Saturday, 10 February 2018

Part 16: It all Depends on Love(AR)

She entered in the Bedroom to see Armaan busy with his laptop… He raised his head as he heard their bedroom door click open.

"Hey! What's up wifey?"

"How are you hubby?" Riddhima asked smiling

"Mission 'Fire Anjali Mehra' accomplished?" Armaan asked winking

"Yeah she is out of our lives now." She said sighing

"What took you so long?"

"I went to my office to see Atul… He is…"

"Why the hell are you standing there?" he interrupted "come near me... It's been more than 4 hours… I want a big tight hug."

She came forward and sat beside him on the edge of the bed

"I said give me a hug." He said pulling her in a bear hug. "I missed you baby." He said nuzzling her neck

"Me too" Riddhima said kissing the nape of his neck

"Is everything ok at your office?"

"Yes… but I need to give more time to my work… poor Atul… Muskaan needs him and he spends most of his time at office… I'll have to share his work load."

"Yeah you should… you know she was complaining about Atul's work the other day…"

"She is in her last month of pregnancy Armaan… it's perfectly natural if she wants to spend more time with him."

"Ya I know… but do you know how difficult it is for Atul to tolerate her mood swings?"

"Armaan it's a natural thing… these mood swings are normal for a pregnant woman…"

"Mood swings… I can understand that… ok… but she enjoys irritating Atul… you know what she did… she sent him to bring pani puri for her and when he came back she said 'No I don't feel like eating pani puri now' can you believe it"

Riddhima laughed and he continued with Muskaan's funny stories…and after fifteen minutes Riddhima said "Ok enough… Mu stomach is aching now… I can't laugh anymore… I will listen to the remaining stories some other time…"

"Ok as you say princess." Armaan said kissing her nose

"By the way they'll be here in an hour or so."

"But why?" Armaan asked pouting "I don't want any guests here … I want to be alone with you…"

"We are alone for an hour… tell me what do you want?" she asked putting her arm around his neck and staring lovingly in his eyes

"Will you give me what I want?" Armaan asked

"Anything hubby." She answered kissing his nose

"I want a cute little baby girl, just like you." He said pecking her lips

"Armaan!" she lowered her eyes

"Riddhima please try to forget it baby." He said as few tears escaped her eyes "You know I can't see you crying, don't you?" he said wiping her tears

She nodded

"I know it's a very painful experience for you… it hurts me to think about that too… But please try to forget it… for me… will you at least try to forget it?"

Riddhima nodded again and Armaan hugged her tightly

"We lost our baby but it doesn't mean we can't plan another one." Armaan said kissing her hair

"But there is a problem." Riddhima whispered against his chest

"What?" asked worried Armaan

"Armaan I…"

Armaan waited for few seconds but when she didn't continue, he asked "Are there complications after your miscarriage?"

"No… No nothing like that." She answered

"Then what's the problem? Aren't you ready to take the responsibility yet?"

"Nahi Armaan… That's not the problem either."

"Riddhima will you please tell me what exactly the problem is?" he asked impatiently

"main moti hojao gi pregnant ho k to phir…" she said pressing her cheek on his shoulder

"So?" asked confused Armaan

"Then you won't love me the way you do know."

Armaan laughed at her innocence and held her more tightly "Ridddhhimaaa! That's your big problem silly?"

"Armaan stop laughing at me." She said pouting

"Ok baby listen to me." Armaan said breaking the hug "I can never stop loving you baby." He said cupping her face "You are everything to me" he said kissing her fore head "And you know something?"


"You'll look sexier with a big belly."

She hid her face in his chest "Don't hide your face… I love it when you blush like this…"

"Armaan." She said hitting him on his chest

"Ouch! That hurts baby." He said holding her hand and kissing it "Ok now move" he said breaking the hug "I have something here for you."

He took out a small box from bedside table drawer… he opened the box to show her the ring

"Wow Armaan… Kiss k liye hai?"

"I bought it for my ex-girlfriend." Armaan answered smiling

"Armaan… give it to me… I'll through it away." Riddhima said glaring at him

"Don't even think about it…" he paused for a second then continued in a serious tone "You know…one morning I went to buy this ring for her and when I came back she… "

"I am sorry Armaan" she interrupted "I really am" she caressed his cheek

"You know that silly girl friend of mine is my wife now and I won't let her go away from me…" he said slipping the ring on her finger and kissing it "main tum ko ab kahi janay nahi doon ga riddhima… I love you." He said pulling her to his chest

"Main tum ko chor k kabhi nahi jao gi Armaan… I love you too." She said kissing his chest

"Just wait a minute" she said suddenly breaking the hug "that reminds me of something… why didn't you ever tell me that you understand Hindi?" She asked with an arched eyebrow

"Well I do understand hindi." He grinned "and I know what does ullo ka pattha and khotay da puttar mean."

Riddhima blushed with embarrassment and she quickly changed the topic "Ok now get up… Atul, Muski and Niki will be here any minute."

"Niki? She is here in London?" When did she come?

"Lat week I think… we were in Paris then."

"Ok… I'll go and get ready." Armaan said getting up from his bed

"Armaan" she held his hand "I need your permission."

"What for baby?" Armaan asked sitting back on the bed

"I want niki to stay here with us… she is my sister Armaan and I want…"

"You don't need to give me any explanations sweetie… it's our house… You don't need my permission…" he said giving her an one armed hug

"Thank you Armaan." She said kissing his cheek

"But remember one thing… I will throw her out of here if she misbehaves with you."

"How do you know that?"

"Atul told me once that she treats you like her enemy."

"She doesn't treat me like her enemy… Atul exaggerated it."

"We are talking about Atul here… not Muskaan… exaggerating is her department… Atul never exaggerates."

"Why are you always after Muskaan, Armaan… She is a very sweet girl."

"I know she is… but trust me… she is my sister and I know her… she loves exaggerating and over reacting."

"What ever." She sighed "and anyways… Niki di was just angry with me because I hurt her best friend and……"

"She has no right to treat you like that… whatever happened between us is our personal matter and she is no body… absolutely no body to interfere in our personal matter." Armaan said in an uncompromising tone

"Ok baba… relax… I just want you to respect her as my sister… will you please?" she asked placing her head on his shoulder

"I will if she doesn't misbehave with my wife."

She lifted her head from his shoulder "but Armaan."

"No 'ifs' and 'buts' Riddhima… It's not a debate able issue any more."

"Armaan listen…"

"Now shut up and give me a kiss." Armaan said entangling his fingers in her hair and bringing her mouth closer

"Armaan please." She whispered

"Kiss me Riddhima" he said nibbling her upper lip

Winding her arms she caressed his nape and ran her fingers through his thick silky hair… His response was immediate and he claimed her lips… His mouth warm and demanding, his hands moving across her back, tracing the curves of her body… Reluctantly he tore his lips away from hers with the buzz of intercom… "Hell" he muttered

"What is it?" Armaan asked in an annoyed voice and Riddhima chuckled at his sulking expression

"Ok we'll be there." He said and replaced the intercom

"They are here… you go, I'll join in five minutes." Armaan said caressing her cheek

"Ok jaldi aana." She said getting up from the bed and Armaan headed towards the bathroom

"Listen." He said opening the bathroom door

"Yes?" she asked turning around to face him

"I won't let you sleep tonight." He winked

"As if you let me sleep last night." She smiled and left the room.


Armaan entered in the sitting room after few minutes to see Riddhima and Muskaan sitting on the couch.

"Will you please button my shirt baby… it's difficult to do with one hand." Armaan asked Riddhima making a baby face

"Sure" Riddhima said getting up from the couch "this wound will heal quickly if you take your medicines on time." Riddhima said buttoning his shirt

"But I do take my medicines on time."

"Oh really" Riddhima arched her eyebrows "Sarah told me you didn't take your pain killers and antibiotics after break fast."

Armaan bowed his head and Sarah came in the room with a glass of milk and Armaan's medicines

"Here… finish it quickly." Riddhima ordered

"As you say Ma'am." Armaan said gulping his medicines with milk

"Hey muski… how are you sweetheart? How is junior?" Armaan asked moving towards the couch

"Fine Armaan… How are you? How is your hand now? Still paining? How did this happen? Why are you like this Armaan? Why can't you control your temper? Why do you always over react?"

"Oh god Muski… one by one sweetie… so many questions… Ok… I am fine… My hand is much better now… no, it's not paining that much… It was just an accident… I don't know why I am like this… I can control my temper but sometimes it's very difficult… and yes your last question… over reaction muski? You are the one who always over reacts…"

"I don't" Muskaan glared at him

"Yes you do" he smiled


"Ok baba fine… peace." Armaan said putting his arm around her shoulder

"Hmm." Muskaan smiled

"So tell me… how is junior?"

"baap pay gaya hai… ullo ka pattha."

"Muskaan" Armaan laughed "you girls love using this word… right?" he said glancing at Riddhima

"Why are you standing there Riddhima… come sit with us." Muskaan said

"You both were so busy… so I thought its better I shouldn't disturb you." Riddhima came forward and at on the arm rest beside Armaan

"Where is champ?" asked Armaan

"And niki" asked Riddhima "Where is she?"

"She'll come late… and Atul went back to bring the DVD."

"DVD?" Armaan asked

"Yeah… Riddhima was not there na… so I thought I'll show her the DVD today…"

"Nooooo" Armaan shouted "Please muski… For god's sake…you can't torture me like this again… I've already watched that cartoon movie three times… You can't do this to me again… Please Muski…"

"I HATE YOU ARMAAN MALLIK… I AM LEAVING." Muskaan said fuming and getting up to go

"Wait Muskaan." Riddhima caught her hand "You can't go like this… What are you guys fighting for?"

"I just wanted to show you the DVD… you were not there at that time and Armaan is making fun of me…"

"I was not there… where Muskaan? What are you guys talking about?"

"Meri Shaadi Riddhima." Muskaan answered

"Tumhari shaadi kia Muskaan? Ok fine… I got it now… I was not there at your wedding and the DVD is……"

"It's a cartoon movie." Armaan interrupted

"Armaan" Riddhima glared at him

"Fine" Muskaan started crying "You don't love me anymore Armaan… I'll not torture any more… I am leaving… Bye… have fun."

"No Muskaan please… we will watch your DVD… please don't go." Riddhima tried to calm her down

"Hi Guys." Atul entered the room to se Muskaan crying, Armaan smiling and Riddhima trying to pacify her "What's wrong? Why are you crying Muskaan?"

"Let's go Atul... I want to go home."

"WHAT?" Atul glare at her "YOU SENT ME ALL THE WAY BACK HOME TO BRING THIS CARTOON MOVIE…" Atul stopped mid sentence as he realized his mistake and Armaan burst out laughing… "I meant our wedding movie." Atul gave Armaan a warning glare and Muskaan started crying more loudly…Riddhima stood there watching three of them stupidly

"THAT'S IT… I am leaving… bye." Muskaan started moving out but Riddhima held her hand

"No Muskaan please don't go I want to watch this… come sit… and Armaan stop laughing and say sorry."

"But what did I say… she is crying because Atul……"

"Shut up and say sorry… NOW" Riddhima said in a serious tone

Armaan sighed "Ok fine." He sat on the sofa beside Muskaan and hugged her "I am sorry Muski… I was just kidding… I didn't mean to hurt you… I am sorry"

"You will watch the movie with us?"

"I will" he said hiding his face in his hand "but Muski…"

"ARMAAN" Riddhima warned

"Ok fine." Armaan gave up

"And Atul" Riddhima said pointing her finger at him "Say sorry."

Atul came forward and sat beside her on the hand rest " I am sorry honey… I love you baby…"

"AAHH" Muskaan yelled

"What?" Atul asked

"Baby kicked… Ullo ka pattha."

"Stop abusing my baby Muskaan" Atul warned

"My Baby? It's our baby Atul……"

"OK stop… Please don't start fighting again." Riddhima interrupted

Riddhima came and sat beside Armaan on hand rest after playing the DVD… Muskaan's eyes glued to the TV screen… Armaan slipped his arm around Riddhima's waist and pulled her to his lap

"What are you doing Armaan?" Riddhima whispered "We are not alone her."

"Who cares?" Armaan said nuzzling her neck

"Armaan please" Riddhima whispered glancing at Muskaan and Atul

"Riddhima please" he whispered back "I can't watch this cartoon movie one more time… I have better things to do." He whispered kissing her neck
"But I want to watch it."

"You can watch it sitting on my lap… can't you?"

"But Armaan……"

"Shh… See Muskaan is looking so beautiful." Armaan said pointing at the screen

"Beautiful?" Riddhima laughed softly "her whole face is covered with red colour Armaan… Who did this?"

"Armaan… who else…" Muskaan answered

"But why?" Riddhima asked

"It's her haldi ceremony." Armaan answered

"So? Why the red colour Armaan?"

"I don't like yellow colour?" Armaan grinned

"And you know what" Muskaan said "It was a permanent colour" The next scene was of Muskaan's Mehndi ceremony and Armaan burst out laughing at Muskaan pink face

"What is this? Why is it pink now?" Riddhima asked

"Riddhima" Armaan said "Why are you so dumb"

Riddhima glared at him and tried to get up but his grip on her waist tightened

"It was a permanent colour Riddhima… we tried every possible thing to clean it but…" she sighed "Don't ask"

"Oh… Armaan that's too bad" Riddhima shook her head

"Now you know why we called it a cartoon movie" He whispered kissing her cheek

Riddhima smile and they all spent their afternoon watching movie and making fun of each other… Suddenly Muskaan shouted "I am hungry."

"Ok I'll bring something to eat." Riddhima said getting up from Armaan's lap

"No" Muskaan said "Give me your phone Atul"

"Why?" Atul asked giving her his cell phone

"I'll order Pizza." Muskaan said punching the number

"But I don't want to eat Pizza." Armaan said pouting

"See… I told you… You don't love me any more." Muskaan said dramatically

"OK please don't start all this again muski." Armaan said joining his hands in front of her "Order your Pizza… I'll eat it." Armaan said innocently placing his head on Riddhima's shoulder.

"Hey Armaan" Niki said entering in the sitting room

"Hi Niki." Armaan and Riddhima said together

Niki came forward and hugged Armaan pushing Riddhima away from Armaan's lap
"How is your hand now? Oh God! I was so worried for you"

Armaan pushed Niki away when he saw Riddhima's hurt face and hugged her tightly "Are you ok baby?" he whispered kissing Riddhima's temple and Riddhima nodded

"Don't you dare treat my wife like this again" Armaan warned Niki without breaking the hug

Niki nodded "I am sorry… I didn't do it on purpose… It was just a……"

"It's ok di." Riddhima said breaking the hug "how are you?" she asked hugging Niki

Niki reluctantly hugged her back "I am good and you?" she asked breaking the hug

"I am fine di."

"Stop calling me di Riddhima… You know I don't like it." She said arrogantly

"Niki" Armaan said "I know she is your sister but please don't talk her like that… I am……"

Riddhima looked at Atul for help and he interrupted "hey Armaan… will you come with me?"


"I am going to bring chocolates for Muskaan… So will you come with me?"

"Sure dude… You want something Riddhima?"

She shook her head and smiled "Jaldi aana."

"Bye baby" he said kissing her forehead and left after giving a warning look to Niki


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