Monday, 12 February 2018

part 17 : It all Depends on Love(AR)

Atul and Muskaan left after having dinner and Armaan and Riddhima headed for their bedroom… After few minutes Riddhima came out of the bathroom wearing her nightdress

"Come here." Armaan commanded as she came out of the bathroom

"Why?" she asked shyly

"You know damned well why." He growled with husky tenderness

He took a step towards her and held her tightly, the roughness of his jaw grazing the softness of her cheek. She closed her eyes, savoring the iron feel of him… his warm hand stroking the slim curve of her back… Releasing her little he lifted her chin up… her lips felt dry and unthinkingly she touched them with the tip of her tongue.

"Armaan…" she breathed his name as he pulled her almost roughly against him

And then everything faded from her vision except the hard, beautifully moulded mouth that swooped to claim her own… his lips found the throbbing pulse of her throat and then brushed aside the thin straps of her night dress

"God! You intoxicate me Riddhima." He murmured against her lips and then scooped her in his arms and moved toward the bed.


"See what you have done." Riddhima said point at the purple marks on her neck

Armaan smiled at her showing his Dimples "I feel so secure and satisfied when I see you like this." Armaan said with a satisfied look on his face

"Like this? Like what" Riddhima raised her eyebrow

"With my love marks all over your body." He winked

"Why is that?"

"It gives me a kind of satisfaction that you are mine… only mine."

"You are mad, Husband" she said smiling

"I am crazy about you wife" he said kissing her nape

"Ok now… go and take your shower… I'll ask Sarah to bring our break fast here."



Armaan was trying to button his shirt when she entered in the bedroom… He glanced towards the door and smiled at her "help wife."
She hurriedly buttoned his shirt and opened her wardrobe

"What are you doing?" asked Armaan

"Selecting a top."


"To change Armaan" she answered in an irritating tone

"Why are you changing?"

"I am going to office." Riddhima answered

"That I know but you showered and changed your clothes this morning then why are you changing again?"

"I don't wear so bright colours at my work."

"Why not? I love this top baby… please don't change."

"Will you people stop dictating me…. Can't I choose my own clothes?" Riddhima shouted

Shocked by her sudden out burst "What's wrong with you baby? I am not dictating you… I am just requesting……" he stopped as he saw two fat tears escaped her eyes…

"Hey! Kia hua? Why are you crying?" Armaan asked hugging her

"Why does she hate me so much Armaan? Am I that bad? Why does my own sister hate me so much?"

"No body hates you sweetie… stop crying please… and tell me what happened." He said moving towards bed

"Armaan… I… went … downstairs…"

"Sshh…. Stop crying first." He said sitting on the bed and pulling her in his lap

"Armaan I… I… Niki……"

"Riddhima… will you please stop crying…" He wiped her tears with his thumb and caressed her cheeks "If you don't want to tell me then its fine… I won't ask you but please don't cry like this…please."

"I am sorry Armaan… ma tum ko bohot tang karti ho na." she said hiding her face in his neck

"Ha karti ho… bas roya mat karo Riddhima… mujhe bohot bura lagta hai."

"I love you Armaan." Armaan smiled and kissed her hair

"Now will you tell me what happened?" he asked caressing her back

She nodded against his neck "I went downstairs to……"

"Sarah… we'll have breakfast in our room … Armaan doesn't feel like coming down today." she informed Sarah "She turned to go back to her room and saw Niki coming out of guest room "Good morning di" Riddhima smiled

"Morning." Niki replied coldly "How is Armaan?"

"Better di… Just a mild fever" She smiled again

"Will you stop calling me di, Riddhima?"

"But di……" she stopped as Niki glared at her

"Ok fine… what will you have for break fast niki?"

"What is it on your neck?" Niki asked ignoring Riddhima's question

"Umm" she blushed "it's nothing…. Just… umm…"

"I never knew… you're so shameless Riddhima?"

"Why di? What did I do? Why are you talking to me like this?" asked confused Riddhima

"What you did?" Niki smiled sarcastically "you are roaming in house with love bites all over your neck… and you still have guts to ask your elder sister what you have done?"

"In case you are forgetting di… I am a married woman… and the love bites you are talking about are given by my Husband… what should I be ashamed of? Should I be ashamed of being loved by my husband?"

"I don't want to argue with you Riddhima… if you want me to stay here then go and change your top."

"But di Armaan……"

"Keep him out of this." Niki interrupted "only God knows why the hell he loves an Idiot like you."

Riddhima headed towards her bedroom… trying very hard to control her tears…

Armaan's grip tightened on her back with anger "I am going to throw her out of here now." He said getting up from the bed

"Armaan NO… Please don't." Riddhima pleaded but Armaan was adamant

"I told you I'll throw her out of here if she misbehaves with you… Didn't I?"

Riddhima nodded

"So I am going to do that now." Armaan said heading toward the bedroom door

"But Armaan…"

"No ifs and buts Riddhima… I'll…"

"Please Armaan" she said joining her hands in front of him "I beg of you please don't do this."

Armaan held her hands "Why are you doing this Riddhima? Why are you allowing her to insult you?"

"She and Rahul are my only blood relations left with me… first I lost papa then Mom… I really don't want to loose niki di or Rahul… Armaan Please…"

"Riddhima." Armaan sighed "Ok I won't do anything"

"Thank you." She hugged him

"But you'll have to do something for me."

"What?" she asked

"Don't change your Top."

"But Armaan…" he arched his eye brow "Ok."

"We'll have our breakfast downstairs with Niki."

"Why? What's in your mind Armaan?"

"Nothing I just want to have breakfast with my sister-in-law… Do you have a problem with that?"


"Hey Niki… what's up?" Armaan said as he entered in dinning room

"Hi Armaan… How is your hand now?" Niki asked smiling

"Better… Sarah my scrambled egg please."

"Here you go Mr. Mallik" Sarah said coming out of the kitchen. "Where is Riddhima?"

"Coming… you go and get her breakfast too… she'll be here in a minute."

"I am already here" Riddhima smiled at Armaan as she entered

Before Armaan could answer her Niki said in a scolding tone "I thought you went upstairs to change your top."

"I did but…"

"You know I love this top." Armaan interrupted ignoring niki "You look very sexy in this." He winked

Niki made face at Armaan's answer and Riddhima blushed "and if you are done with your blushing" Armaan teased her "Will you come here and feed me breakfast… I am very hungry."

"But Armaan" Niki said "your right hand is perfectly fine."

"Thanks for reminding me Niki but I want to eat with my wife's hand" he glared at Niki "Any problem with that?"

"No… I am Sorry" Niki murmured bowing her head


Riddhima entered in the living room to see Niki sitting on the couch, watching TV

"Hey d… er.. niki… How was your day?" Riddhima asked

"Good and yours?" Niki asked

"Tiring… Where is Armaan?" Riddhima asked as Sarah came with a glass of water for her

"He went outside." Niki answered

"Ok… Sarah will you please make some coffee for us." Sarah nodded and left

"We are having dinner party on Sunday… I hope you are free…"

"Dinner Party… How nice..." Niki answered sarcastically

"To be honest… I am bit nervous about it… It's the first time I am going to entertain as Armaan's wife."
"This situation is quite strange for me." Niki said sipping her coffee

"Strange? Why?"

"I keep thinking I should be the one giving dinner party on Sunday and you should be the guest in this house."

"I am Sorry but I don't follow you."

"No, I don't suppose you do." She sipped her coffee again" I am sure Armaan had far more tact than to tell you that before he asked you to marry him, he asked me."

Riddhima stared at her, emotion bringing a rush of colour into her face "I don't believe you." She cried, her voice shaking a little

Niki smiled "You don't really think you were Armaan's first choice, do you?" her eyes glittered with triumph as she started. "The two of us were lovers before he even met you. Armaan married you purely because he needs a wife, because of the clause in her uncle's will."

"I don't believe you." She repeated, desperately trying to hide the surge of doubt. "I love Armaan and he love me."

"You really think so? Let me give you some advice, Little sis… Armaan is rich, powerful and fantastic in bed… be satisfied with what you have got while it lasts." She said getting up and moving towards the door

"What do you mean, while it last?"

"I would have thought it was obvious. When Armaan realizes it's never going to be as good between the two of you as it was between him and me, he will divorce you."

"I won't listen to another word." Riddhima said fiercely "I won't let you spoile everything with your lies."

Niki paused at the door and said with spite "Lies? Why not ask Armaan about it then?"

"I will not ask him anything… I trust him… I won't let another ANJALI spoil our life."

"Well… as you wish just don't complain about this in future." Niki smile sarcastically "Don't wait for me at dinner… I'll be late" and without waiting for an answer she left troubled Riddhima

"Armaan was right." She thought "I'll ask her to leave… I won't let her spoil our happy life." She wiped her tears "But why is she doing this… she is my sister… why can't she see us Happy together."

The door bell rang, breaking into her thoughts and making her realize how long she had sat in the gloom.. but she didn't go to answer it. She felt she couldn't face anyone right now. She was too upset, too shaken

She pressed her knuckles against her trembling lips, glad that the bell didn't ring again. Whoever the caller was, he had obliviously assumed no one was home.

She stood up with the intention of cooking dinner for Armaan… Then gave a terrified gasp as she saw that a man stood silhouetted in the door way.

"Riddhima?" her panic abated as she recognized the voice.

"Abhi?" she breathed shakily " what are you doing here? How did you get in?"

"The front door was ajar" he explained "when I rang and got no answer I wondered if everything was fine." His gaze narrowed on her "I can see that it's not."

"Everything's fine." She insisted

"Well I hope."

"What are you doing here Abhi?" Riddhima asked

"Aren't you happy to see me?"

"No I am not." She answered angrily "Why did you lie about my abortion that day… you knew very well it was a miscarriage…"

"Well…" he hesitated for a second then continued "I knew Armaan was listening."


"Shut up Riddhima… Why are you so heart less."

"Me, heartless?" she glared at him "You are the one who tried to break our marriage and you are calling me heartless."

"Then why the hell did you do it Riddhima?"

"Do what?"

"You knew I loved you." He said "you had no right to marry someone else when I still wanted you."

"I never knew you loved me and I always loved Armaan… I have full right to marry the person I love.

"But I love you Riddhima." Abhi said snatching her hand and laying her palm on his cheek.

"I don't leave your love." She withdrew her hand and pushed him away.

"But I do." Abhi said fiercely taking hold of her shoulders "I need your love."

Her eyes sparking.. she tried to break his grip but he pulled her tightly against him.. she turned her head aside to evade his kiss

"No" she snapped, the rest of her furious protest stifled as his suffocating mouth came down on hers.

"Take your hands off my wife" Armaan's voice slashed into the room


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