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part 3 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Armaan Room

 Armaan & rahul both enter the room.

 Armaan: Rahul plzz order same juice for me.

I will get fresh up.

 Rahul: ok dude,

Come soon ok.

 Armaan: why?

 Rahul: what why yaar.

i will get bore, u known I won't same when to entertain me

 Armaan: so u think I am here to entertainment u.

 Rahul: no I think u come here to change u r cloths,Remember.

Armaan: forget it there is no use of talking to u.

Rahul: helloo, what u mean

 Armaan: plzz order juice for me, I am hungry
Say Armaan closing the door of bathroom.


We can see 5 makeup van is standing in a line near the entrance of the studio.

In each makeup van there are two doors,

 First & fifth makeup van

In first & fifth make up van there is only one room.

In first makeup van is for saroj khan.&

fifth makeup van is for vaibhavi merchant

in second & forth make up van there are also one

in second van Bhaichung Bhutia

 & In forth van Riddhima gupta

Third makeup van

 in third makeup van there is also one room

in first room Juhi Chawla

In each makeup van

toilet & dressing room


This section is a stylishly done bedroom. The bedroom has a double bed and a double wardrobe. This section also has a plasma television and music system. The bedroom has three different lights: blue, white and yellow.

The major section of the van is the spacious meeting room which has all the facilities like a refrigerator, oven and a coffee machine. This meeting room also has a door from where can bring in and take out his car with the help of a portable ramp.


We can see a beautiful girl is coming out from the car

Wearing a simple but beautiful jeans & T-shirt.

See was coming near the studio, when the people show here,

They where shock to see a simple & beautiful girl working toward the studio.

She was giving a cute smile to all the people.

in her lift & right side bodyguard where standing so the people will not hurt her.

After same time all the people came near the girl.

See was giving her autograph to the people & was also talking to them.

One of the guard: madam the show will start in half in hour

Girl :ok.(to the guard)

(& now turning toward the crowd)

thank u so much guysss for loving me.

After same more chit chat see was going toward her makeup van.

The guard where covering her by making their hand in circle around her.


Armaan room

Rahul was busy playing game in his cell phone.

Armaan just came from shower.

His hair was still wet due to the shower.

He was combing his hair.

He was dress in
Ring ring

Rahul how was very busy in his game didn't give any attence to the phone,

Was continuously playing the game.

Armaan: rahul, what r u doing?

Can't u pick up the phone.(irritatingly )

Saying he move toward his phone.

Rahul:what yaar can't u see I am playing the game(same as Armaan tone)

Armaan: hey mom.

Armaan mom: hello beta,

how r u?,u have taken ur medicines or not, what r u doing now?

When will the elimination round will start '..

Armaan: mom chill, how many question u will ask?

Armaan mom: ok fine now tell me.

Armaan : I am fine mom, I have taken medicines,

I have just taken the shower, the elimination will start in half an hour.

Armaan mom: ok beta, do take rest tell the elimination start ok.

Armaan: yes mom. bye love u.

Armaan mom: bye beta, love u too.

Throwing his phone to the bad & he walk toward a small table ,where there was juice & same fruit.

Armaan: rahul can u plzz ask neha,

When will they start the show.

So I can take same rest.

Rahul: hmhhmhm

Armaan: rahul I am telling u same thing.

Rahul: yaa wait I am going.

Armaan: thanks

After rahul was gone ,Armaan starch him self & lie down on the bad,

Hugging the pillow in his hand tightly.

He was still disturb due to the question which the girl ask her.

"tell us the girl name whom u love so much"

why they always behind me for that question.

How can I tell them how is the girl,whom I love more then my self & she also love me the same.

But I don't known why see left me ,when every thing was perfect between us.

We both where so happy in our life,

Which was full of love, happiness, joyful days.

I still can't understand what happen to our relationship, our love.

It's more than 1 & half year still I can't understand why she left me.

I won't to ask her why she left me.

But still I can't ask her.

Why is she not telling me the reason.

I won't to known, why she maid the decision to stay of from me, from my love.

I known same thing is troubling her, but she will not tell me.

How can she tell me to forget her.

Which I can't do.

She also known that I CAN NEVER FORGET HER.

But still she is telling me to forget her.


move on. How can I move on.

She was telling me that she is also moving in her life.

But I known all this she was just telling me.

She will never move on.

I known she was moving in her carrer.

Which was our dream?

But still she is not able to forget me, our love.

I have tell her many time that I CAN NEVER FORGET U but still.

When ever we meet she never talk to me.

When I wan't to talk to her.

She just ignore me.

We both are completing each other dream which we

Dream for each other.

She wonted me to become a actor.

Which I am

& she is also in her carrer.

Then what happen all of sudden.

I have to known the reason. But for that

I have to talk to her.

& see is not ready for talk to me.

But now I have to find same way to talk to her.

I wan't to no the reason.

& I will no the reason.

Knock knock

 Man: sir shoot will start in 15 min.

Armaan: ok thanks.

we can see a girl is sitting in a room.

She was looking beautiful, sexy & cute

 Knock knock

Girl: come in

Man: Riddhima madam, neha madam told that shot will be start in 15 min,

She was calling.

Riddhima: ok let's go

Riddhima start working toward door, but just then her cell start ringing.

She turn back for taking her phone.

Seeing the caller name, her face glow up ,

Riddhima: hello honey.

Moving toward door & talking to on phone.

Getting down from the van. she maid her way toward the studio.

She was so busy on phone,

That she didn't notice that same people where watching her.

She move toward entrance,

& get in but suddenly ,

she was unbalance ,was about to fall ,

when same strong arm came & hold her farmly.


After the man left Armaan start combing his hair.

& going out from his room from the studio,

when he so that there was same water in the entrench of the get

he told one of the crow member about that.

The crow member imigatly told the cleaner to clean the floor.

Armaan was still there he was talking to one of dancer.

One he show that same one was coming toward entrance

Before he could say any thing to that person , that person lost her balance.

Armaan how was near the door . he hold the person tightly in his Arm.


Riddhima how was thinking that she will be on ground next moment .

But she failt same one Arm around her.

Imigatly open her eyes.

Both where looking at each other.

Riddhima get up & was adjusting her dress.

When she her a voice full of concern

Armaan: are u ok.

Riddhima: yaa ,thanks

(Looking up)

Armaan: it's ok.

Riddhima didn't look up for once & she start walking to ward the shoot area,

Riddhima madam

Come a voice from behind

Riddhima turn & show a crow member was holding her cell phone.

Crew member: mam ur cell.

Riddhima: thanks.


same of the creative team member was sitting in green Room or we can say recoding room.

They where discussing how to shoot the actor,

Which position etc'..

Neha: guyss there is a big problem.

All to gether: what?

Neha: ememe guysss wo

Disha: speak up neha.

Neha: for final we have selected the actor & actoress, In  that Armaan partner,


She just called up &

Disha: & what (getting tense)

Soraj: chill disha, & what neha (clamly)

Neha: she just give me a call 7 told me that she can not perform.

With Armaan in final of JDJ3.

All to gether: what

Mohan: but why?

She must have given u any reason & she have also sign the contract.

Neha: yaa I known I told her.

But she told me that she is not felling good.

She meet with accident , her hand is facture .

Disha: now what will we do.

Armaan should have any partner,

& we also have to announce Contestants partner tonight.

Kewal: guyss chill we will see that after the shoot.

Now we have to concentrate on ellimation round

So plzz chill beocz we have to be clam ok.

Neha: but guyss u don't think so we should talk this with the contestant & juges.

They have right.

Mohan: yaa u r right.


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