Tuesday, 20 February 2018

part 5 : A reason to Live (ARSH)

"I know we've known each other for a short time, but I think I'm falling for you." I opened my eyes and looked into his with a puzzled expression. "Armaan?" I moved my forehead away from him. "I'm falling for you, Shilpa" He moved closer but I moved back and looked down. "Armaan... I don't know what to say. I- I just don't know. You're a great guy. But I need time." "I understand. I'll wait Shilpa. Until you're ready to give this a chance, I'll wait." I gazed into his eyes once again and I saw 3 things: understanding, concern and love. He moved closer and kissed my forehead again. He backed away, smiled and then left the kitchen. I stood rooted to the spot thinking about what just happened.

When I moved out of the kitchen too, I looked around the house and didn't see him. Where did he go? I looked through the window facing the front of the house and saw him backing out of the driveway and leaving. I walked back to the couch and sat with my head in my hands. Millions of thoughts ran through my head, I didn't know what to do. A few minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. "Who could it be?" I got up and opened the door and saw Armaan standing there. "Armaan? Didn't you leave?" Just as he opened his mouth to answer, Muskaan jumped out from behind him. "Hi Shilpa!" She hugged me and then entered the house. "Yea, I went to get Muskaan. When I walked to the living room I saw I had a message from her on my phone saying she wanted to come visit you and help with the packing." "Oh. Come in." I saw Muskaan walking around looking at the picture frames I had on the table. "Aww Shilpa you were so cute! Armaan look at her!" She ran toward Armaan with the picture. "Look at those chubby cheeks!" Armaan chuckled and Muskaan put the picture back picking up another frame. "Shilpa, who are these people?" She brought the frame to me and I sighed remembering the day we went to take a professional family picture. "They're my parents and younger brother." I held back the tears, trying to be strong. "Shilpa your family is beautiful." She noticed my wet eyes and hugged me. "You're a strong girl Shilpa."

            I lead Muskaan and Armaan to my room and pulled out a large suitcase from under my bed and opened it. I found family albums that I hadn't look at in such a long time. So many memories. I picked one up and opened it. It was from our trip to Italy for my birthday a few years ago. I ran my hand over a picture of my parents and my brother. I remembered how much fun we had during that trip and smiled. I closed the album and put it back in the suitcase. Armaan sat on my bed and started going through the pictures while Muskaan helped me organize my things to pack. Every now and then I noticed Armaan glancing at me and whenever he noticed me glancing back he would smile and go back to the pictures. "Shilpa, I think you should move in tomorrow." I turned my head to Muskaan when I heard her. "Or better yet, how about tonight?" She saw my muddled expression and continued, "It's up to you. I'm not going to force you." I smiled at her, "If you don't mind, I think tonight would be fine." Muskaan smiled wide when she heard me. "I don't mind at all!" We spent the next hour finishing the packing and then headed to the man who had rented my family the house. I handed him the keys and left in Armaan's car with him and Muskaan.
           When we arrived at the house, Muskaan opened the front door and left it open as Armaan and me brought in my things. She met us at the door and led me to a room. "Okay, so this is your room! My room is right next door and there's a connecting door too. So if you need anything at all, just come right through!" "Thanks Muskaan." "It's no problem at all. Armaan, help her unpack. I'm going to go get something to drink, I'm so thirsty. You guys want anything?" When we both shook our head 'no' she left the room. I grabbed the large suitcase and laid it down to open. I grabbed some of the clothes and headed to the closet. As I walked over, I hit my foot on a bag with something tough inside it and tripped but was caught by Armaan. He held me by the waist, my hands were on his chest and the clothes I held were mushed between the two of us. He helped me up and grabbed the clothes that were about to fall out of my hands. He placed them on top my hands and then moved his hands underneath to hold mine. "You okay?" I nodded and continued to the closet. He followed my movements while looking over his shoulder. "What can I help with?" "Umm.. you can put the picture frames on the table over there." He walked over to the bag with the frames and moved it near the table. He took out each frame one by one and placed them onto the table. I resumed unpacking the rest of my clothes and organized them in the closet. Muskaan returned and helped with the last bits of unpacking.

            "Armaan mom said that she's going to be home late and to go get something to eat." Muskaan put down the phone and walked back over the lounge area. "Alright I'll go get something then." I saw Armaan getting up to go. "Wait, guys, I'll cook something." I didn't feel like eating out. "Shilpa, its ok you don't have to." Armaan walked over to the counter to get his keys. "No seriously, it's the least I could do for all the support you've given me." "I guess if you want to. Armaan come sit down." Muskaan lead me to the kitchen and showed me where everything was and propped herself on the counter. "So what are you going to make?" Grabbing a pot and a few ingredients I responded, "You'll see." She jumped off the counter and started to walk out, "Fine, I'm going back to watch some TV. Let me know if you need anything." I continued to cook for a while. I opened the refrigerator door to grab some more things and when I closed it I saw Armaan leaning against the side of the refrigerator. "Hey." I got up from my kneeling position, "Hey." I walked back over to the stove and continued. "So I thought that you may need some help. Do you?" I shook my head no, "Not really, I'm almost done. If you want, you can take out the plates." "Sure." I put the meal into a large dish and made my way to the table. I saw Armaan place the last plate and then yell for Muskaan." She walked into the room taking in a deep breath, "Wow! The food smells amazing!" She immediately sat down and reached for the food. Before Armaan and I could even finish taking it out for ourselves, Muskaan as stuffing her face, "Shilpa this is awesome!" Armaan took a bite as well, "Wow, she's right. It tastes great!" I beamed at the responses, "Thanks guys." I took a bite myself and we continued with dinner.

            After cleaning up, Armaan hugged the two of us and left for his house. Muskaan followed me to my room and plopped onto the bed. "Thanks for dinner, Shilpa" I grabbed some track pants and a tank top from the closet, "It's no problem Muskaan." I sat with her on the bed. There was a long silence between us. I ran my finger against the sheets making random designs. "You know... Armaan really likes you." I brought my head up and looked at her. "He told me about you when he first met you a few months back. He used to talk about you the following days too. But then he gave up hope of ever meeting you again. Then when you called the other day, he was both happy and sad. He's a great guy Shilpa, just give him a chance." With that said she got up from the bed, gave me a hug and headed to the door. "Good night." "Good night Muskaan." She shut the door and I was alone. I sat on the bed thinking about what Muskaan told me. I took a deep breath and got up to change.


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