Saturday, 3 February 2018

Part 30: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Muskaan stood in the hall of the garewal mansion which was decorated to the hilt with wedding decorations. She still felt a bit dazed as she realized it was her mehendi today which for some reason was being held in the garewal mansion instead of her parents place. She was looking around the hall and the adjoining area where the mehendi ceremony was to be held which was decorated with flowers and drapes of sheer fabric when she came across shilpa who was standing on a ladder securing a string of flowers at one of the doorways.

Muskaan eyes widened and she exclaimed: Shilpa! what are you doing on the ladder?
Shilpa without looking at muskaan continued to secure the flowers: I'm playing football!(done with the flowers she looked back to see muskaan frowning) chill muskaan!(climbing down the ladder)
Muskaan: there are so many servants and decorators roaming around the place so why are you doing this?
Shilpa smiled at her: b'coz I want things to be perfect for you and that needed my touch. May I ask what are you doing roaming around when you should be getting ready for the function.
Muskaan shrugged her shoulders: I just wanted to see how everything looked. (she turned in a circle) you know you are doing too much.
Shilpa wrapped her arms around muskaan from behind: who else am I going to do this for? I love you and rahul both and I want to make this occasion special for you guys. Now go and get ready(she gave her a little push) otherwise rahul would be here and you will still not be dressed.
Muskaan: ok! I'm going! What about you?
Shilpa smiling: don't worry! I'm right behind you! Plus I have to check on my other guests who have flown in especially for this occasion.
Muskaan grinning wickedly: ooh! The very delicious looking steve! How you managed to resist him is beyond me.
Shilpa laughing: well the same reason you resist him! I've got one yummy doctor who I can't wait to eat up so steve would just have to wait b'coz I'm on a armaan diet.(making muskaan dissolve into a fit of laughter)
Rahul and armaan entered the hall amidst friends and family, they were welcomed with thousands of rose petals being strewn over them. Both looked around the hall looking impressed with the ambience when ananya walked behind them: my god! This place looks something out of a fairytale!
Rahul grinning: I think shilpa has gone all out on this one! I'm scared what she is going to do on the actual wedding.
Armaan grinning: worried about the bill?
Rahul grimaced: yes! But not for the reason you think (making armaan raise his brows in silent question, rahul sighed) shilpa's footing the bill. She won't listen to reason, insists that if one or both of our parents would've been alive they would've paid the bill. (shaking his head in disbelief) she says to think of it as a gift from them and not her, as if that is possible.
Armaan in disbelief: she never said anything about it to me.
Ananya: why should she? This is between her and rahul, (rolling her eyes in disgust) men and their egos. You two stop worrying about stupid things, rahul and shilpa are family if she won't do it for him then who else.(giving armaan and rahul a meaningful look) now I want happy faces and no more stupid discussions I'm going to look for my daughters in law.(leaving armaan and rahul behind)
Rahul pursed his lips: so when do you think muskaan and shilpa will be making an appearance.
Armaan frowning: lets find shilpa first then we can get you to muskaan.
Both started scouting the guests filled hall, after every 10 minutes they were greeted by guests who wanted to congratulate rahul and give him blessings. After half an hour of these greetings armaan and rahul were ready to run from there.
Rahul: lets find your maa, maybe she knows whats happening?(armaan nodded in sarted to look in earnest for his mother, when suddenly the crowd infront of him parted but what stopped him in his tracks was the sound of a familiar laughter)
Armaan slowly turned to the sound of laughter he dreams of and saw shilpa standing in a group of people. Her face glowed with happiness, her eyes sparkling with merriment as his gaze travelled from her face to the rest of her, he drew in a breath. She looked like a divine goddess dressed in a burnt orange sarree with a gold blouse and trimmings. Jewels sparkled at her ears and wrists, she was wearing her hair the way he liked best, straight and loose down her back. She was talking to her friends who had come from States to attend the wedding on her invitation, she turned so that her back was towards him and she swept her hair from her back to lie across on shoulder. Armaan almost swallowed his tongue as the there was no back to the blouse she wore leaving the creamy expanse of her back bare to his avid gaze.
Rahul smiled knowingly and murmured to armaan: down boy! Not infront of the guests (making armaan look at him with daggers)
Armaan was about to move towards her when shilpa threw back her head and laughed and a pair of masculine arms wrapped around her. Armaan stopped, beside him rahul stopped and took in the scene enfolding infront of him. Shilpa stood there completely at ease laughing and arguing at the same time with a foreigner dressed up in Indian clothes. The man leaned down and whispered something in shilpa's ears making her laugh even more, armaan growled making rahul look up at him in alarm.
Rahul: if I'm not wrong isn't he the oh so delicious steve!
Armaan gave rahul an appraising look: I didn't know he was your type, I think I need to have a talk with muskaan.
Rahul: shut up! That's what muskaan calls him besides a younger version of Kevin Costner.
Armaan literally growled: Kevin Costner! He's not that good looking!
Rahul nodded his head: exactly! But muskaan thinks…
Armaan: she thinks too much(mumbled without taking his gaze of shilpa who stood very close to steve as they continue to converse) I think I'll go over there and have a word with shilpa (he started to move forward but stopped when for no reason shilpa looked across the room and their gazes clashed)
Armaan couldn't move or blink away from her gaze. It was as intimate as a kiss and when she smiled at him love shown out of her eyes.
Rahul moved up close to armaan and whispered in his ear: hot damn! You are one lucky son of a gun! Did you look at her face when she looked at you, she lit up like a Christmas tree. Armaan! Forget steve! She's coming towards us don't do anything stupid!
Shilpa came up to them but her eyes were on armaan on the last moment she shifted her gaze towards rahul: hey handsome! So what do you think? (she gestured towards the hall decorations)
Rahul grinned at her: impressive! So (gesturing towards her friends from States with his chin) are they having fun?
Shilpa turned to see whom he was referring to giving armaan a view of her delicious looking back: totally!(smiling widely at him) giving them a taste of all Indian wedding. (she turned towards armaan to say something but the moment was interrupted)
Ananya: shilpa! they are calling you beta!(shilpa excused herself as quickly made her way to the stairs)
Ananya looked from shilpa's back to armaan's face: what?
Armaan exhaled loudly: nothing maa!
Rahul grinning widely: ya! Nothing maa! Just bad timing!
Ananya: what did you say?
Just then Muskaan came down the stairs dressed in a green lehenga and wearing jewellery made of flowers. Even her hair were braided and flowers were twined in each plait, she looked ethereal. Muskaan's mom brought her to the centre of the room and made her sit down on a low stool which was again decorated with flowers.
 Shilpa made her way to muskaan carrying a dish full of mehendi followed by girls carrying sweets and floating candles in a dish full of water. They came to her singing with shilpa in the lead
Mehndi Ni Mehndi …. 4
Tere Hatthan Vich Phul Bann Khildi
Mehndi Badeyan Naseeba Naal Mildi
Te Gaadha Rang Je Chadhya Ho Gayi Balle Balle Oye Oye Oye Oye
Mehndi Ni Mehndi …. 4
Rahul stood mesmerized by the sight of a slightly blushing muskaan, he had never seen this side of muskaan. Without his realizing shilpa stood on his side grinning at him before he could make a move one of shilpa's friends grabbed shilpa by hand and dragged her away.
Hey Yo, I'm Telling You So Let's Go
Feel It In The Tempo
We Not Care About Them, We Just Super Like Nintendo
We Gonna Buzz It Off, Feel The Music In You Bones
Dj Play That Tune Give Me Something New
We're Gonna Party All Night Long
Shilpa and her group of friends grooved to the beat of the music that the dj was playing which a more of hip hop and cross over music. Rahul couldn't help but laugh at the enthusiasm with which shilpa was moving to the music he turned to see muskaan also laughing at the scene infront of her. He got lost once again at the sight of her beautiful face and he joined the festivity as he started to sing.
Biba Meri Biba Jo Aayi Hai Cham Se, Biba (everyone turned to look at him surprised)
Biba Meri Dhadkan Khan Khan Khanke, Biba
Don't Worry About A Thing(one of the gals circled around rahul and armaan)
Just Let The Music Play
Just Feel It In You Soul(the girls moved up against armaan and rahul grooving to beat of the music)
We're Burning Up The Floor
Shilpa came skipping up to rahul as she grabbed him by the shoulders
Enna Tu Sohna Hai, Panga Toh Hona Hai(she threw a arm around his shoulder as she flicked his nose with her finger)
Dil Ne Toh Khona Hai, Bach Ke Tu Reh Zara(she looked pointedly at armaan before she turned away)
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya Rola Pe Gaya
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Biba Tere Haathon Mein Mehndi Damke, Biba (shilpa grabbed muskaan mehendi covered hands)
Hoye Biba Teri Aankhon Mein Sapne Chamke, Biba (a smiling shilpa bumped her head next to muskaans as they exchanged an affectionate hug)
Haan Tez Tadaka Hai, Bilkul Patakha Hai (Armaan sauntered up to them)
Daala Kya Daaka Hai, Dil Pe O Jaaniya(he sat near both of them and his gaze ended up on shilpa who looked back at him with a smile which ended widened as he winked at her)
Aankhein Yun Seke Hai, Daane Yun Phenek Hai (Shilpa leaned forward and pulled rahul to sit beside muskaan)
Chup Chup Ke Dekhe Hai, Keh De Khul Ke Zara (she turned and flicked armaan's nose with her finger as she smiled knowingly)
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya(shilpa got pulled by a pair of girls to join in with the dancers, shilpa pulled armaan along as she went)
Sab Se Keh Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Mainu Luteya Ae (rahul bumped shoulders with muskaan making muskaan giggle)
Tere Nakhre Ne Maar Suteya Ae
L I V E Lively, S T O P No Stopping Me …. 3
L I V E Lively
Pao Ji Shaguna
Baabul Tera Mehlaan De Rangle, Biba(Ananya along with muskaan's mom circled both shilpa and muskaan, kissing them on forehead)
Bue Vicho Sapne Hain Langne, Biba(shilpa drew muskaan to her and hugged her)
Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi, Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi(shilpa drew back singing and bumped into armaan)
Dekhe Teri Aankhon Se Nazaare, Biba(armaan wrapped an arm around shilpa bringing her body in closer contact with his)
Ho Chamke Hain Kal Ab Saare, Biba(bringing her face closer to his he looked deeply into her eyes)
Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi, Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya(girls surrounded them and started dancing around them breaking the moment)
Dil Se Gaya Rola Pe Gaya
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya(Shilpa laughingly pulled armaan, rahul and muskaan for a jamming session)
You Got To Do, What You Do
To Get You Much Higher
Don't Do What You Do And Grab That Light Of Fire Now
Do What You Do To Get You Much Higher
Don't Do What You Do And Grab That Light Of Fire Go
Don't Do Don't Do Come On, Bib
All four danced wrapped up in each other arms, armaan pulled shilpa from the centre of the crowd of dancing people and pulled her outside in the star lit night. Shilpa went out with him breathless and flushed with all the dancing, as they stopped outside with the air filled with the smell of roses shilpa turned to look at armaan. Before shilpa could say anything armaan pulled shilpa in his arms and pressed his lips to her and that quickly every thought and thing disappeared for shilpa. She wrapped her arms around his neck, secure in his arms she lost herself in his kiss as he was lost in her.


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