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part 7 & 8 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Armaan's  Room

Armaan was practing for the sami-final round. They have to perform two song one single & second with there partner. Rahul was seating there but not looking toward Armaan dance he was buzz in his mobile. Nicole, muskaan & Armaan mom where looking at Armaan dance.

"excellent dance Armaan " said muskaan coming toward Armaan for a hug. "what excellent dance , I can do better then this" said Rahul "what u said Rahul" Ask Nicole. "nothing" said Rahul "so aunty do u like the dance" Ask Nicole to Armaan MOM. "ya beta it was great" said Armaan MOM

 knock knock

 "come in " Said Rahul "Armaan & Nicole be ready , the show will start in an hour .but u guys get dress we will call u in half an hour in Green Room for discussion for Dance schedule" said Neha "ok " said Armaan & Nicole to gether. "neha . plzz tell Riddhima to come here we have to discuss About he song" said Nicole  "ok" said Neha

 "Riddhima" ask muskaan confusingly "ya, Riddhima Armaan Partner for finale" said Nicole. "what , but gauhar was Armaan partner right, then how came Riddhima & how is Riddhima" ask muskaan. "yaa gauhar was my partner but she was not felling will so she can't be my partner. & Riddhima was here in the morning for Elimination Round so Neha & Nicole ask her if she can be my partner, if she is free. So she said yes" said Armaan explaining every thing to Muskaan & his Mom .as they both where giving questioning look. "but how is this Riddhima Armaan" said Armaan mom

"Riddhima gupta" said Rahul "what Riddhima gupta u mean to say Indian idol winner Riddhima gupta, my Fav. Female singer Riddhima Gupta" asked muskaan happily. "yes muskaan" said Nicole thinking why she is show happy.

"oyeeee Rahul, why didn't u call me, if u have call me then I have been her na, I can get her autograph also, I can request her to sing a song for me , last time I can't take her autograph also." Said Muskaan. "beta relax, she is her so u can ask her to give her autograph also & tell her to sing a song also" said Armaan Mom. "but where u meet her" ask Armaan "aree, u don't known near ur home, I mean she was come to ur apartment " said muskaan. "when" said Nicole

 "when me , aunty & Kripa where coming from shopping , Kripa was parking the car & me & aunty where entering toward ur apartment" said muskaan "ok" said Nicole "she stay in Armaan apartment" ask Rahul "no, she was going to  her fred house how stay in Armaan  Apartment" said Muskaan. "Armaan beta get ready for ur performation we r going outside" said Armaan Mom. "ok mom, but why r u going out, stay here." Said Armaan

 "no beta, we will go to auditorium & she just call that she will be here soon, so I will take her to the auditorium directly " said Armaan mom. "why she will not come, for wish me. " Asked Armaan."Beta u known her, she" said Armaan Mom but Armaan stop her in between.

"Yes mom, I known her, but same time I don't known what should I do for her , so she will start talking to me like before" said Armaan sadly "Armaan, relax  yaar & cheer up" said Rahul "Armaan get change they will call u out soon" said muskaan trying to change the topic.


part 8 

Every one left Armaan Room, Armaan was changing his cloths. He was just on his towel. When there was a knock on the door. He open the door with out looking how is there on the Door.

"if u just keep coming & going , then how will I change my cloths" said Armaan showing his back toward door. "ohhh I am sorry, I was not knowing that u where changing ur cloths" said Riddhima & turn around, "Riddhima" said Armaan turning his face toward the door but he show that Riddhima was standing there, her back was toward door

"wo, I am extremely sorry, I didn't new that ur where changing cloths, actually neha told me that Nicole wan't to discuss with me. so" said Riddhima "it's ok , I thought it' was Rahul, he was irritating me from last 5 min by knocking my door & giving same stupid excuses" said Armaan, so that Riddhima will not fell bad by his behavior.

"why r u standing there plzz come in" said Armaan moving a side so Riddhima can come in to the Room. "No it's ok u get change I will come After same time" said Riddhima still embraced by coming in Armaan Room when he was changing , Riddhima was looking down becoz Armaan was still in his towel. "no it's ok , u stay here only " said Armaan , but then he Remember that he was just wearing his towel

" I will just change my cloths, Nicole will be here, so just relax her & make ur self comfortable" said Armaan "but, u change I will come after" try to said Riddhima "Riddhima plzz " said Armaan "ok" said Riddhima & move toward couch . "& there is same books & magazine also u can read that also for time pass, becoz u known I am not here so u will get boor" said Armaan fliterly.


Inside auditorium

Audiences where there, the crew member where doing last minute work. Lights where sit, technical team where sitting there songs & there other things. Camera men where discussing there place so they can give the viewer best. Only the contestant & judges where left. Anchor where rehasuling there dialogues. Shweta was sitting at judges chair are reading her dialogues & her make up women was doing her hair properly. Rohit was sitting in VIP seats & reading his dialogue .

After same time

Judges where coming to stage all the people where shouting there name. Same of VIP children's & teenagers come running to them for photograph & for autograph .

Same of other people also start coming how was seating upward side also start coming done, but the crew member where not allowing them. So they left for there place

The judges take there place after a short chit chat with there co-star & other member's.


Armaan Room

Armaan, Nicole  & Riddhima was sitting there they where discussing about the song for finale. They where thinking song for couple dance for Riddhima & Armaan . Nicole already told them the song for group dance which they will perform . but now they where left for the couple dance.

Nicole have 2, 3 song but they where confus, for selecting the song . which ever they suggest they where all good. Armaan had already suggest one song by his own.So now they where thinking which song for dance in finale.

Knock knock

"I think so we should performe one my first suggestion" said Nicole will opening the door "madam, Amit sir have called u all in green Room" said one of the member. "ok we will be there" said Nicole will closing the door "& madam sir also told u that Riddhima madam should come from back side" said the man. "ok thanks " said Nicole.

"Armaan they are calling us on green Room" said Nicole by pointing her finger at Armaan & her , "& they also said that u have to come from back side" said Nicole to Riddhima "why" ask Armaan "I don't know, but I think so they are announcing  all the finale partner afterward." Said Nicole

"but I don't known the back way for Green Room" said Riddhima "don't worry I will get u there" said Nicole "I thing so we should go" said Armaan "ya u go I will come with Riddhima from back side" said Nicole "ok" said Armaan "but they why to auditorium is same of u both don't mind can we go" said Armaan & they start walking toward auditorium

Armaan was walking ahead & Nicole & Riddhima was after him. They where passing from corridor when Armaan remember same thing.

"girls u go a head I will meet u in green Room " said Armaan & then Riddhima & Nicole start moving toward auditorium & Armaan was going to his Room


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