Friday, 16 February 2018

part 4 : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

rohit, at first, rose with anger, but when he listened to whatever armaan said, and just because, he himself knew armaan's heart, felt sorry for both armaan and riddhima and just kept quiet, without uttering anything.

he never in his wild dreams thought that, muskaan would stoop so low.
he did not know the exact reason, why muskaan behaved like that, and he did not understand, why muskaan married rahul.

armaan:  (tears running down like waterfalls from his red bloodshot eyes) rohit, with your permission, kya mein apni riddhima se baat kar sakta hoon ? please rohit. meri zindgi abhi adoori hai, please usse poori karne do mujhe. mein riddhima ke bina jee nahi paaonga rohit.

rohit: i understand armaan. i dont know why, but i want to trust you this time. but next time, if you ever hurt riddhi, i will hurt you badly. you can go and meet her. afterall, she is yours, and you have the right.

armaan: thanks a lot rohit. mein tumhare iss help ko, zindii bhar yaad rakhoonga. thanks a lot rohit. i love her so much. she is my life.

armaan will run out of the terrace, and will go to riddhima's room, where he realises that, the door is open. he peeps inside, just to find his princess sleeping, dreamily. he will move closer to her.. for the firrst time in all the 5 years, he felt like, his original self has come back to himself.

he makes him comfortable, at the corner of the bed, beside her.
he looks at, how dreamily she is sleeping. he thought that, he can bet that, she is seeing his dream. but got confused, about what would riddhima be speaking after this, and what would be her reaction to his proposal.

he just didnt know anything except for one thing that, he is all her's and he need not maintain any kind of formallities with her. he wanted to make his approach immediately. he brushed her hair with love, and as she stirred in her sleep, at the same time, opened her eyes with a shock, as she saw him there, on her bed, who was partially, hugging her.

riddhima: armaan, yeh aap kya kar rahe hai ? please bahar jaayiye.

armaan: riddhima, please.

with that, he catches hold of riddhima's hand and pulls her onto the bed. she sits normally, but anger clearly visible in her eyes.

riddhima: armaan, what the hell do you think you are doing ?

armaan: riddhima, jaan, please let me explain. i love you.

riddhima just kept blank but then responded.

riddhima: that is not possible armaan. i love you too but we can never be together. you are the father of muskaa's child. i can never let you hurt yours and muskaan's child just because of my presence in your life armaan. so, please forgive me and get away from here and moreover, i am a married woman. i am not riddhima gupta mind it. please go away.

armaan: i know everything riddhima. i know that you are not married. i know that, you are still riddhima shashank gupta. i know that, you still love me. and i also love you so much and you are my life.

riddhima looks at him with utter skock and blank expressions prevailed her face, when she came to know about all the game muskaan played. somewhere deep, her heart trusted armaan, but her mind did not. she thought, she is going to ruin the life of muskaan and their kid.

armaan, who understood her heart, told that, they will go to india, and he will prove everything and they will sort the things out.

armaan immediately arranges, one of his best friends, another doctor, near the sharma's and he and riddhima, fly to india. rohit also assures riddhima to do so, since he wanted her to be happy. armaan and riddhima travelled all alone together but it was never, not even once, he found riddhima reacting to him. he knew that, she was controlling herself, since she is feeling the butterflies rise in her stomach. he kept staring at her throughout the whole journey. finally they reached mumbai and it is 4 in the evening there. riddhima felt so happy being back to her mother land, after a whole 5 long years. she kept herself busy staring at the roads, while armaan, just rested his head backwards, and took a mini nap.

as she turned to the otherside, she found a tired armaan, her armaan sleeping, with a smile and a little frown on his face. she did not want to but, was unable to resist anymore. she moves her hands towards his forehead and ruffled his hair gently, without disturbing him, while on the other side, armaan, who immediately woke up with her touch, just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel, since he knew that, she will withdraw her hand back, if he reacts to her touch. she brought them near to his cheeks, and caressed his cheeks, making his smile grow wider.

riddhima, who assumed that, armaan was smiling while sleeping, utters,
" i love you armaan. my heart says that, whatever you told is correct. but i dont want to spoil anyones lives armaan. but one thing armaan. if whatever you said is true, i will never be able to forgive muskaan armaan."

she withdraws herself and resumes her job of staring at thee busy mumbai.

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