Saturday, 17 February 2018

part 5 : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

as she turned to the otherside, she found a tired armaan, her armaan sleeping, with a smile and a little frown on his face. she did not want to but, was unable to resist anymore. she moves her hands towards his forehead and ruffled his hair gently, without disturbing him, while on the other side, armaan, who immediately woke up with her touch, just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel, since he knew that, she will withdraw her hand back, if he reacts to her touch. she brought them near to his cheeks, and caressed his cheeks, making his smile grow wider.

riddhima, who assumed that, armaan was smiling while sleeping, utters,
" i love you armaan. my heart says that, whatever you told is correct. but i dont want to spoil anyones lives armaan. but one thing armaan. if whatever you said is true, i will never be able to forgive muskaan armaan."

she withdraws herself and resumes her job of staring at thee busy mumbai.
soon, they will reach the garewal's mansion. the driver informs them that, it is the place where muskaan lives. riddhima looks at the big mansion, infront of her eyes. she scans the place since it was for the first time she is looking at this house. she then, turns towards armaan, who will still be lying his head on the head rest. she will move her hand forward, and hesitates for a while, but resumes back and pats him to wake him up,
since the enthusiasm to know the thuth rised in her.

riddhima: armaan, we are there. wake up.

armaan: oh yeah. thanks for waking me up jaan. come lets go.

riddhima's heart gor twisted and the life in it got squeezed for a secong, when she heard him addressing her "jaan" all over again.

as they made their way inside, riddhima, and her mind, along with her heart kept praying that, all the facts armaan told her should be real.

armaan rings the door bell and to muskaan's bad luck and to armaan and riddhima's good luck, it would be muskaan, who answers the door.

she will be wearing an apron, and has some wheat on her nose. she was looking funny yet, cute. she was having a cheerful smile. but as she saw armaan and riddhima together, for the first time in her house, her
smile faded completely and only shock can be visible in her eyes.

riddhima wanted too behave normally, and wanted to know the truth that way. so, even though she read shocked expressions of muskaan, she behaves normally, and gives her a sweet smile.

riddhima: hey muskaan, andar nahi bulaogi. aap ke pyaare armaan
toh andar aajayega, kyunki, yeh ghar aapki hai.
lekin mujhe toh invite karna hi padega na.

muskaan knew that, the tsunami, which she never expected, now has struck her life, and will create an explosion soon, but she never had anyother option. she was so scared since rahul's parent's, rahul, her little daughter, rahul's brother, his wife and kids were also there.
she was scared to get caught infront of everyone. she felt miserable.

muskaan: arey riddhima, andar aao na, yahan kyun kadi ho.
tum bhi andar aao na armaan.

armaan: thanks muskaan.

armaan, who loves riddhima so much, knew her very well, and immediately understood her actions towards muskaan. therefore, he acted according to riddhima's thoughts and helped in gearing up her plan.

everyone will be there in their respective rooms and therefore, they
donot acknowledge the two guests, who visited their home.

rahul: (shouting from kitchen): muski, kaun aaya hai, jaldi aajao. tumhare yeh, sweet si kheer kharab ho rahi hai. kya kar rahi ho bahar ?

riddhima has mixed amount of expressions, happy to see that, armaan's words are coming true and angry with muskaan, to create such a blunder.

riddhima: arey, yeh toh rahul ki avaaz hai na ? lagta hai aaj hamara saari gang yahan par hai, armaan ke ghar par. waise muski, i wanna see your and armaan's baby. is it a girl or a boy ? dekho, armaan ne mujhse kuch nahi bataya. please muski, apne baby ko leke aao na !!

rahul comes out to see riddhima and armaan, and really feels happy to see them after a long time in his house. his enterance makes muskaan,
feel more miserable. she just prays god. she has hid everything from the person she loves, rahul. if he comes to know about that, he
will never be able to forgive her. she is repenting for her mistake.

rahul: arey, armaan.. riddhima.. aap dono kaise ho ? nice to see you here.

riddhima: nice to see you too rahul. so, you guys have made a fiest without armaan, in his own home ? huh ? poor one.. he must be missing his wife and kid too. so, how is life ?

rahul, who does not understand anything, just ignores and assumes the things differently. he smiles and replies.

rahul: life is great riddhima. to be frank, awesome. after you left, me and muskaan got married, and now, we have a sweet little daughter.

riddhima makes the most shocked expression ever, while armaan smiles wider, and muskaan, no one can define her expressions .

riddhima: what the hell rahul ! how can you do that ? muskaan was carrying armaan's child, when i was leaving to london !!

muskaan felt as if, her own shoe has hit her.

rahul: what the hell are you talking riddhima ?

riddhima: oh come on rahul, dont get angry on me.

rahul: just shut up.

muskaan feels happy thinking that, rahul wil believe her but in the next moment, she finds armaan, who kept quiet since he came, interfering.

armaan: rahul .. just be in your limi..

riddhima: please armaan. dont try to butt in. let me speak na ?

armaan keeps quiet, thinking that, he will leave the situation to riddhima. he knew riddhima would be wanting to question muskaan, about this on her face, and he also found that desire in her eyes.

and by this sudden shout of rahul, everyone, all the guests in their house come out of their rooms, and will be present in the hall. riddhima
ignores everyone's presence, and continues speaking.

riddhima: exactly rahul. if you dont know, let me tell you,
the main reason i left india was beacuse of muskaan.

rahul: what are you saying riddhima ?

riddhima: yes rahul. me and armaan love eachother and we were together. we did have a small fight, since armaan went to punjab along with muskaan. and then, one fine day, muskaan came and told me that, she is carrying armaan's child. she asked me to go out of their lives and save the future of her's and her kid's. and what are you talking ?

the child muskaan had was armaan's. how can you do that ?

muskaan, tum bolo. yeh rahul kya keh raha hai ? aur armaan, tumhe kya hua ? tumhare biwi par yeh itna sab kuch bol raha hai, aur tum...

rahul (angrily): what ? muskaan !!  yeh log kya bol rahe hai ?

muskaan: woh.. rahul.. woh.. mein.. w.

rahul: kya yeh log sach keh rahe hai, ya jhoot ?

muskaan: rahul..

rahul: sach ya jhoot ?

muskaan started crying.

rahul angrily uttered : sach ya jhoot muskaan ?

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