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part 4 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Other Characters

 Creative team: neha, Mohan, disha, Soraj, Amit, jay, Kewal

All r creative team member.

Technical team: Vimal, Niddhi, hardik, sunny, grishma

All r creative team member.

Muskaan chadda:

She is very bubbly girl, like to talk,

There for she is Actor.becoz she think only in this profession she can talk ,

Her parents wonted her to join there business. but she say "if I will join the business I have to become series which I can't.

She is attract to Rahul.

Abhimanny modi:

He is also singer. he was contestant in Indian idol with Riddhima.

They become very good fred in II(Indian idol).

he love nikita malhotra a lot,

they are engaged.

Nikita malhotra:

She is fashion designer.

She is very good fred of Riddhima,

beocz of Riddhima she come to no her felling for Abhi

She love Abhi a lot,

Anaya (Armaan mom)

She is house wife but still help jay (Armaan father) in there business.

She love Armaan a lot.

She wan't to see him happy always

part 4

"Ladies & gentlemen welcome to jhalak dikhhla jaa season 3" said one of the creative team member Amit said . "U all known today in elemation round. So one of ur Fav. Will be out off the show. "Said Amit to studio audience .

"Now plzz welcome over 3 judges on stage Saroj Khan , Vaibhavi Merchant &  Juhi Chawla."

All the audience start clapping, same of them where calling there name so the judge's can see them, same of people where very happy beocz they so they stars which they where showing only on television screen but seeing them show near they where very happy&  the judges where waving there hand to the audience .

One by one all judges move toward there seats.

"so freds, judges are here the contestant will be also here in short time" said the Amit.

Riddhima was entering in the auditorm. she was looking at still lost,but come back to normal &  give her sweet small to the people.

"Ladies & gentlemen plzz welcome over special guest for today RIDDHIMA GUPTA" said Amit.

All the people very looking at her, she was looking beautiful.neha the creative member welcome her. they hug each other & after same short chitchat ,she start moving toward the judges. she first bend down to teach saroj khan leg,& saroj khan hug her tightly. & she move toward vaibhavi they both hug each other & last she move toward Juhi & hug her.

She was talking to saroj & vaibhavi & Juhi was busy with here make up & hair(sorry guys if anyone of u r hurt, but what I show in jhalak I write it here. )

"& Freds now plzz welcome our beautiful & handsome anchors (host) shweta tiwari & rohit Roy" said Amit.

"& freds plzz welcome our all handsome, dashing, beautiful & sexy contestants

Baichung Bhutia & his partner Sonia Zaffer

Hard kaur & her partner Savio

Armaan mallik  & his partner Nicole

& parul chauhan & her partner Deepak Singh" said Amit.

When the contestant where coming to the stage.alll of them where busy in there fans, freds & family member. Same where talking to there colleague. then slowly all the contestant move toward green room. Only host where one the stage & two crow member.

"so freds here we start our so which u all where watting for, just same information which we like to give u. plzz maintain silence & do not disturber our host as u all known it will be recorded. if there will be any noise , then we have to shoot the whole thing again & again. "

"& plzz switch off ur cell phone if they are with u, all of us time are where important, all our contestant are came from there shoot. & also we have our special guest with us Riddhima gupta, so we hope that u all will co-operate with us."

"there are many surprises watting for u all.& if there will be any technical problem then it will take time to us for solving that so plzz co-operate with us.& enjoy the show" said Amit & move toward technical room

now only host where left, the light where set, the host where reading same paper for there dialogs.& Riddhima was setting in green Room with the contestant

& finally the shows begin.

(heyyy guyss,

TV audience don't known about she will enter late.)

"Welcome to Jhalak dikhhla jaa, season 3"said shweta "so today is ellimation round so shweta tell me how will be leaving this stage & JDJ3 trophy also." Said Rohit "I don't known who will be going from this show & JDJ3.but I known that we all will miss him/her.

All off them have done so hardwork so it is where difficult for them & for us also." Said shweta.

"So plzz welcome over contestant

Baichung Bhutia & Sonia Zaffer

Hard kaur & Savio

Armaan mallik  & Nicole

& parul chauhan & Deepak Singh" said shweta

all the contestant come on the stage. They where standing in there passion which the creative member has seat for them. Mohan, sumit & Amit came to stage for checking standge arrangement for the contestant.

After the Arrangement where over Amit show thumps up to the cameramen.

After the some time show is ended,

Parul is eliminated from JDJ3.

"Contestant & judges ur shoot is still not over so plzz after changing ur cloths came to the green Room"

"Armaan& Nicole u guyss plzz come to green Room imigatly" said Neha


Green Room

Armaan, Nicole where setting there. They where thinking that what maid the creative to call them.

After same time creative team enter neha, Amit, Mohan.

"Armaan & Nicole there is a problem guys, we just came to known that GAUHAR is not feeling well so she can't dance with u in final." Said Amit.

""what? Then how will dance with Armaan in final & we r going to announce the dance partner for final, then who will be the partner in final with Armaan" said Nicole.

"We known that Nicole there for we are discussing this with u guyss" said neha. "So now what" said Nicole "we have to arrange new dancer right" said Nicole "Armaan why r u seating like that, there is a big problem & u r setting like this" said Nicole

Armaan who was setting there quietly & leasing to the creative team member & Nicole. Now look at Nicole & creative member.

"what should I say, there is no use of saying any thing" said Armaan "what do u mean by that, we have to do something, today we have to announce ur partner in dance for final" said Nicole. "I known that u don't need to tell me" said Armaan irritedly "what's wrong why r u getting irrited" said Nicole  "nothing just tired" said Armaan. "guys u all decide what we have to do now, I am tired so I am going to my Room" Said Armaan to creative team member

the creative team member how where setting there leasing to Nicole & Armaan .was just thinking that Armaan will get angry, will say same thing to them or anything but they are really shock by Armaan attitude, he didn't ask anything just live from there. if there where anybody alse in there poison they have been shouted on them, they have been tense, but Armaan was relax when they talk.

"Amit, I thing so we should do something there is still 4 to 5 hours are left for semi-final shoot so we can, talk to gauhar " said Nicole looking at Amit. "we all ready talk top her she is not felling well so we can't say anything & we also can't force any one to come here" said Mohan with silent angry & irritetly "Armaan is not tense & this girl is so tense or should I say she is overreacting ,hmmm she is just looking for her self" Said mohan to herself

"I think we should talk to other contestant & judges" said neha "ya u r right" said Amit "but what will they do in this matter, it is related to ME, mmmm, I mean US" said Nicole

"but we have to talk to them , they should no & they will also suggest same solution for this problem" said Amit "I will be back, I will check every thing for today show & call every one here." said mohan



Saroj khan , vaibhavi & Riddhima where seating & chatting.

"so Riddhima tell me how was ur song for ur upcoming film " said Saroj khan. "it was great fun working with them, I was gone to just sing song but all of them told me to be there when they where shooting for chigi wigi song" said Riddhima "we farah was telling me that the song shoot was for 2 days but they shoot for 4 days" said vaibhavi "ya, we all where having fun there Arav was also there & anay, Diva czar they three are so cute, all seat people where having funs" said Riddhima "I just meet Farah last week, she was to busy with kids & anay was having fever so she was tense also" Said Saroj khan

knock knock

"Come in" said saroj khan "mam, plzz come to green Room we have to talk about some important thing" said mohan. "But what's the matter" said vaibhavi "actually mam, Armaan partner for final is not coming because she is not feeling well" said mohan. "What" said Saroj & vaibhavi together

"Yes, mam there for we have to discuss this matter with u" said mohan. "Now I have to go wan't to call the contestant & Juhi mam also" said mohan

After mohan left saroj & vaibhavi where thinking ,they known if that today they have to announce the partner who will dance with the contestant. If they will not announce  partner then it will be not good for the show.




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