Tuesday, 27 February 2018

part 4 : Santaan

Armaan went to office his mind was just replaying the moment he saw angel and Ridhima playing.He never knew but there was a constant smile at his face.As soon as he entered the office every eye just looked at him shockingly seeing them staring like that he was confused he went in his cabin when his best friend came and patted his back."yaaar Raool ye sab mjhe aese q dekh rae hain?" Rahul just winked and showed him his face in miror. Armaan laughed as he saw himself smiling."tou bta..."
rahul asked."kya btaun?" "Yehi k is khushi ki wajah kya ha?" "Yaar tu bhi janta ha k mene dad k insistence pe shadi ki ha lekin aaj angel r ridhima ko ek saath dekh k pta nai dil ko bht sukoon mila mjhe lgta ha angel hmesha apni maaa ka pyar miss krty ha!" "Armaan tu ridhima ko apni zindagi jeene de ye sb krne k bd u cant back out too r apni normal zindagi ji r ye tou achi bt ha k ridhima angel ka itna khyal rakhty ha"
He just nodded his head still unsure what to do.then he once again busied himself in work to stop his brain from thinking so much.And as rahul told he let things go as they went.
Now its been three months to their marriage. one evening when he went home he saw angel sitting on floor as toys were around her.Ridhima was sitting infront of her telling her to speak her name.
"Angel say RidhiiimA"
Angel shook her head as she took her toy in mouth."no angel u just copy me ok " she said as she took the toy from her.seeing angel nodding her head she said"Riddheeema" angel quickly said "mAa" her this word stopped ridhima instantly.ridhima was shocked.As she looked up she saw armaan there ."oh armaan m sorry i didnt meant to teach her that sorry i just never knew Armaan m very sorry"he signaled her to stop"shh relax u r her mother so y should she call you ridhima?"that one phrase from armaan was enough she looked down to see angel and didnt find her she looked ahead to see angel standing with help of armaan's legs.he quickly took her in arms."aww my baby came to me now call your mama" angel instantly said "Maa" ridhima smiled and took her in arms.
"Meri beti ha angel u know ur my baby aww m so happy " taking her from armaan she went in.Armaan just laughed its his life now everything is just too good to believe one thing is left his and rids relation they sleep together as angel want both of them.and many tyms they woke up in awkward positions but let that go.Armaan wanted to let things move ahead but his ego didnt let him.Rids took care of everything his clothes in short they just were a step away from actual relation of husband wife but the only step which is most vital.
Armaan went to freshen up and was opening the draws of his cupboard when a file fell down.and at same tym he heard angel crying he rushed down to see her at the edge of table about to fall.He took her in arms as she felt better they had dinner and armaan totally forgot about file.

It had been 6 months to that day and everything was getting normal day by day.Armaan fell asleep at night as he was really damn tired.Ridhima came to call him when she saw his sleeping peacefully.She let him sleep and moved down and fed angel both were having dinner with lots of fun.Suddenly the door bell rang rids wonder who's there at this time of night neverthless a servant  opened the door.she moved ahead taking angel in her arms.The sight infront of her shook the earth beneath her feet.
Her mom and Dad was standing there hand cuffed with several cops around them and media peeking inside from behind.Everything seemed so much unreal and instantly tears streamed down her face and she heard her parents speaking to her.Angel was also so much scared she snuggled closer to rids.
Hearing all the chaos armaan came out he instantly moved doen and spoke to cops."What the Hell is this inspector?" Inspector moved forward and said"Sir theres a complaint against Mr Gupta that he took loan from bank and as he was not able to pay back he gave bank his house on leace for a month in case he couldnt pay back bank will pledge all of his property and will throw him in jail and he agreed over  all of them so according to that deal we have to arrest him." As soon inspector stopped rids hiccups were only source which could be heard she cried holding her  parents hand "kyun maa papa aap log bank corrupt the r apne mjhe nai btaya q dhoke me rakha mjhe mera khyal tha q k me doc bn gyi r apki company ko support chahye r ab papa akela sb kch nai smbhalskte islye armaan ye sb krha but apne tou ..." and she fell on her knees.Armaan's heart winced as he saw her crying he instantly looked  at inspector who understood his single and said"Mr Vikram come forward and tell whole amount bank will require to leave all the property and leave the Guptas" the manager come forward and started to calculate and after a while spoke" 2 crore and 78 lakhs" armaan spoke "inspector here is check  of the amount have that to him and leave my parents before i do smth  to all of u for barging in my house humilating my family"

It was when everyone left rids was sitting with her parents and armaan was just sitting with them rocking angel so she drift to sleep.as angel went to slumber he was stroking her when rids got up and asked him to give her angel moving her hands infront of him.Armaan looked up and gave angel to her.She took her and moved to her their room while Armaan said to her parents "umm aap logon k lye mene room open kra dea aap thak gye honge have some rest"he said. He guided them to room and making them comfortable he moved out he made sure they are comfortable and asked for dinner which they denied.He came in room to see angel and rids hugging each other and sleeping he smiled seeing them they are indeed adorable.He know he has given rids the right of being angels mother but how can he forget the actual mother of this baby.
Armaan used to be a charmer in college but he deeply fell for a girl he loved her did everything for her.But before he could confess his feelings he saw her with another guy.He was broken but tried to get over the fact but he saw smth unpredictable one day she called him he wrnt their to meet her.
But when he woke up in morning he was laying nude with her he was shocked he felt his head banging.Before he could say anything he saw her crying she said that he misbehaved with her and had sex forcefully.After saying sorries to her he went home and asked her to believe him that he didnt intend such things.
Almost after a month she told him over phone she is carrying his baby.Armaan was aghast but asked her to marry him.the shock came when she got ready and after 6 months she delivered the baby and a news hit the media.he asked her about it for which she cleverly said she wanted to abort baby as her boyfriend and  she is not ready but when she got to know about pregnancy no hospital or doctor was ready to abort.She cleverly let baby go in his arms and Armaan from then had this baby and all the news channel knew that its his baby and he consumated their relation before marriage.It waa a blow to everyone and in the same week his wife Shaina Malik left him as a reason that he raped her and forced her to marry him because he wanted to save his reputation.His Dad also accuseed him and he wanted to pull off the story and he let people talk and then with some heavy bundle of money he shushed the media.Thats the upto now he didnt marry any girl nor wanted  to. And getting this relation was a shock.But he knows he had to give his 100% so he wont fail once again.Ridhima was a nice girl and its his duty to fullfil her needs.
He came out of trance as he saw both of them stirring in sleep due to light he quickly off the lights and laid down on bed putting his hand above rids over angel's small tummy.

Promising himself to take care of them he also drifted to sleep.


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