Thursday, 8 February 2018

part 5 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Armaan Room

 Rahul was busy in his phone.Armaan enter the Room,& settle done on the bad.Rahul so Armaan & come near here after ending the call.

"what happen dude, what was the urgent meeting for" said Rahul "hmhm" said still not leasing to Rahul "what happen in ur urgent meeting" said a bit loudly "nothing important Amit told me that gauhar can't dance in final with me beocz she is not feeling well" said Armaan "what, then who will be ur partner in final" said Rahul "rahul, how can I known how is my partner, u think I am joytesh or pandit so I can known how will be my partner for final." Said Armaan irritedly "what's wrong dude, why r u getting irrited" said Rahul seeing Armaan mood. "Nothing" said Armaan "Armaan gauhar said no becoz she is not feeling well or there is another reason" said Rahul.

"I don't known what are u talking about" said Armaan "it's becoz Nicole & gauhar had fight last time" said Rahul getting Angry becoz of Armaan behavior "I don't known" said Armaan. "What is this, I don't known, I don't known, can't u just give a simple Answer dam it." Said Rahul Angrily "I am talking to u not this stupid Doors " Said Rahul

not getting any answer from Armaan ,Rahul look toward Armaan how was still thinking same thing "what's the matter Armaan" Said Rahul. "nothing" said Armaan "Armaan I am not outsider with whom u can hide ur feeling, I am ur best fred, u can share with me what's the matter" said Rahul how is trying to no the reason behind Armaan silence "it's just, I am tense for tonight shoot" said Armaan "I am not so stupid, I known u r thinking of her, not about shoot" said Rahul seating next to Armaan

Armaan looking at rahul "I try to call her, try to talk to her but she is not ready to talk with me Rahul, I wan't to known the reason, now I can't handle this any more it's been 1 & 1/2 year, I am tired of all of this thing" said Armaan Rahul just put his hand on Armaan shoulder. "I just wan't to meet her, talk to her wan't to known the Reason, I known there was same reason there for she left me, when ever I try to talk to her, so just walk of or didn't give me any answer , last time in ur birthday party also I try to talk to her , so she left me saying that she have Important work." Said Armaan

"I known Armaan u wan't to no the reason & don't take so much tensed ur hair well become white " said Rahul trying to change his mood.

Armaan was giving deadly look to Rahul "are, it's true muskaan always say  if we take so much tensen then our hair will become white " said Rahul.

Armaan give a smile to rahul "that's like a good boy," said Rahul

"don't take so much tense just chill we will not the reason soon, ok" said Rahul Armaan give a small nod "I think so there was a problem what about that" said Rahul "problem which problem" said Armaan confusingly "idiot for final ur partner remember that problem" Said Armaan giving Armaan a light slap on his shoulder. "oh, that" Said Armaan "yes that thing" said Rahul "I don't know yaar now how will be my dance partner for final" said Armaan giving Dance partner more stress for Rahul "what u think why gauhar had said no for final, it's becoz of Nicole & her fight " said Rahul "ya  I think so , becoz gauhar wanted to dance on other song & Nicole was telling other song , so I think so her ego most have heart" said Armaan "now what" said Rahul "I think so I should go to green Room" said Armaan &  get up to go.


Green Room

All the contestant, host, judges  & same of creative team member where there, they where discussing that who will be the partner in final with Armaan. Riddhima was also there beocz saroj & vaibhavi told her to come with them. So she was also there & was taking very less part for the conversation, she was busy in her on thought.

"Why don't we call same of last JDJ contestant" said Savio. Looking at others for same replay. "we talk to same of contestant from last JDJ 2 & 1 howz personality will match with Armaan but they are busy in there on serial shoot & same are out of town , so they can't came." Said Kewal one of creative team member "we have try to call money of the Actress but same are busy & same are not ready beocz they are telling we have to tell them for this early so they can have seat there schedule " said neha.

"if we will not anouse the partner , then what's the problem , semi- final dance is also set, so we can just perform." Said parul "we can't do that it will effect show & TRP also" said Amit. "then, I think we should cancel today shoot" said parul "we can't do that also" said Amit

"Riddhima ,u have any important work today evening" said neha

"no, why" said Riddhima still can't understand what is going there.

& why neha is asking her. "good, so if u don't mine why should not u will be Armaan Partner." said neha "WHAT " said Riddhima. still trying to digest the fact that neha is telling her to be partner with Armaan for final.

& all the others where looking at neha  & then Riddhima.

Neha was looking at Riddhima for same Answer. "wow neha what a idea" said Nicole. "Riddhima if u don't have any schedule, then plzz will be partner with Armaan in final." said Nicole.

Riddhima was in deep thought "how can I do that, I mean I can I do that but that to Armaan partner" said Riddhima brain "why can't u, he is good person, he is in final now he need ur Help & it's not like that u r busy . in ur work , u r free also u r Recording is not there" said her heart "I am not saying that he is bad person, but why me they can find any other girl also. " said her brain "ya they can, but u known na they have talk to many actress, all r busy & what's the problem if u will be partner with him, it's just for dance, they are not telling her to marry with him." said her heart "what u have done if u where in his place, if u where in final & there will be no partner with u then, he have done so hard work & his fans will be also disappoint" said her heart

After so thinking so much "ok, I am ready" said Riddhima. "wow" "that's great" said the people .Nicole came toward her & hug her tightly "thank u so much Riddhima, thanks a lot" said Nicole "but" said Riddhima "but what" said Nicole getting tense "I have recording also" said Riddhima. "That's ok we will manage that becoz Armaan also have his shoot so we always practice at night, I hope u have no problem now." Said Nicole "no it's ok with me" said Riddhima

The other where at piece now, so all one by one get up to go but stop seeing Armaan enter the Room. "hey Armaan, where were u " said Bhaichung "I was in my Room, what happen " said Armaan looking at other how was looking quite normal "nothing we found ur partner for final" said Nicole coming forward how was busy talking to Riddhima "who" said Armaan surprisingly. "Riddhima gupta ,Indian idol winner"  said Nicole hold Riddhima hand taking her near Armaan "Riddhima " said Armaan "ya actually we talk to many Actress JDJ other contestant also but same are busy & same are not ready for the sudden proposal, & Riddhima was here, so I ask her , she have her recording but, Nicole told that u also have ur shoot & so u both can practice at night as we have seat with gauhar  " said neha explaining every thing to Armaan "u don't have any other work Right" said Armaan to Riddhima "no I have just recording in taj for 2,3 days from morning to afternoon after I am free" said Riddhima "I hope u don't have any problem" said Riddhima to Armaan "no" said Armaan "thanks for ur help" said Armaan giving his sweet smile "It's my pleasure " said Riddhima giving her best smile.



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