Wednesday, 28 February 2018

part 5 : Santaan

Its been a year since their marriage and everything was moving smooth they at times get closer too.they had lots of encounters leaving them happy and satisfied angel was a happy girl of an year and 3 months they celeberated her bday with  all the zeast.that was fine day when coming back letting angel sleep on bed putting pillows around her she came out to warm up water for angel. as she moved outside without acknowledging she bumped into someone and that was none other than armaan.they
both got drowned in each other.Armaan's hand went up to her face as he removed the fringe off her face and left a sensuous kiss there.his lips trailed down and he captured her lips into a soulful soon their lips came into contact all the negative thoughts went out of their minds they nibbled on each other fighting for dominance they kissed each other not leaving each other as if they wont get this chance again.but their moment got disturbed when marry came in and quickly turned around.Mar:oops m so sorry i just came to give u this she handled ridhima a bottle who was flushed completely while armaan quickly moved and went out of their sights.After he disappeared Marry spoke "oh my dear u people are so cute i never saw such sight before" making ridhima turn deeper shade of red as she hurriedly left to  their room leaving a laughing marry behind.
As soon she entered the room she saw him laying on bed caressing angel's hair.She smiled setting everything she also laid down on her side putting her hand on angel as she felt armaan's hand above hers.
She looked up smiling as armaan looked back at her he put his other hand on ridhima's head and said "ridhima i want to say smth to u its been a year since our marriage and in  whole of this year i never felt that i was not ready for this  alliance at first u really made me complete i feel so blessed to have u in my life.I just want to say i love you.that was a complete shock for ridhima she never expected this her whole body went numb.her eyes were filled with tears as the reality sunk in her.she put her hand on his other and kissed it as she saw armaan's  eyes losing hope.she just nodded her head whispering a i love u too. That was the moment armaan felt everything so much perfect in his life he took her hand and signalled her to come out as he left taking angel and laid her in cot as he took her hand and moved to bolcany as soon they entered there he showered her face with several kisses.and looked up at her face moving away.feeling no more kisses she opened her eye lids.she answered his unspoken question through eyes.reading her eyes he put his lips on her as they totally enjoyed kissing each other.


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