Sunday, 25 February 2018

part 2 : Santaan

Getting ready she went downstairs to see her to be father in law sitting touching his feet she took blessings and was then made to sit woth her so called to be husband.Affer a while her mom spoke"Ridhima take armaan outside " she nodded and stood up urgh!!! She hate all this drama extra smiling faces of her in family.

She went out as Armaan followed her as soon as they were far away from the sights of their family rids attacked him"Hey whats this dude i told you that i cant say no so u should!"
"Look Miss Gupta m not the one who is all ga ga over you its just that my dad wants me to marry to u and i dont have anything for u u can say no and its very important for me and make this thing clear if my father doesnt collaborate with ur dads industry it will fall mercilessly"
Saying so he left rids shocked her father is throwing her in a mess willingly for his benefit.
Rids was fumjng she stepped forward and stopped him in corridoor."Hey Mr me kya kisi company k lye tumse shadi krungy? Tumne mjhe bewakoof smjh rkha ha ?" "Well yes for both" and winked.
"Haw" grabbing his collar she attacked him "ooo Mr 6 packs me tumhe chorungy nai tumne mjge bewakoof kaha bewakoof hoge tum khud me me me tumhara gala daba dungy"she said while he chocked.Grabbing her he pulled her hair while she scratched his arms.Both were fighting hard over smth they even dont know.
Suddenly hearing steps they saw their parents quickly they moved apart.Seeing them setting themselves right and seeing their embarrasment they thought its due to some close encounter.
They smiled "chalo i think its done hum marriage date jald se jald fix krte hain" rids eyes popped out at that.
But before she could say all left she just followed them.
Next day it was decided that they will have a small affair of engagement and than a big fat indian wedding.
After one week they had to get marry Anjali one of rids friend told her that she should give Armaan a chance and try best to work in this relation and on high insistence she agreed.
Rids was just moving with flow in this relation and occasionaly she loves how armaan order her for everything.
She was not ready to accept as at every meeting they end up fighting with eachother but deep down whenever he could not make it  she feels bad.It was obvious that armaan has  made special place in her heart.

One evening before their wedding rids was in her room when she saw armaan there too.she was surprised to see him there."Aap yahan?" "Yeah i actually came to inform u smth important these are some papers if u r fine with all the clauses then we can marry i felt wrong by forcing everything on u so here have it" handling her papers he left rids was in trance but later own started reading the papers.And then the biggest shock came that Armaan Malik has a daughter for which u have to take care and wont ever be sharing normal relations with her husband and in return he will save her fathers buisness and will continue giving job to her father he will do everything to save her fathers property.That left rids in daze how can he just sign a deal with her.She was unable to comprehend anything should she marry or not whole night she kept thinking but later in morning she went to her study taking those papers she signed them because now she got to know that she loves Armaan Malik.She had fallen hard for him and will try to be his wife some day in every manner.Determination was the only emotion that could be depicted on her face.


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