Friday, 9 February 2018

part 2 : I Love You Only Forever TS

Her eyes were still closed. She didn't expect a positive response from him. She knew he had gone through a lot and that it would be hard to gain trust from another woman. She also knew that this broken trust was the reason why he never got into a serious relationship with anyone else. After what seemed like eternity to her, she slowly opened her eyes. He was nowhere to be found.

She immediately got up and headed back to where she was staying. She closed the door and leaned against it and closed her eyes to stop tears from over flowing. She had expected this all along yet she couldn't just stop the tears and the sadness that engulfed her. She knew from the start that her confession would spoil her friendship with Armaan, yet she couldn't stop feeling that she would never be able to live without talking to Armaan.

Soon the vacation was over and Riddhima hadn't still seen Armaan after her confession. According to her friends, he had left a week back. The very day she had confessed. She understood that he wouldn't be able to face her.

She soon left to board the train back home along with her friends. She sat on her seat in deep thought. One trip had changed her life and views. She was glad Armaan had come into her life though she wouldn't probably ever see him again.

She reached home and saw her mother. She left her bags and went to hug her. How much she had missed her...

Six months had gone past so soon. She had got herself a job with a decent salary. She kept herself with herself. She had stopped playing cricket with the neighbouring children. She has even stopped going out with her friends as often as she used to. However, one thing she hasn't stopped doing is meeting up with her best friend, Anjali and her family. She loved them all to bits. She sometimes wished she was part of their family. Even they knew that there was something wrong.

She thought she would be able to move on. But then again she was wrong. She had even started imagining him. Like that, one night she heard woke up hearing a noise. She went and opened the balcony door and saw Armaan in a white shirt with a sign saying "I love you". She quickly went back in and closed the door before he could fade away.

One day she came back from work and her mother as usual was pestering her for marriage. She didn't want to upset her mother and at the same time she didn't want to leave her mother either. So she decided to please her mother and say yes. It was going to happen someday.

The day came for which the guy and his family came to see her. Amongst the family, she saw Anjali and the rest of their family. Anjali was giving her a huge smile and she couldn't help but smile back at her. But she was really confused. Why were they here? Who was the guy that she is supposed to marry! She scanned the room quickly when one familiar face caught her eye. And a handsome one too...

She immediately dropped the plate she had in her hands. She stood there simply staring at him. She noticed him smiling back at her. What the hell was going on? The next thing she noticed was Anjali coming running towards her with her arms open for a hug.

"I'm so happy, Riddhima! You are going to be my sister in law! How cool! You know everyone in our family wanted you to come as the daughter in law! So as soon as Armaan said yes which was three months ago, we came and asked your mother and she had to pester you for three months. That was quick; I had thought it will take you a year..." Anjali's constant blabbering was stopped by her mother.

"Shut up Anjali! Riddhima, you don't know Armaan right? He is the only one you haven't met from our ever growing family! He's always used to be out. Not anymore though!"

This chatter continued from the whole family. She had learnt from them that Armaan was Anjali's famous brother whom she would never stop talking about! By now the whole family stood around her. Amongst the crowd, still sitting in his seat, Armaan was staring at her. She knew had been doing that constantly whilst his family was blabbering. She then saw him get up and say something to his mother which she couldn't quite here through the racket. Then once the family had got back down to their seats, his mother announced that she and Armaan should talk privately. She took him up to her room silently and let him in and then locked the room and stared at him.


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