Thursday, 8 February 2018

Part 15: It all Depends on Love(AR)

"Nurse, how did he go there?" Doctor asked "How could you let him go there? Don't you know he is weak? Why did you let him leave his bed?"

"I am sorry doctor but I tried to stop him… He wanted to go to his wife…"

"Will you please tell me what exactly happened here?" Riddhima asked the nurse.

"Yes Mrs. Mallik" Nurse answered "I was checking his drip when he opened his eyes and…..

"Where am I?" Asked Armaan

"You are in the hospital Mr. Mallik." Nurse answered "I'll inform the Doctor that……

"Where is my wife?"

"Outside… She is very worried for you." She stopped mid sentence as she saw Armaan removing his drips "Hey you can't do this."

"I need to go… My wife is crying." Armaan said getting up from the bed

"No she is not… how do you know she is crying?" Nurse said holding his arm

"Because I love her… Now shut up and leave my hand." Armaan said pushing her away

"But you are not allowed to move from here Mr. Mallik you are weak." Nurse shouted as Armaan headed towards the Door

........ He opened the door to go outside and I went to call the Doctor… when I came back he was lying on the floor unconscious."

Riddhima sighed

"I am sorry Mrs. Mallik… I tried to stop him… It's not my fault."

"It's ok Sister… thanks for trying."

"Mrs. Mallik he is just weak… Don't worry there is nothing serious."

"Why is he still unconscious? Are you sure there is nothing serious?" Atul enquired

"Yes I am… Don't worry."

"Come Ridz let's wait outside." Atul said moving outside

"Riddhima… Riddhima please don't." Riddhima stooped as she heard Armaan's voice and rushed to his bed

"I am here Armaan… Please open your eyes." Riddhima said placing her hand on his shoulder

Armaan opened his eyes to see Riddhima in front of him "Riddhima… Riddhima I…"

"How are you feeling Mr. Mallik..." Doctor interrupted

"I am fine Doctor… I need to talk to my wife… Can you please leave us alone." Armaan said in an urgent tone

"Sure Mr. Mallik but you'll have to give me your ten minutes… I want to make sure you are fine… Once I am done with your check up I'll leave you two alone." Doctor said smiling

Armaan held Riddhima's hand as she started to leave " No don't go… I won't let you go away from me... Not this time."

"It's ok Mrs. Mallik you can stay here." Doctor said

After few minutes "As I said before Mrs. Mallik there is nothing serious… this wound will take some time to heel until then it'll be quite painful for him to grip anything with that hand."

Riddhima nodded

"I want to go home." Armaan said pouting "I don't like hospitals."

"You'll get discharged by tomorrow Mr. Mallik then you can go wherever you want." Saying so Doctor left Armaan and Riddhima alone

"You can leave my hand now." Riddhima said sitting on the bed "I am not going anywhere."

"I won't… I'll never leave your hand." Armaan said with tearful eyes gripping her wrist more tightly

"Why did you come there, Armaan? You know you are weak… Why did you do this Armaan?" Riddhima asked caressing his cheek with her free hand

"I came there to tell you I am fine… I came there to make you stop crying… I came there to tell you I can't see you crying… I came there to tell you it really hurts me when you cry… I came there to tell you I can't live without you… I came there to tell you I love you and I'll die if you……"
Before Armaan could complete Riddhima's mouth covered his in a deep kiss that reached for his very soul…All the insecurities of past two years seemed to fade away in that one embrace…

"Why are you so talkative?" Riddhima whispered against his mouth

"I love you." Armaan said kissing her lower lip. He left her wrist and entwined her fingers with his… "Don't move" Armaan said as Riddhima tried to lift her hear.

"Armaan?" their lips touching each other "We are in hospital… you are a patient here… We can't kiss like this in ICU."

"But we are not kissing." Armaan said rubbing his thumb on her hand " I just want to feel your lips on mine."

"Armaan…" Riddhima said blushing

"Riddhima…" Armaan said pecking her lips and Riddhima lowered her eyes

"I love it when you blush like this baby" Armaan said nibbling her upper lip

"Armaan Please…"

"Ok" He took her mouth in his… his hold on her tightened and his lips began to play lightly, teasingly with hers in nipping, grazing kisses…

After few seconds he broke the kiss and gave her a mischievous smile.

"Armaaaan" Riddhima said with surprised wide eyes.

"What." Armaan whispered against her lips "you requested me to kiss you."

"I didn't mean that Armaan, I…"

"Oh… I am so sorry sweetheart." Armaan interrupted… their lips still touching each other's "But I can't make love to you on Hospital bed."

"I… I didn't mean that either Armaan." Riddhima said blushing

"Then what did you exactly mean wify." Armaan asked teasing her

"I meant Armaan please let me move… We are in ICU… we can't stay here like this forever."

"Like this? Like what baby?" Armaan asked innocently

"With our lips locked, Armaan" She answered shyly

Armaan pecked her lips once again and said "OK you can move now but please don't give me a hug… I am dying to hug you."

"Me too" Riddhima said hiding her face in the hollow of his throat… Armaan left her hand and placed it gently on her back

After few minutes Riddhima asked "why aren't you angry with me Armaan?"

"You want me to be angry with you, why?"

"Armaan you know what I mean."

"There is no reason to be angry with you honey." Armaan said caressing her back "I know you didn't kill our baby." Riddhima raised her head to see tears escaping his eyes

"Armaan" Riddhima gasped "please don't."

"I know you had a miscarriage." Armaan said as she wiped his tears


Armaan nodded "yeah I heard everything" he paused then continued "what was it?"

"What was what?" Riddhima asked confused

"Riddhima… What was it… baby boy or a girl?" Armaan asked

"I was only six weeks pregnant Armaan… How would I know?" Riddhima answered and few tears escaped her own eyes.

"I am sorry baby." Unable to control herself anymore she hugged him

"I am Sorry Armaan." Riddhima said sobbing "I am sorry I couldn't save our baby. I am sorry I fell off the stairs… I am sorry."

"Sshh... Riddhima… please stop crying." Armaan said kissing her hair… She lay in his arms for few moments and when her sobs subside Armaan said " I never kissed Anjali Riddhima."

She raised her head and stared in his eyes "but I saw you both kissing Armaan." She answered

He shook his head "it not like this baby" his hold tightened on her back "she fainted on the sofa…I leaned over her to see what's wrong and she pulled me and kissed me." Riddhima's eyes widened with shock "and I guess by the time I pushed her away from me you were gone. Right?"

Riddhima nodded

Armaan sighed and closed his eyes. "You should have talked to me before leaving like that Riddhima… I understand what you saw was very painful for you but you should have talked to me."

"I know what you are saying is right and I shouldn't have behaved like that but when I saw you both so close to each other… I lost my mind… I couldn't think straight…It was just a confirmation to whatever she told me that morning."

"What did she tell you?"

"I was reading your letter which you left with my suit case that morning when she came to your room without even knocking." She said pouting "And when I ordered her to go out she insulted me saying I don't own that place and I am a whore and……"

Armaan clenched his left fist and winced in pain "Armaan don't" Riddhima placed her hand on his wrist to ease his pain and he unclenched his fist "I won't tell you anything if you are going to behave like this… Stop hurting yourself… It hurts me too… It's not your fault." Riddhima said angrily

"I am sorry… I won't do this again… Promise…" Armaan said kissing her forehead "Please tell me…" He pulled her against his chest, his chin resting on her hair, his arm resting protectively on her back. "Tell me exactly what happened."

"Fine" Riddhima said sighing "I was reading the letter when Anjali came in the room…….

I ordered her "Don't you have manners Anjali… Go out… Knock the door and then come."

Ignoring my order Anjali came forward and said "Who do you think you are?"

"What the hell do you mean?"

"You don't own this place… You are no better than a high class whore… Do you really think he loves you? He doesn't love you… he can never love a slut like you… He is mine… you can't take him away from me."

I was very angry Armaan and I slapped her "Get out… Get out of my room." I shouted

"Your room." Anjali said laughing "This is not your room you are just a sex toy for him… He is just taking revenge from you…revenge because of that stupid game you played with us… You are so nave you really believed…"

"Get out" I shouted more loudly… Sarah came running to our room "Is very thing all right Riddhima? I heard you shouting."

"Throw her out of this room." I ordered Sarah pointing at Anjali

Sarah came towards Anjali "Don't you dare." Anjali said glaring at Sarah "I am going"

"Where is Armaan?" I asked Sarah as Anjali went out of the room.

"He is in his office… But he will be leaving in ten minutes… he needs to go somewhere urgently." She told me

"And when came to your office I saw you both kissing"
She heard Armaan sharp intake of breath… He tried very hard not to clench his fist again…

"Where is Atul?" Armaan asked urgently


"Call him in"

"Armaan this is ICU… not a place for family reunion."

"Do as I say" Armaan ordered in a stern voice


"Hey Bro… What's up" Atul said entering in ICU

"Champ, give me your cell phone."

"What are you up to Armaan?" Riddhima asked

Atul gave Armaan his cell phone and he urgently punched a number ignoring Riddhima's question

"Hi… Armaan Mallik… I'll come back tomorrow and I want Anjali Mehra's termination letter ready by that time…" He disconnected the call after giving orders

"There is no need to fire her Armaan." Riddhima said

"No need?" Armaan shouted "We spent two years of our life blaming each other… You suffered so much because of her… we lost our baby… and you are telling me there is no need… Are you out of your mind Riddhima?"

"Ok relax." Riddhima said pressing her cheek on his chest "Do whatever you want but please don't shout… We are in hospital Armaan."


"How does it feel to be home?" Armaan asked stepping inside their house and giving her a quick kiss

"Lovely" Riddhima answered smiling "I don't know about you but I'd like a cup of coffee."

"Good idea" Armaan answered "I am going to have a quick shower then we'll have our coffee."

She entered the bedroom at the same time that he came out of bathroom wearing towel robe.

"Our coffee" She said placing the tray on small coffee table in their room

Riddhima was always moved by the sight of his strong body and her fascinated gaze traveled down the entire length of him before returning to his handsome face.

"Do you have any idea what you do to me when you look at me like that?" he said, a growl of desire in his deep voice

He came towards her and she moaned softly as he pulled her into his arms… He kissed her deeply, hungry for everything she could give him… she clung to him and his hands caressed her back. One palm traveling up her spine to slide beneath her fall of silken hair. Cradling the nape of her neck he tilted her head back to plunder her mouth more deeply.

Her fingers tightened on his shoulders as a weak helpless pleasure went through her. She thought she was falling, and then realized he had swept her off her feet and was carrying her towards their bed. He laid her on the coverlet, his hands roaming over her body, loving and stroking until her senses were on fire

"Armaan…" she whispered breathlessly, wanting him never to stop kissing and touching her.

After their wild and fierce lovemaking they lay unmoving in the absolute peace… Armaan drew her in his arms, holding her to him. His hand stroked the slim plane of her back… She felt his chest rise and fall beneath her cheek as he gave a long, satisfied sigh.

"Are you all right sweet heart? Did I hurt you?"

Riddhima nestled close to him. Her lips against his chest, she murmured drowsily, conscious of the care he had taken not to hurt her, the patience with which he had controlled the urgency of his own need. "Of course not honey… you made sure it was good for me."

"Are you sleepy?" Armaan asked kissing her hair

"Hmm" she answered drowsily

"Then sleep baby." Armaan said nuzzling her hair

Riddhima awoke first to see Armaan sleeping peacefully… His hand lying protectively on her stomach… She moved closer to him to kiss his cheek… Feeling her lips Armaan opened his eyes…he felt very strange then reality struck him "I slept?"

"Yes you were sleeping very peacefully." Riddhima answered smiling

"But how? That's strange."

"Armaan? What's wrong with you? We do sleep at night… What's so strange about this?"

"But what about my Insomnia?"


"Yes I was suffering from Insomnia."

"Since when?" worried Riddhima asked

"Ever since you left me."

"I am sorry Armaan… I really am" Riddhima said with tearful eyes

"Please don't" Armaan said kissing her eyelids

"Will you do something for me?" Armaan asked drawing her in his arms

"Anything Armaan."

"Without arguing?"

Riddhima nodded against his chest

"I will give you Anjali's termination letter and pay check… I want you to go and fire her… I can do that very easily my self… But I want YOU to fire her… Will you do this for me baby?" Armaan asked tightening her hold around her

Riddhima nodded hiding her face in his chest


"Yes what can I do for you Miss Gupta?" Anjali asked entering Armaan's cabin "And where is Armaan?"

"Three things" Riddhima said "First: It's Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik second: you can't do anything for me… I am here to do something for you and third: Armaan is at home."

"What are you doing here?" Anjali asked

"Well I am here to tell you that you are fired… here's your termination letter and your pay check… you can go now"

"But you can't' fire me… you don't have the authority." Anjali said giving an evil smile

"Says who?" Riddhima asked giving her a challenging smile

"You are Armaan's wife… fine, but you are not my employer… Only Armaan has the authority to fire me…"

Riddhima smiled again "Why don't you read your termination letter first… I am just conveying his message… So my dear Miss Mehra you have ten minutes… gather your stuff and get out of here."

"You are such a bitch Riddhima" Anjali said gritting her teeth

"Nine minutes." Riddhima said glancing at her watch

"What the hell do you think of yourself… you can't do this to me… you can't ruin my career…"

"Eight minutes Miss Mehra."

Anjali stomped her foot and went out of the cabin



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