Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Part 35: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan stood there with his arms around shilpa oblivious to the rain that poured down on them, he pressed a kiss to her forehead and felt her shiver only then did he realize the goose flesh on her arms b'coz of the rain that continued to beat down on them.
Armaan drew back and looked at shilpa who had her hair plastered to her head with her clothes sticking to her like a second skin. Armaan ran a  hand through his wet hair slicking them back from his face with the palm of his hand.

Armaan: I better take you home before you fall sick!(in response shilpa wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest)
Armaan's heart clutched at the love so evident in her gesture, he looked up at rahul and muskaan to find them looking at them with smile on their faces. Armaan still holding shilpa: we are heading to my place, you two are coming?
Rahul grinned: love to!
Muskaan added: but we won't(glaring at rahul) we've gotto go back to hospital!(looking pointedly at rahul) if you remember we still work there and we ran from there without notifying any one.(looking at armaan's thoughtful expression she added) don't worry we'll cover for you!
As rahul and muskaan left, armaan and shilpa also made their way to armaan's car as they made their way home. Once in the car shilpa glanced at her engagement ring, admiring it, it had a huge emerald in the center with diamonds forming a band around it.
Armaan: the emerald reminded me of your eyes(making shilpa look at him while he drove)
They continued the rest of the drive in silence, armaan kept glancing at shilpa worried as she stayed quiet, when he saw her smiling looking at her ring, the knot of tension eased in his stomach. Just as soon they had reached armaan's house, armaan quickly got out of the car to open shilpa's side of the door making her smile at his chivalrous side. As she got out of the car instead of running straight for the door to get out of the rain she stood there looking at the house which she had thought of as home.
Armaan saw her mood turn pensive as she looked at the house, to distract her he gently wiped the rain that was flowing down her face, across her cheek. Shilpa looked at him: I had thought I had lost this!
Armaan: lost what?(not understanding her meaning)
Shilpa took a breath: there have been only two places that I have ever called home. One my parents house in Austin and second(looking armaan in the eyes) this house where I've lived with you. When things had turned (she stopped and then continued again) when I  had decided to leave it hurt that I was leaving my home behind.(Shilpa looked towards the house and the back towards armaan) our home!
Armaan absorbed those two simple words "our home" and thanked god for stopping shilpa from leaving b'coz of one thing he was absolutely sure he couldn't have survived without her. He gently clasped her hand and drew her to him: Welcome Home!
The smile shilpa gave him was brilliant, her whole face beamed as happiness glowed in her eyes. Hand in hand they walked up to the door, as armaan unlocked the door, shilpa stopped him just as he was about to enter: take of your wet shoes! Maa will kill us if we walk in like this.
She stooped down to untangle the wet laces of her sneakers, armaan also bent down and took of his shoes, she left the shoes outside and made their way inside barefoot. Shilpa walked in ahead of armaan looking around the house smiling she turned to look back at armaan to see him walking behind her. She did a quick turn in the center of the room and looked back at armaan: where's maa!
Armaan: she and dad left!(seeing shilpa's questioning look) she thought that I needed time on my own with you leaving so dad and maa decided to go back.
Shilpa: ooh!(looking at armaan)
Armaan: if you want we could call her right now so that you can talk to her!( he knew how attached she was to his mother all he wanted was for her to be happy. He started o move towards the telephone only to stop short when shilpa's  hand clasped his wrist)
Shilpa stood infront of him: we can call maa later! I just want to be with you armaan(saying that she walked into his arms which closed around her)
They stood there with arms wrapped around each other feeling content when armaan whispered in her hair: I still feel as if all this is a dream and I'll wake up and find myself to be all alone.
Shilpa tightened her arms around him: if this is a dream then I'm not waking up!(she nuzzled her nose in the hollow of his throat and rubbed her head against his shirt hearing his heart thunder in his chest)
Armaan laughed: even in dreams people get sick! And we've been standing here in wet clothes(he drew back slightly trying to suggest that they change when shilpa exclaimed loudly:ouch!
Armaan looked down to see that her hair had gotten tangled in the buttons of his shirt. Shilpa tried to untangle the hair but all her attempts managed to further entangle them. Armaan stopped her as she did not have a clear view of the offending button: shilpa! let me get the shirt off that way we can easily get the hair untangled.
Shilpa nodded her agreement, armaan quickly unbuttoned his shirt and with shilpa's help managed to get it off without pulling at her hair. Even with the shirt off shilpa was unable to see the actul problem as the button had tangled with her hair higher up at the roots.
Armaan: hold still! Let me have a look at it!(armaan gently started untangling her hair)
Shilpa stood close to armaan her body lightly brushing against his bare chest, one of her hands lay at his waist casually touching his bare skin. Armaan tried to concentrate on untangling her hair but every brush of her hot breath on his bare chest worked as a stoke to his awakening desire. When shilpa placed her hands lightly on his chest to keep her balance armaan felt his breathing stop. Shilpa could not stop touching arman, of their own violation her hands started stroking the supple muscles of his chest, down to gently trace his ridged abdomen to stop at the waistband of his jeans.
Armaan didn't remember when he had untangled her hair from the shirt, when the shirt fell from his grasp unheeded to the floor. Without his awareness his hands had managed to roam under white shirt she wore over the white vest. His hands made a foray from her collar bones to her shoulders gently pushing away the white wet cotton covering, sliding it down her arms to fall on the ground with a wet plop.
With the shirt out of the way armaan eyes feasted on her wet curves which were delineated under the wet vest. Without the shirt shilpa shivered as the cool air touched her damp skin, shilpa's hand slid along armaan's warm body as she ran her hands along his strong back. With goose bumps doting her arms armaan leaned down and started kissing the goose bumps, he made his way from her arm to her shoulder, all the way up to her neck to the underside of her chin.
As he nibbled at her chin, his teeth lightly grazing at her soft skin shilpa raked her nails down armaan's side making his beath come out on a hiss. Unable to wait shilpa closed the distance between them, their lips bumped in urgency then withdrew, then met again in a kiss that went on forever. Shilpa's hand tangled in arman's hair as she pressed him closer still, her breath came out in a gasp as one of armaan's hand made it way under he vest. The touch of his warm strong hands on her bare skin made her bolder yet as she rubbed her hands on his chest to draw him closer yet flattening her breasts against his hard masculine chest.
The feel of her breasts combined with her roaming hands had a spur effect on armaan, he backed up shilpa against the wall and continued to string kisses along her jaw and neck. His hands cupped her buttocks and pulled her flush against his body making both of them groan out loudly. Armaan latched his mouth to hers as he lifted shilpa against him with her legs around his waist, the sharp ridge of his desire pressed into her softness making her moan and angle her head to deepen the kiss.
Armaan drew back a little to let air in his oxygen starved lungs: I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you(he murmured against his lips) I want to make love to you until both of us can't walk(he pushed his hips against her softness making shilpa gasp) I don't know if even then I'll get enough of you!
Shilpa looked up at his face with passion glazed eyes and whispered back: try! Plz try!(she pressed her mouth again to his and aagain the tangle of tongues began)
Armaan was on fire with shilpa's words, it was as if he had been stripped of the veneer of a cultured man, he was no longer dr. armaan, he was just a man who had finally found his woman and was not willing to let go of her. Carrying her precious weight like she weighed a feather he made his way to his room where he gently lowered both their weights to the waiting bed.
Armaan tried to keep his weight from crushing shilpa but shilpa pulled him atop her not willing to let any space come between them. Armaan's hand wound up underneath her vest to ently cradle the soft mounds of her breasts, shilpa threw back her head and gasped as a new set of sensations streaked through her body. Armaan gently massaged the flesh that he held in his hands as his mouth made his way to the milky skin of her neck and shoulders.
 shilpa pulled him up with agroan as they tangled once again on the bed.
Armaan drew his hand up her thigh to lightly touch the edge of her panties and thought his heart was racing like raging bull and his hands shook like that of a randy teenager. Each kiss each touch pushed him nearer the edge, just as his pushed the fabric of her vest upward his mind turned to an important issue.
Armaan drew back and looked at the picture she made, hair spread out on the pillow, eyes heavy lidded and gleaming with passion. Armaan looked at her as lust and love warred inside him: shilpa! are you on the pill?
Shilpa looked at him blankly making armaan explain: birth control?(shilpa drew in a shuddering breath and shook her head in negative, armaan swallowed) I don't have anything to protect you with(he touched her forehead with his and then rolled away from her.)
Shilpa lay there beside armaan desire still lay there between them as she struggled to control her breathing: I trust you!(she turned her head to look at armaan) I don't need protection from you(she placed her hand on his arm making a shudder run through his frame)
Before she could make a move armaan again rolled on top of her his mouth on top hers but this time the kiss was softer, as he drew back: I've been careless with you once, careless about your feelings never again! I love you too much to go down this path!(he touched a finger lightly to her cheek then got up from the bed and stood)
Shilpa looked at his magnificent form as he stood in the waning light of the afternoon sun, it was still continuing to rain but softly now. Armaan held out a hand to her: comeon! Why don't you shower and change and then we'll have something to eat.(shilpa wanted to argue but looking at his eyes she saw the love for shining through and frustrated desire)
Shilpa got up taking his hand and went into the room that used to be hers, armaan bent down and picked up their discarded jeans and put them in the dryer. After some time they both were sitting in the kitchen wearing dry clothes and preparing omlettes to eat. Shilpa sat on the kitchen table while armaan flipped the egg on the pan and smiled at his back as she sniffed at the sweat shirt she was wearing. It was armaan's much too big for her slim frame but his clothes were the oly available.
They sat down to eat both realizing that they were ravenous as for the past few days both had not been eating. When they were done eating armaan drew shilpa to the lounge where she sat on the sofa knees drawn up her gaze on armaan who continued to look serious.
Armaan: I want to say something and I need you to stay quiet and just listen(when shilpa lifted her brows suggesting him to continue) shilpa I needed to stop today b'coz if we had continued I would've hurt you either by mistake or intentionally. (when shilpa stayed quiet) I don't want anything to hurt you shilpa, not even me so I want to be careful. Try and understand!
Shilpa looked at him and saw far more than he intended for her to see, undersood far more clearly than he had been able to put into words. He loved her enough to wait so that there was no reason for shame or worry. He loved her enough that even though she had been willing he was unwilling to take a risk her safety or health.
Shilpa: I understand!
Armaan took a breath: ok! There's another thing I wanted to talk to you about. Here read this!(he handed her a document, shilpa started reading it and looked up at him surprised as a lump formed in her throat. Looking at her expression armaan gently smiled at her and cradled her face in his hands) did you honestly think that I wouldn't know what your heart desired.
With shilpa unavle to speak just yet armaan continued as he looked into her shimmerin eyes: I want the same thing shilpa! you, me, our family! Ayesha would be a wonderful way to begin that family, don't you agree.
Shilpa couldn't help herself she fell in love with armaan all over again. Unable to control the tears that flowed from her eyes she buried her face against his chest inhaling his scent as his arms wrapped around her. After a while when she was able to control her emotions she looked up in armaan's face and solemnly said: thank you!
Armaan seriously: for what?
Shilpa with her heart in her eyes: for loving me!
Armaan stilled at her words unable to give voice to the emotions that raged through him but one look at shilpa's eyes showed that she understood. For the first time armaan understood hat it meant to be loved heart and soul. 


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