Sunday, 18 February 2018

part 6 : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

riddhima: yes rahul. me and armaan love eachother and we were together. we did have a small fight, since armaan went to punjab along with muskaan. and then, one fine day, muskaan came and told me that, she is carrying armaan's child. she asked me to go out of their lives and save the future of her's and her kid's. and what are you talking ?

the child muskaan had was armaan's. how can you do that ?

muskaan, tum bolo. yeh rahul kya keh raha hai ? aur armaan, tumhe kya hua ? tumhare biwi par yeh itna sab kuch bol raha hai, aur tum...

rahul: what ? muskaan !!  yeh log kya bol rahe hai ?

muskaan: woh.. rahul.. woh.. mein.. w.

rahul: kya yeh log sach keh rahe hai, ya jhoot ?

muskaan: rahul..

rahul: sach ya jhoot ?


rahul: sach ya jhoot muskaan ?

muskaan: s.. sach rahul...

riddhima's face rages with more anger and the same with rahul. armaan on the other hand, feels like killing muskaan, for playing such a cheap trick.

rahul: pata hai muskaan, pata hai maine tumse kitna pyaar kiya ? huh ? kya tumhe pata hai, maine tumse pyaar se jzyada, tumhe respect kiya, aur respect se jzyada, tum par bharosa kiya, tumhare har value ko respect kiya, tumhare har zaroorat ka bohot khayal rakha. kya tumne wapas mein yeh dhoka diya mujhe ? mein soch bhi nahi sakta ki.. tum.. matlab..
kya shriya hamari beri nahi hai ? batao na muskaan. kuch bolti kyun nahi

every guest and the family members, who witnessed this scene was having flabbergasted expressions and they were shocked completely.
they expected muskaan to be a kind and a fun loving girl, who never committed any sin or mistake, but today, they saw her real picture.

muskaan: ra.. rahul.. shriya.. hamari shriya hi hai. woh hamari beti hai rahul. shriya ki kasam khati hoon rahul. mere aur armaan ke beech mein kuch nahi tha. woh mera best friend bhi nahi tha rahul. usne sirf meri help ki hai. usse jzyada kuch bhi nahi. armaan, tum batao na, armaan please. meri zindgi ko bachao armaan. mein apne parivar se bohot pyaar karti hoon. riddhima, riddhima please riddhima. mujhe maaf karo. maine joh bhi tumse kahan uss din, woh bilkul ek bada sa jhoot tha. riddhimmaaa.

riddhima: toh, jhoot kyun bola muskaan ? mujhe yeh kyun ehsaas dilaya ki, mein armaan ko tumse, aur tumhare bachche se cheen rahi hoon ?
kyun kiya tumne yeh sab. kya milegi tumhe yeh sab karte hue ?
bolo muskaan. aaj tumhe apna mooh kholna hi padega.

muskaan: riddhima. mein un dinon mein. kya kahoon ?
mujhe armaan par pyaar ho gaya tha.

rahul: what the hell muskaan ?

muskaan: i am sorry rahul.

riddhima: muskaan, aage bolo. agar TUM armaan se pyaar karti ho, toh rahul se shaadi kyun kiya ? bolo muskaan. try to answer my question !!

armaan: muskaan, you have crossed the limits !! i never took you like that.

muskaan: i am so sorry armaan. really sorry riddhima. when you left india, i decided to get close to armaan. i thought that, you people will never talk to eachother. but soon realised that, i was wrong with my views. all i had for armaan, was just infactuation but my true love was for rahul. soon, we confessed. i felt bad for you guys. i even found myself resonsible, but i could not do anything. i was so helpless nor i can show my face to you guys. i felt ashamed. so, i did not even look back.
i started living my life but now i find my mistake. please forgive me.
mein isse jzyada aur kuch nahi kar sakti. please. rahul, tu mujhse pyaar karta hai na ? please rahul help karo. please rahul.

rahul: muskaan, tum aise kaise keh sakti ? i mean tum ne armaan aur riddhima ko alag kiya ? you know.. mein ab kuch bolna nahi chahta. problem aap ki hai. jab tum ne mujhse aaj taq kuch share nahi kiya, aur aaj, jab problem aayi hai, mere help ke liye intzaar mat karo muskaan.

rahul keeps mum while muskaan pleads everyone.

riddhima: you know something muskaan, mein bhi kuch bolna nahi chahti. mein sirf itna jaanti thi ki, aisa kya reason hai jiske wajah se, tumne hum donon ko, itna cheap plan use karke alag kiya.

i am so sorry muskaan. i can never forgive you after what all you have done. i never thought that, you can stoop so low. i am so sorry for behaving like this with you.. but i dont have any other option.

muskaan: please riddhima. please forgive me. i was a greedy brat riddhima. i can accept. please riddhima. jis riddhima ko mein jaanti hoon, woh jitna bhi badi galti hai, unko maaf karti thi. waisa hi mujhe bhi maaf karde riddhima. mein phir se aise galti nahi karoongi riddhima.

riddhima: but i have my own life. there is a limit to a human's kindness. in the fantasies, there might be people who are extra kind and forgiving but please come to reality. life always does not move on kindness muskaan. and after i have suffered so much, for years, why would you like to spoil the lives again. you know something, we met accidentally and now, we are happy after knowing the truth. otherwise. shayad. meri poori zindgi..
pata hai mein armaan ko kitna pyaar karti thi.. woh mera jaan hai..

she looses her voice in the end and even before she falls on the floor, armaan catches her and holds her tight even before she collapses.
all the relatives of muskaan give her a disgusting look and they dont even say anything but they leave the place without even acknowledging.

armaan: good bye muskaan. i am hating myself for helping you. rahul, ab hum chalte hai. bye. we are so sorry for everything rahul.

rahul: i am sorry armaan. pata nahi...

armaan: kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai..

riddhima: armaan. please. lets go armaan. please.

armaan and riddhima go out of the house, while muskaan stands there in a stationery position, with her daughter staring at her and rahul, with no expression on his face. there was a great realisation.


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