Friday, 9 February 2018

part 6 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

All of them start moving toward there own Room. Baichung was going toward his make up van ,hard kaur & chorographer where going to there Room. for chorographer they have different Room for boy & girl.

Judges & host where also moving toward there Make up van & Room. Only Armaan, Nicole, Riddhima & creative team member where left.

 "u guyss plzz discuss ur plans for song & dances "said Mohan to Armaan , Nicole & Riddhima " Riddhima u have to do one dance with Armaan & second with Armaan & Nicole both it will be group dance" said Amit. "Ok" said Riddhima

"& guyss afternoon shoot will start on 6 or 7 so plzz after discussion relax for same time" said Neha."& Armaan & Nicole if u have to practice in stage then plzz informed us soon" said Amit.

then the creative team member left to talk with other creative member.

After talking to creative team member & same of the important people of JDJ about changing partner for finale , creative team member start doing there work like arranging same thing for dance like same background thing. like arranging banch for seating if there was in any secvance etc'.
It was evening now Armaan & Nicole where practing for there semi-final dance. & other contestant where also in there Room. Baichung & Sonia was on the auditorium, they where practing for there dance, Armaan & Nicole have all ready perform there dance & hard kaur will dance after Bhaichung. Judges where on make up Van getting ready for evening shoot.

Riddhima was busy on phone. There where other celebrate where also coming.


Armaan Room

Armaan & Nicole where dancing Rahul was making comment & disturbing them, giving his opinion, which was irritating Armaan & Nicole.

"Rahul plzz stop irritating" said Nicole "are, I am not irritating I am just telling u that u r doing wrong stop & fast also" said Rahul "if u will keep irritating me & disturb us then how can we will perform " said Nicole  "I am just telling ur mistake & " said Rahul "& what we where doing perfectly but u r interfering " said Nicole.

Now they both where face to face Nicole was getting angry by now & rahul was trying to prove his point, Armaan was seating at chair looking at to duffer. Armaan was also irrited by now

"stop it guyss" came a voice, Rahul & Nicole both turn toward Armaan.

But he was looking toward door. so both of them also turn toward door & show a person standing at door. Looking at them with a angry look "I will kill u" type of look. The person start moving toward Rahul & Nicole. & rahul start moving backward. Nicole was still standing there, Armaan was trying to stop his laugh by seeing Rahul face which was like a scare mouse how is affired to get out of his house if same when kill him. rahul was still moving back .

"oye, why where u irritating them " said the person "wo, wo," said the person still angrily "wo, I was saying that they where not dancing properly" said still affired of what was coming next for him. " oye , so u will teach them how to dance u r chorographer or any dancer huhu" said the person. "no" said Rahul. "then why where u disturbing them uh" said the person. "now, I will not disturb them & not say anything will just seat in bad" said Rahul in start moving toward bad & seat there like a littlie boy with his first figure on lips.

Seeing Rahul like that Armaan can't control his laughter & start laughing & then Nicole & the person also.

"oye, Rahul tu to kitna cute lag rah hai, kyu Armaan" Said the Person pulling Rahul cheek. "ya u r right muskaan he is looking mummy's boy" said Armaan giving high five to muskaan.& then both start laughing again.

"Armaan muskaan plzz stop now" said Nicole seeing the time. "Armaan we have to practice also, so if ur laughter is over can we do" said Nicole "ya why not becoz, rahul will not say anything" said Armaan Still smiling "Right rahul" said Armaan .& Rahul just nod his head in agreement. Seeing him doing like that again all brust out laughing.


outside auditorium

all the fan & audience are start entering in the ground same are family, same are friends. All the people are watting for the gate to open & they can go in, see there Fav. Actress & actor. JDJ have also arranged food & drinks for audiences. crew member are trying to control the audience by sending them for eating foods or for drinking but they are not ready to leave there place.

"friends we have also arrange foods & drinks for u, so plzz move to the counter, there is still time for the show, so plzz" said one of crew member. But the people where not moving. so the crew member & same of other people from JDJ start transferring the people to food counter .

"friends plzz move away from the entrance If u all keep coming her. Then we will not allowed u to go in" said The crew member. all the people start moving toward food counter.

After same time the guest start coming to the auditorium. Same where Actor & actress & same where there relative & same where VIP. Seeing same celebrity coming all the people again start coming toward auditorm . but this time crew member come in between them. the crew member where standing so the people can't go to the auditorm or to any celebrity. All the people where trying to go toward entrance but they can't go becoz of the crew member.


inside Auditorm

Hard kaur was practing her song with her partner.

& the creative team member & technical team member where preparing for the show which will start in an hour or two. the song stop & hard karu ^ her partner also stop dancing

"ok hard kaur now plzz change ur dresses & we will start the show in an hour or so. We will call all of u in green Room after same time" said Neha

"ok" said Hard kaur after talking to technical team about there song & other thing both of them left for changing there cloths

"Neha, plzz inform other contestant also, that they have to be here in hour or so" said Amit "ok I will go" said neha "& also to the finale partner" said Amit remembering them also. "ok, but only Riddhima is her " said Neha "iqbal is also there he is in guest Room" said mohan. "& what about prachi" said Neha "she will be her after some time" said mohan



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