Monday, 26 February 2018

part 3 : Santaan

After closing the file she went in washroom to get ready.Soon she came out and her make up stylist came up and knocked she opened the door.She had started getting ready when her friend anjali came up.As soon her make up was done the girl left and she went to change anjali started collecting things they had to take down and send along rids when she saw the file she opened and reading them she was shocked when she heard the sound of click she instantly turn around and the only word came out was 'WoW'she was about to say more when rids tried to take file from her hand.she get back to question rids "ridzi tera dimaagh khrb ha?Armaan tujhe as a wife accept b nai krha phr bhi tu uske baby tk ki responsibility utha rae ha?" "Han anji me janti its stupid but yaar i love him and after knowing his view he simply gave me option so y shant i oblige it but i know he is nice.Me uske nai par apne pyar k lye koi koshish tou kr skty hun na?"Anjali got really emotional and impreses she tokk her in arms and said "I am with u rids u did the best thing"

Soon they were called down and they left armaan was not able toget his eyes off her.They both got married and after bidding everyone bye they went home Billy welcomed them very warmly and they went into the room armaan instantly went to his angels attached room he cooed her in his arms and kissed her rids keep on staring at duo the baby was indeed cute.She saw armaan taking her into their room she was happy she saw armaan trying to take the bottle of milk from the table while holding baby and it was difficult so she moved ahead to help him  she took bottle armaan gaze feel on her their eyes met. Taking bottle he made angel lay and drink.Ridhima keep on looking at them.
After sometym armaan came to her and said "i hope u wont have problem if she sleeps there?" "No not at all indeed armaan ur baby is too cute" Armaan smiled "Thank you u change and sleep its quite late i know its not a natural marriage but we have to follow rituals our families are doing" she nodded and moved to change armaan also changed and laid on the bed pulling angel closer to him ridhima came out to see both of them laying she wished she was mother of this cute kid.she laid down and switched off the lights. Armaan said"Ridhima" "hmm" "Dad is here for some months more u only had to compromise till then after he goes back i will arrange another room for u" "Armaan its fine for me i dont have problem dont be sorry"
Both dozed off soon in morning rids felt a soft touch on her face.she opened her eyes to see the cute princess infront of her tapping her face when she opened her eyes the baby instantly smiled showing her toothless face.she smiled and kissed her nose as she has a long nose just like her father.ridhima felt good that the baby willingly came to her she took her in her arms as she sat on bed resting her back the baby nudged her to stand up and give her milk.Rids smiled at her antics she gave her a sloppy kiss saying"Aww my little baby is hungry we will just go and have your milk from kitchen she went downstairs to see all the servants preparing breakfast.As they saw her the head came to her "Maam u need anything?"smiling."uhh yes she is hungry where's her milk bottle" "oh Yes maam u go i will come in a minute"marry said."Okay m in the lounge be quick my baby is hungry" kissing angel again she went out.They both settled them on couch as marry came she laid her in her lap and made her drink.
After some time armaan woke up in the room not seeing angel  along with him he panicked.without caring about anything bare feet he rushed out to screaming "Marry  Marry Marry where is angel?" Everybody gathered in lounge and as armaan gawked from stairs he saw angel very fondly laying in rids lap and touching her finger on ridhima's lipe as rids kisses in response. Seeing the sight armaan forgot everything this seems so gud Armaan for the first tym in his life felt complete in every way.Ridhima asked him what happened through which he shrugged and was about to go back when angel screamed so he picks her up he quickly moved down  and took her in her arms."my baby where were dada was missing u nA" in response angel just sucked his cheek.He smiled geniuenely.he felt someone gaze at him he saw rids looking at him as soon he looked at her she looked down as her cheeks turned red.
That moment armaan moved upstairs to room taking angel.Rids was stunned at her own condition as trying hard her cheeks turned crimson.Ignoring the thought she moved up to see angel laying on bed with all toys sprawled on bed around her as cushions were kept for her safety.She heard the falling water and supposed as Armaan having bath.she settled her self near angel and started talking to her when armaan came out he saw angel sitting on rids stomach and she was tickling as the both laughed he was indeed impressed after ages he felt complete may be his presence was not that much affective for angel he may be did right by marrying ridhima she is a mother to angel and thats best.His heart was asking him to say he had fallen for her but his ego didnt let him.

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