Wednesday, 14 February 2018

part 2 : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

he felt relieved, as the cool water, ran down, adding some moisture to his dry throat. since riddhima left, he became like a mad person. he never knew what to do. since she left, he found muskaan's behavious strange and weird but was never able to match the pieces of the puzzle of his puzzled life. he did not understand, why riddhima left all of a sudden.
but somewhere, his heart confessed to him that, there was something more, which was important for him to know.....

he came out of the trance, when he heard his mobile buzz. he answered.

armaan: yes. dr. mallik here.

dr. mehra: dr. mallik, there is an emergency for my uncle. they stay in London and i got my visa rejected. i can not go there and i want one of the best doctors to be there by his side, until he gets recovered. can you please help me and go to london ? if yes, i will ask one of our staff members to make your visa get it applied right now.

armaan: its okay mam. i can go. but when shall i start ?

dr. mehra: in another 3 days.


3 days passed away for him in a fraction of a second. armaan also came to know that, Dr. Mehra's uncle is none other than, one of his childhood friends, Rohit Sharma's dad. as he landed in the airport, he found his friend, waiting for him, with all the happiness in his eyes.

armaan: hey man. oh my god. you really changed a lot in all
these years. so, how is life going on ?

rohit: life is fabulous. well, i got married and now, having a sweet, cute and a little family with my wife and my parents.

armaan: KIDS ?

ronit: nah. not yet. me and my wife did not feel like having kids so early.

armaan: for how long have you been married ?

rohit: hmm.. (he fiddled. but he can never lie to armaan) for 4 and 1/2 yrs

armaan: oh come on dude. 4 n 1/2 years is too much.

rohit: whatever yaar. aur batao. how is everything ?

armaan: good.. (he just showed a fake smile)


they reached the sharma residence and as the door was opened, armaan got the biggest ever shocks of his life. the one who opened the door was none other than, his love, riddhima gupta. but he never knew. if her second name was gupta or something else. he was confused.

rohit: well, meet my wife, riddhima sharma and riddhima, this is armaan mallik, my best friend ever. but we lost our contacts and are finally meeting now. after a pretty long time. he came to treat papa.

riddhima looked at armaan and her world came to a standstill. she never thought that, they will come across like this. she gave a normal smile and acted normal and succeeded. no one found her behaviour weird.
not even armaan.

riddhima: hello armaan. aur rohit, andar aaoge,
ya phir saare baatein yahan par ki karna hai ?

rohit: oopsie. we are coming.

armaan saw how happy riddhima was there, in her in-law's house. everyone in the house pampered her. his heart ached when he saw her along with rohit. he thought of slapping himself for rejecting her love the other day. he did not understand how to behave. he felt like crying.

after they had the dinner, armaan and rohit, went to the terrace. armaan gets a phone and excuses himself, while riddhima enters the terrace at the same time. she does not notice the presence of armaan but as armaan sees riddhima, he cuts the phone off, and makes his way but stops suddenly.

riddhima: rohit, maine tumhare kamre mein paani aur tumhare multi vitamins ke dawa rakhi hai. unko lelo. aur haan.. aaj mein bohot thaq gayi hoon aur sone jaa rahi hoon. agar koi zaroorat hai toh, dont worry and just knock the door. i think you guys are definitely gonna have a night out. hmm.. papa ab so rahe hai. mumma apne dost ke ghar mein gayi hai. shayad kal subah hi aayegi. okay then. good night. sweet dreams.

rohit: oh okay. yeah. we might have a night out. who knows.
good night. see you tomorrow. sweetest dreams ever... bye...

riddhima: bye rohit.

as riddhima goes out of the terrace, armaan peeps out from the corner and goes to rohit. he had many questions coming in his mind. when they are married, they should be staying in one room. then why is riddhima differentiating like MY and YOUR room. why is she behaving formal with her own husband ? don't they love eachother ?

he recollects rohit telling that, they did not want kids that early.
he was yet again dropped into a pool of confused thoughts. he knew it clearly that, rohit would not fancy hiding something from him.
therefore, he decided to come straight to the point with rohit.

armaan: rohit, yeh riddhima kya keh rahi thi ? i mean her room and yours

rohit: do alag rooms hai. kyun ?

armaan: lekin tum dono toh, pati patni ho.

rohit: well armaan, ab tumse kya chupana hai yaar ? tum toh mere sab se achche dost ho. aur to be frank, mujhe india mein tumse jyzada, koi dost itna khareeb nahi hai. hmm... my story is really a long one.

as you know, i am not at all interested in love, and marriage. i am always passionate about my career and may be, that is the reason why i never had any girl friends around me. gupta's yaani riddhima's family are real close family friends and far relations of my father. to be frank, we all are just like a family you know. 5 saal pehle, riddhima ke father, shashank uncle ko, cancer diagnose hua hai. aur woh aaj bhi chemotherapy ke help se saans le rahe hai. warna, there wont be any possibility.

din pe din, unke health bigadti jaa rahi thi, aur upar se, anjali, yani riddhima ki sister ki shaadi ho gayi hai aur woh aaj kal,
New York mein reh rahi hai. unke saath saath, india se, riddhima ki biological mother, aur shashank uncle ki very close friend bhi aayi thi.
sab se dukhi baat yeh hai ki, she died of brain tumour.

all these things, inturn effected shashank uncle. he wanted riddhima to get married to abhimanyu modi, the son of a rich industrialist. but riddhima, politely refuced the proposal. being riddhima's best friend, i asked her,
what the reason was.. and this was what she told me...


riddhima: rohit, mein sirf abhimanyu se nahi, mein kissi se bhi shaadi nahi kar paoongi rohit... tumhe nahi pata.. mein yeh nahi kar sakti.

rohit: lekin kyun riddhima ? kya hua tumhe ? kissi na kissi din, tumhe shaadi karna hi hoga na. uss din kya karogi ? and this is the right time.

riddhima: then, rohit, you are also of my age na, and you are also one month older to me.. then why are YOU not getting married ?

rohit: you know na riddhima, i am a career oriented person. my mind, since my childhood, never got diverted into such things. i have a reason.
and you just dont have a reason to reject. just think about it riddhima.
uncle lost all the last hopes and wishes in his life. just make him smile riddhima. please don't forget the love and life, he has given you.
okay phir. agar aisa hai toh, i will try to help you if you have a valid reason for me. otherwise, how can i know what is going in your mind ?

riddhima: i ofcourse have a deep reason, which is buried in my heart rohit, which i did not share with anyone except you till today and that is,
i love some one else rohit. i cant tell you his name but i am head over heels in love with him. i can not marry someone else and betray someone's else's feelings, when i have the love of my life, my very first love in my heart.

rohit: toh iss mein bure baat kya hai riddhima ? its okay you wont tell me his name, but call him right now. ask him to come here, and uncle will also be happy and you will also get married to your loved one right ?
this is so simple pagli. oh my god. i am so happy for you riddhu.
you are the bestest and the luckiest one ever. lets go to uncle and..

riddhima: stop it rohit. i cant do that.

rohit: kya hua riddhima. arey, tum ro kyun rahi ho ? is it something like one sided love ? riddhima ? kya hua dear ? mere taraf dekho !!
doesn't he love you ? i am sure he will love you. you are such a sweet one.

riddhima: i myself dont know rohit. whether he loves me, loved me or it was never called as LOVE at all. i never knew rohit

rohit: riddhima, tell me clearly, i just cant understand anything. frist come and sit here. yeh lo, have some water.. hmm.. now speak...

riddhima: rohit, well, we were enemies first. he was also doing his internship in sanjeevani in mumbai. hum jab pehle miley the, hum dono ek dusre ko bohot nafrat karte the. uske baad, mein uske liye care karne lag gayi aur kuch hi mahinon ke baad, maine apna pyaar realise kar liya. but whatever it was, i was scared like, what does he think about me and all. and i was also thinking about papa's reaction because, he did not have such a great positive reputation in the eyes of papa.

then, one day, we proposed our love for eachother. you should just see me on that day rohit.. i felt like, i am the happiest and the most luckiest person ever in this world, for having such a nice and a loyal lover.

many months passed away and i kept loving him more and more and at some moments, i loved him more than myself and even trusted him more than papa, naani and di. he was like my world, my everything and MINE.

one day, he told me that, he wanted to go to rescue his friend and he had to go to out of station for 3 days or 4 maximum and when i asked him about what is the problem, he told that, he promised his friend that, he will not reveal the problem to anyone. one thing rohit. if he would have thought that, i am a part of his, he would have never hid this from me.
and i just got hurt with that.. my love did not come down for him, nor mmy anger did not raise. everything was normal, but when they came back, i saw him interacting more, with one of our co-doctor's muskaan.

i just ignored that, and mein sach mein paagal thi. yeh soch rahi thi ki, woh mujhse bohot pyaar karta hai. pata nahi, mein usko itna trust karna lag gayi thi ki, my heart always took the control over my mind.

lekin ek din, ek staff ki party mein, maine un donon ko, ek corner mein hug karte hue dekha hai. aur muskaan usko ek bracelet de rahi thi, joh greece ki tradition hai, aur woh sirf apne fiance ko pehna jaata hai.
that was it. my heart broke on that day. i felt shattered.

but i tried to join the party. we were dancing in pairs, and suddenly, rahul garewal, who is also muskaan's family friend, became my partner, and he thought that, i was muskaan. he told me to be careful about the one i loved. he even told me that, he will shatter and ruin all my dreams.
then, i cam to know about the bitter truth that, he went to patiala along with muskaan, being her love. i really felt bad.

aur jaise mein buddhu aur paagal thi uski pyaar mein, tab bhi, itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi, mein uss ke side se soch rahi thi. lekin maine socha tha hi, next day hi, usko poochloongi, ki aakhir ho kya raha hai.

and when i confronted him, he insulted me telling that, i never had faith in him. he never listened to one word of mine. he just left to his home town kasauli, resigning from the hospital. then also i did not realise.
i went to kasauli to get him back. uss waqt, muskaan ko yeh pata chal
gayi thi ki, mein us ko, bohot pyaar karti hoon, aur hum dono
ek doosre se bohot pyaar karte hai.

i tried to get him back. i said sorry, i apologised in many ways. i even proposed him for the second time, but he rejected me, and told that, i am unfit for his life style and from the day i confronted him, i was nothing for him and he does not love me. he asked me to f*** off

when i came back to the hospital, he also came on the next day. i just followed what hee told me, because, i became his slave since the day i gave my heart to him, since the day i loved him. i did not even talk to him.
i really felt my heart breakdown on that day. then, one evening,
muskaan came to my house. i just welcomed her inside...

she showed me few reports, which made my life come to an end.


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