Thursday, 15 February 2018

part 3 : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

aur jaise mein buddhu aur paagal thi uski pyaar mein, tab bhi, itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi, mein uss ke side se soch rahi thi. lekin maine socha tha hi, next day hi, usko poochloongi, ki aakhir ho kya raha hai.

and when i confronted him, he insulted me telling that, i never had faith in him. he never listened to one word of mine. he just left to his home town kasauli, resigning from the hospital. then also i did not realise.
i went to kasauli to get him back. uss waqt, muskaan ko yeh pata chal
gayi thi ki, mein us ko, bohot pyaar karti hoon, aur hum dono
ek doosre se bohot pyaar karte hai.

i tried to get him back. i said sorry, i apologised in many ways. i even proposed him for the second time, but he rejected me, and told that, i am unfit for his life style and from the day i confronted him, i was nothing for him and he does not love me. he asked me to f*** off

when i came back to the hospital, he also came on the next day. i just followed what hee told me, because, i became his slave since the day i gave my heart to him, since the day i loved him. i did not even talk to him.
i really felt my heart breakdown on that day. then, one evening,
muskaan came to my house. i just welcomed her inside...

she showed me few reports, which made my life come to an end.

this made armaan jerk with shock, who was listening to the flashback cautiously, and his heart started beating heavily to know the truth, that had been, deeply hidden, and which was hurting his life, and which was causing an incompleteness in the puzzle of his life. he felt that, he is finding the piece from the puzzle of his life again after 5 long years.

armaan: oh my god rohit. is this something like, muskaan is the evil character in riddhima's life ? (he asked as if he is just listening to a story)

rohit: no armaan. muskaan ki koi galti nahi thi. the complete fault is with the guy, who riddhima is in love with. he was the culprit and a b*****d.
he is a womanizer, a casinova, who just plays with girls for his pleasure.

armaan:  just tell me what happened rohit.

rohit: hey armaan. dude, why are you getting angry, and why are your eyes getting wet ? (rohit was really confused to see armaan's face bearing unusual expressions, which were never expected)

armaan: (trying to cover up) rohit, i am a human being too. and i have certain emotions too. she is your wife, and i really feel sad for her.

rohit: thats so kind of you armaan.. let me tell you the remaining..

FLASHBACK continues...

rohit: toh kya hua riddhima ? what were there in those reports ? please tell me riddhima.. and stop crying. see, you are crying all over again aur jab bachpan mein thi, tab hamesha se bolti thi na, ki crying doesnt help.. hm


muskaan got her pregnancy reports rohit. and the father of her baby was none other than the one, who is my everything, my love and the reason for which i am living rohit. i trusted him so much and he broke my trust rohit.

that day, i was not ready to believe that, the one whom i love will be doing this. i was stubborn, confident and i blamed muskaan.. but you know, she showed me the DNA reports, which proved that, he was the father...

muskaan told me that, he was playing with me, and at the same time, promised to marry her, and she even told that, they are already engaged and are going to tie the knot soon, may be in a week or so.

she begged me to give her life. she asked me to leave her fiance.
i felt vulnerable rohit. you dont know.. i can never imagine that, the love of my life, did this to me. i never thought that, i was just a toy for him.

but still, i gave my heart to him, and even till today rohit.. even today.. he still has my heart with him rohit. i can not withdraw my love for him rohit.


till my last breath and till the end of my life.


rohit: this was what has happened armaan. she had left her first love, whose name, she never told me till date, just for the sake of muskaan's future and ofcourse the future of the kid. i asked her about what will happen if that guy did not marry muskaan.. and seriously speaking.. she is still not realising armaan. she is telling that, even though, after he did all this mess, she has so called confidence in him that, he will not cheat anymore. she is so stupid at times armaan. she keeps telling such things about that guy. i just dont find perfect for him.

armaan: (who was unable to digest all this. now, he came to know about, why muskaan never met her eyes with him. his only doubt was, why has she married rahul, when she created all this nonsense in his life ?)
but rohit, how come did riddhima marry you then ?

rohit: oh my goodness armaan. we were never married at all. she is a sisterly one for me. i mean, she is not my sister.. but i find sisterly love in her. actually, shashank uncle lost his hearing senses, not he can walk or talk properly. he indirectly threatened that, he will kill himself and will attempt a suicide, if me and riddhima will not get married.

we managed with the doctor, we immediately went to the hospital wearing two garlands.. and he thinks that, we are married. i mean come on man, i am against marriage. you know that right. i just told that, to tease you and fool you. and riddhima also acted accordingly because, she thinks that, you are her papa's doctor, and you might leak the secret to him.. and he will again plan for another shandaar suicide. she doesnt want to loose her father nor stop loving that womanizer. we are married only to the eyes of dr. shashank gupta. even anjy knows the truth.. but she even doesnt know about the name of that guy.

armaan felt extremely hurt, when he heard his best friend call him womanizer. and he was more than happy after listening to this marriage story and how everything went all these years.... he felt like killing muskaan and tearing her into pieces, but he felt so happy that, riddhima still loves him, just like before inspite of all the happenings.

armaan: rohit, i just want to tell you something..

rohit: yeah armaan. batao na...

armaan: rohit, please dont get hyper at what i tell and just listen peacefully. i promise, i wont hurt anyone.

rohit: go ahead armaan. i will keep quiet like a baby okay.

armaan: Dead rohit, i am the one, whome riddhima loved. and just dont come to conclusions. whatever riddhima told you, until i rejecting her, and she not talking to me in the hospital was correct. but i never loved muskaan not she is a pregnant. how come i never knew that, when she was having my child ??? DISGUSTING Angry she was equal to a sister to me. i just helped her from getting married to an illeterate punjabi, who is addicted to farming. maine joh galti kiya na, that was just because of my bloody ego. i started hating myself since riddhima left me, and i still love her rohit. and you know, i dont have anyone in this world other than riddhima. you know, that muskaan, after doing all this, is happily enjoying her married life with rahul garewal.
i am the one, along with riddhima, who is suffering. i feel like killing that muskaan with my bare hands. after all the help and risk i have taken for her, is this what she does to me in repayment. i will prove her wrong infront of riddhima, and will make her realise her bloody mistake.

rohit, at first, rose with anger, but when he listened to whatever armaan said, and just because, he himself knew armaan's heart, felt sorry for both armaan and riddhima and just kept quiet, without uttering anything.

he never in his wild dreams thought that, muskaan would stoop so low.
he did not know the exact reason, why muskaan behaved like that, and he did not understand, why muskaan married rahul.

armaan:  (tears running down like waterfalls from his red bloodshot eyes) rohit, with your permission, kya mein apni riddhima se baat kar sakta hoon ? please rohit. meri zindgi abhi adoori hai, please usse poori karne do mujhe. mein riddhima ke bina jee nahi paaonga rohit.

rohit: i understand armaan. i dont know why, but i want to trust you this time. but next time, if you ever hurt riddhi, i will hurt you badly. you can go and meet her. afterall, she is yours, and you have the right.


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