Wednesday, 7 February 2018

part 5 : kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

riddhima sighed and came in her room .she lie down on the bed and closed eyes but sleep was far away from her eyes.she moved from the bed,took out the wedding album and started turning the pages. How cute arman was looking in each photo.he was looking damn handsome in groom dress. Riddhima smiled remembering one of her friend’s words: “you don’t know riddhima how lucky you are.mumbai sahar ke aadhe se jyada is handsome hunk par marti hai aur kisi bhi kimat par usey pana chahti hai par usne toh tujhe pasand kiya.”

Sapna uttered angrily : “toh humari ridhzi kya kam hai arman se? aur ab un ladkiyon se kah dena arman ke sapne dekhna band kare…ab toh wo 7 janam tak riddhima ka hai..”

Riddhima smiled and looked at the pic in which arman was gifting her a necklace on their 1st night. on first night arman requested to sing a song and riddhima sang her favourite song….

“Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab, ishq meri zaat ban gayi….
Ho tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Sapne teri chahaton ke, sapne teri chahaton ke
Dekhti hoon ab kayee
Din hai sona aur chandi raat ban gayi
Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi

When she paused in middle, arman started singing….

“chahton ka maza faslon me nahi…
Aa chupa lun tujhe hoslon me kahin..”

And before she understood anything arman had dragged her in his arm and they had lost in their love world. After that it became arman’s favourite song and whenever he saw riddhima was alone ,no one was around their he used to sing only those 2 lines while wrapping her in arms.
Riddhima always thought that she was very lucky as after marriage they stayed with the whole family. Riddhima respected her in- laws ,loved anji di,atul jiju and bittu and they also loved riddhima so much and she got everyone because of arman,who came in her life like an angel. 2 years passed smoothly then one day atul informed them that he had to go delhi because papa’s friend,suraj uncle,who was handling delhi’s business ,now wanted to go to his hometown the problem is no one in atul’s mind whom he could trust to give responsibility of delhi, so one person of their family should handle delhi’s business.
Anjali uttered worriedly : “par atul,mai kaise apna court ka practice chodkar jaungi?”

Atul : “tum yahin raho anjli,mai akela hi chala jaunga.”

Arman uttered : “yeh kya baat hui atul bhai,aap wahan aur anjali bhabhi yahan? Ek kaam karta hun,mai chala jata hun wahan.”
Anjali uttered smilingly : “haan,yeh thik rahega..riddhima ko sath lete jana arman.”

Riddhima didn’t want to go away from her family so was about to say something but got surprised hearing arman’s words : “thank god!ab apni biwi puri milegi mujhe,ab tak toh sabke sath share karna padta tha.”

Riddhima blushed hearing it where atul laughed and anjali smacked hard arman and uttered : “badmash!2 saal ho gaye shadi ke ,ab ridhzi nayi dulhan nahi hai tere liye.”
Arman uttered making a surprising face : “haw! 2 saal ho gaye! Mujhe toh lagta hai 2 din hue hain..aur anjali,tumhari yeh pyari si ridhzi mai jab Buddha ho jaunga tab bhi meri nayi dulhan hi rahegi.”
Riddhima mumbled sighly : “ab aisa kya ho gaya arman ki tum mujhse dur bhagne lage ho? Ab toh ek ghar me rahte hue bhi hum ek dusre se anjaan bante ja rahe hain…

Riddhima and arman came delhi.riddhima was feeling lonely and getting bored in house so she also started working with arman in his office but arman’s most of works were to go out and he didn’t want to leave her alone in office or out as he didn’t feel delhi safe for girls. Riddhima also felt uneasy between the staffs when arman went out so arman suggested her to work staying at home. One day riddhima brought this topic : “arman,humari shadi ke 2 years se jyada ho gaye hain.”
Arman ,who was lied on the bed keeping head in riddhima’s lap,asked looking at her : “haan..toh?mujhe chodne ka plan bana rahi ho kya?”
Riddhima smacked on his head and uttered : “silly joke..i don’t like it..”
Arman uttered laughing : “I know.”then he turned and buried his face into riddhima’s lap while wrapping her waist.
Riddhima uttered caressing his hairs : “arman,anjali di ki bittu ab tak di ke god (lap) me aa gayi why not we think about a baby?”
Hearing it arman left riddhima and uttered : “no way riddhima..abhi nahi..”
Riddhima asked confusingly: “par kyon arman?”
Arman thought a while then uttered : “abhi mai itna busy hun..baad me sochte hain na..achcha chodo is baat ko..kuch aur baaten karte hain..
And after that day,whenever riddhima dragged this topic,arman had only one answer : “kuch dusri baat karte hain…”
And one day he replied riddhima in an annoyed voice : “tumhare paas aur koi topic nahi hai kya riddhima? Ek kaam karta hun,next week mai tumhe Mumbai chod aata hun,kuch din reh lena..i think you are getting bored here..”saying he went without listening any reply from riddhima’s side. Riddhima was surprised seeing his behavior but thought may be he was in a bad mood because of heavy work load. She was also excited to go to Mumbai. Arman left her in Mumbai and back to delhi. Riddhima enjoyed 10-15 days there but after that she started missing arman and requested him to come but arman made excused of his business and came after 2 months. Riddhima was happy coming back delhi but after some months again she started missing a baby in her life and dragged this topic in front of arman but that time arman uttered only : “riddhima,actually I don’t like baby.uske aane se humare settled life me changes aa jayenge…aur..
Riddhima uttered immediately : “haan arman,changes aayenge par wo changes hume achcha lagega ,kuch naya hoga life me.”
Arman uttered looking at her : “par mujhe changes pasand nahi,waise bhi kaam itna badh gaya hai..mai manage nahi kar paunga.”
Riddhima : “mai sab sambhal lungi arman,tumhe tension lene ki jarurat nahi hai.
Arman :”tumhe bhi mai hi sambhalta hun riddhima.mai aur responsibility nahi le sakta..please ab yeh topic dubara mat uthana.i don’t like it.”
Saying he went making riddhima numb!after that day riddhima didn’t bring that topic in front of arman but now their relationship was not like as before…the distances started increasing between them and arman was no in mood to improve it.

Riddhima heaved a sigh and dragged the blanket feeling cold. Suddenly she remembered arman didn’t take any blanket or pillow with him.she got up immediately,took a soft blanket and a pillow and came in study room.she saw arman was lying on the couch while curling his legs towards his chest like a kid.she came silently to him,covered him with the blanket ,then slipped the pillow slowly under his head without making sound and switched off the light ,on the zero power and went from there.

arman,who had already awaken hearing riddhima's footsteps,mumbled : "sorry riddhima for giving you pain...for hurting you...but i loved you,love you and will love you till the eternity..nothing and no one can change our love..
Love u all

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