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part 19 B : It all Depends on Love(AR)

"You have no right to ask me any question when you are cheating on me." Riddhima said trying to control her tears

"I am not cheating on you Riddhima."

"Then why did Niki say all that?"

"I realise I should have said this the other night. Because I didn't, it's going to be harder now to convince you that what I am telling you is the truth. But I'd come home to find you with Abhimanyu modi and I was feeling pretty murderous. I wasn't in any mood to discuss something that happened almost three years ago."

"Year ago? Riddhima queried, jealousy clawing at her "That was not niki's story."

"No I don't imagine it was. If I know her she is more evil minded than Anjali… She is worst than Anjali Riddhima… trust me if you can… for once."

"She said you were lovers." Riddhima repeated the accusation

"Well we weren't. I met Niki almost three years ago when she came to meet Muski."

Flash Back

"Hey Armaan" Muskaan came and sat on the dinning table beside him "My friend will be staying with us for few days."

"Friend? Do I know her?" Armaan asked

"No you don't… She is actually my senior at medical school… but a very god friend… her father doesn't want her to become doctor… So she will stay with us for few days."

"OK… poor girl" Armaan said feeling bad for this unknown person

Armaan came out of his room to see a girl standing in the lounge with Muskaan… wearing short skirt and a tank top… "Hey there." Armaan came forward to greet Muskaan's friend

"Hi Armaan." Niki answered smiling widely

"You know me?" Armaan asked

"Yes I do… we were in same school… remember?" Niki questioned hopefully

"Well I am sorry but I don't" Armaan said apologetically "you sure we were in same school?"

"Yeah we were" she said feeling disappointed "friends?" she held out her hand

"Sure." Armaan smiled at her and warmly accepted the offered hand "friends"

She stayed at our place for almost four months… All three of us used to spend lot of time together… we went to parties… Discos… Movies together… But just as friends… we were never lovers… I never slept with her… She was just Muski's friend for me in the beginning then she became a very good friend of mine… Just a good friend Riddhima… nothing more…

Then one day she came to me and

"Hi Armaan." Niki came in Armaan's room to find him working on his laptop

"You're still awake?" Armaan asked glancing at his wrist watch "its 2:30 am"

"I know" Niki said sitting on the edge of his bed "I am felling a bit rest less"

"Is everything all right?" Armaan asked


"What's wrong?" Armaan asked in a soft concerned tone

"I am going to shift in my house tomorrow?" Niki said feeling sad

"So? That's great… you'll shift in your own house tomorrow."

"I'll miss you" she said glancing at Armaan's face

"We'll miss you too Niki… Muski is very close to you."

"And you?"

"Of course I'll miss you too."

Niki came closer and pulled him in a tight hug "I'll miss you a lot Armaan."

Taken aback by her sudden act, Armaan broke the hug and smiled weakly "it's ok Niki… You'll……"

"No it's not OK Armaan" Niki interrupted "Don't you understand… I LOVE YOU."

"WHAT?" Armaan's eyes widened with shock

"Yes… I love you Armaan… I love you very much." Niki confessed and came forward to hug him again but Armaan stooped her by holding her shoulders

"I think you should go and sleep Niki… it's really late." He bodily pushed her out of his room and closed the door


Next morning Muskaan came to Niki's room… "What were you doing in Armaan's room last night Niki?" Muskaan asked rudely "I saw you coming out of his room and I……" Muskaan stopped mid sentence as she saw Niki's swollen eyes "What's wrong Niki?"

"I am sorry Muski… I and Armaan… er… we made love last night and when I told him that I love him he pushed me out of his room."

"What are you saying Niki?" Muskaan asked "Armaan can't do this"

"I know you won't believe me because he is your brother but I am telling you the truth Muski, trust me." Niki said hugging Muskaan and started crying more loudly

"Stop crying Niki… I'll talk to him… I won't let him destroy your life."


"Get up you heartless man." Muskaan said hitting sleeping Armaan with the pillow

"What the hell, Muski?" Armaan said rubbing his eyes

"How could do this to Niki?" Muskaan shouted "How could you be so heartless"

"Heartless? You can't force me to love someone… I don't love her muski…"

"Then why did you sleep with her last night" Muskaan accused him

"I did what?" Shocked Armaan asked "Who told you this?"

"Niki… who else?" Muskaan answered "Don't you dare deny it… I saw her coming out of your room last night."


"In her room"

"Come with me." Armaan held her hand and moved towards Niki's room

"What we did last night Niki?" Armaan asked entering Niki's room "Will you repeat whatever you said to Muski"

Niki got scared with Armaan's angry tone "Muskaan came to me this morning and asked very rudely that what I was doing in your room last night… I got offended and told her that we made love"

"YOU ARE SICK NIKI" Armaan shouted

"I am sorry Muski… I am really sorry… please forgive me…"

Armaan smiled at Riddhima's shocked face "You know how kind hearted Muskaan is… she forgave her immediately… But that was the last day of my friendship with Niki… I always treated her as Muski's friend only after that day."

There was a short silence, then Riddhima said in a hushed voice "She said you'd asked her to marry you and that when she didn't agree, you married me as second best."

"And since she is your sister you believed her." Armaan's tone was dry. "And for your information the little clause OUR VERY CLEVER ATUL found out about… 'The one that control of the Mallik companies can only be assumed by a married man.'… I am afraid it was a bit out of date."

Now what was that supposed to mean? She frowned at him "I don't understand"

"Simple… that clause was removed from the Mallik charter quite a number of years ago… Such a restriction on the head of Mallik's was unreasonable… So uncle Shashank had it removed more than fifteen years ago… Atul got confused with his old will."

"Then why the hell did you ask me to marry you?" she asked


"Why didn't you tell me this on Monday?" she demanded "Why did you let me go through six days of hell believing…"

"You seem to have forgotten this all started on the evening I came home to find you in Abhimanyu Modi's arms." He interrupted harshly

"I didn't want him to kiss me." She declared "If you hadn't been so furious. I'd have been thankful you walked in when you did. From the moment Abhi arrived all I wanted was for him to leave."

The hardness went out of Armaan's face. Quietly, almost on a note of humour, he said "have we both been fools?"

"Yes" she agreed with a glow in her eyes "Why didn't you trust me."

He pulled her close "I was afraid that what Abhimanyu said might be true, that there was something between you and him."

"There was nothing between us… I have always loved you, only you." She whispered, her arms going up around his neck, the last of her lost as his mouth came down demandingly on hers.

She threaded her fingers into the thickness of his hair, her lips parting sweetly as she kissed him back, her response all the more urgent and complete because of the cold aching nights she had spent without him. His mouth was hungry, yet tender, shivers of joy danced over her skin as his hands caressed her.

"Tell me you love me." He commanded, when at last reluctantly, he raised his head

"Riddhima looked up at him, her lips throbbing from their long kiss. His eyes smiled at her and she whispered teasingly "Do you honestly need to hear me say it?"

"I'll let you show me instead." He winked and found her mouth again and as she melted against him surrendering utterly to the passion of his kiss… he groaned deep in his throat. It was the start of a feverish taking and holding.

Without knowing how it happened she found herself lying on the bed… the wonderful weight of him pressing her down. His fingers caressing her naked skin and they were making love as fiercely as if they were appeasing the eternity of need.

She clung blindly to him… expression of satisfaction moved across her features and she lay quietly beneath him. For what seemed like pleasure drugged forever neither of them moved.

Finally Armaan shifted his weight, gathering her into his arms as though she was infinitely precious. She pressed her cheek against his hammering heart while her own pulse slowly steadied.

It was some moments before she stirred. As his hand gently stroked her back, she raised her head "You make me feel so beautiful."

His fingers grazed the soft line of her cheek… he said lazily "You are beautiful, my love… I'd like nothing more than to make love to you again right now, but I think one of us should be ready to answer the door to our guests."

Her hand flew to her mouth in horror

"The dinner part... The door bell could ring at any moment"

She snatched up her clothes that were scattered on the carpet and scrambled into them. Amusement tugged at the corners of Armaan's mouth as he helped her fasten her zip and dropped a kiss on her nape as he finished.

"Do I look all right?" she asked, her cheeks flushed

He drew her into his arms. "Relax." He teased "You look gorgeous and don't worry about Niki… I'll handle her…"

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