pe
Naina hain kyun chhalke chhalke
Sukh dukh ke is sangam pe
Naina hain kyun chhalke chhalke
Reet babul ki nibha de
Apni bitiya ko vida de
Reet babul ki nibha de
Pyaari bitiya ko vida de
Re aashison ke sath
Leke dulhan ko laute baraat
Leke dulhan ko laute baraat
Baraat leke dulhan ko laute baraat.

Riddhima and Muskaan move towards Mr.Chadhha and hugged him then Mrs. Chadhha before vidaai and gets emotional. Their bonding gets strong in these days.

Finally doli was brought at entrance and Riddhima Muskaan sit inside. Then they sit back into the car and left for Mallik Mansion. While others too took leave from Chadhha Mansion.

Mallik Mansion,

New brides were welcomed by Ananya wholeheartedly and they perform some rituals.

Nikki again ask for shagun from Armaan and Rahul before entering inside.

After like one and half hour, they get free and Ananya asked them to rest for sometime coz after that they will have to get ready for Reception.

They left for their rooms, Riddhima smile when she enter inside Armaan’s room, now this will be her room also. She was surprised to see her stuffs there and dresses for her. She smile on Armaan and took a simple saree.

Armaan enter inside the room and hugged her before she move towards washroom.

“So, Mrs.Mallik, how’s you feeling?” he kept his chin over her shoulder.

“Feeling complete” she smiled and rested her head over him.

“Abhi? Abhi to raat baki, baat baki” he looked towards her and winked.

“Armaan, shutup, you’re really shameless” she hit him playfully as he turn her reply to other direction.

“OK, baba fresh ho jao” he kissed her forehead and said as he know Riddhima was hell tired by the hectic schedule.

“Hmm” she said and left.

Both get fresh and slept in each other arms being tired.


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